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#217 : Un lourd secret

Joan est persuadée que Dieu lui demande d'aider Stevie à garder son travail à temps partiel avec Adam contre l'avis de la mère de ce dernier, qui réclame son départ. En tentant de récupérer le numéro des services sociaux que la mère d'Adam refuse de communiquer, Joan permet à Kevin de faire preuve de ses talents de journaliste d'investigation...

Titre VO
Shadows and Light

Titre VF
Un lourd secret

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Shadow and Light begins with Joan, Adam, Stevie, Grace and Luke walking in the halls talking about the up coming parent teacher night.

Joan - Parent/teacher night? That is just 3 words you never want to see next to each other.

Grace - Should be called tyrant-oligarch-nacht.

Stevie - Oh, it'll be fun. What? All of us together, snacks. Wait, we don't have to work at the design studio that night, do we?

Adam - No, but we can ask.

Luke - Lischak asked me to do the student science presentation.

Adam - Do you get extra credit?

Luke - Not really.

Grace - So it's for the love of sucking up? You're gonna have to get your lips surgically removed from Lischak's--

Luke - (Ducking into a classroom) ok, I get it, grace.

Joan - Wow, they really make you believe in love, don't they?

Down the hall is Helen and Erica Marx.

Stevie - Mom!

Erica - Oh, hi, honey.

Joan - Didn't she just see her mom, like, 30 minutes ago?

Helen - Hey, Erica Marx, this is my daughter Joan.

Erica - Oh, hi.

Helen - And Adam rove.

Erica - Nice to meet you.

Adam - Hi.

Stevie - My mom is vice-president of the PTA. She won in a landslide.

Erica - Oh!

Helen - And I'm her little helper. We're doing refreshments.

Erica - You want to help?

Helen and Erica smile and Joan, who smiles and then quickly wipes the smile off her face when she realizes she is being roped into something.

Joan - I want to help?

Helen - Yes, you do.

Joan - Ye--uh...yes. We'll do ice cream.

Stevie - I'll do chips and salsa.

Erica - Ok, great. Well, gotta run. So much soda, so little time. Bye.

Stevie - Bye.

Erica - Love you, honey.

Stevie - Bye.

Helen - Can I count on you to be guides, too?

Joan - Wait, wait, wait. How hard is it for parents to find classrooms? (Helen looks at her) Ok, but I want an Ipod.

Helen - Ok, we'll pretend that'll happen.

Stevie - Borrow mine.

Joan - Oh, no, no, I... I don't know what I'm saying. Great.

Helen - Bye.

Adam - Uh, wait, Mrs. G... listen, if you need me to do the advanced art presentation...

Helen - uh, you know, I already asked Nicky Freezer to do it.

Adam - Oh. Cool. She's great.

Helen - Yeah. Thanks. Bye.

Joan - What was that all about?

Adam - Nothing. I don't want to do it anyway.

Stevie - I'm gonna be late for Spanish. Hasta luego.

Adam - English. See you later, ok?

Joan walks a little down the hall and is caught by female custodian god.

God - Hey there, Joan.

Joan - Oh, god.

God - The one and only.

Joan - Can we, uh, make this snappy? I have to get to the library.

God - I'd like you to help Stevie get what she deserves.

Joan - What?! Like secret Santa? Christmas was 2 months ago, and still I have not gotten my Ipod.

God - You got Stevie's. Now you can return the favor.

Joan - Oh... I've only known her for a few weeks. How--how am I supposed to know what she deserves? (God walks away, and Joan yells after her. I thought she learned her lesson about this last year.. but at least the halls are empty now) What about what I deserve? You ever thought about that, huh? What about me?! Want about me?!

She pouts and we cut to opening credits and a commercial break.

The next scene is Glynis, Grace and Luke walking.

Glynis - I'm a guide. I love the button.

Luke - I got roped into refreshments. You think Einstein had to pour punch?

Grace - I'm just gonna stare a lot and scare the parents. What about

Luke - Uh, he escaped. He's on another cruise.

Grace - Another one?

Glynis - Yeah. His mother won it selling vitamins.

Adam and Joan walk by and the camera goes with them

Joan - So I say we get a few tons of toppings. You know, like caramel, fudge, butterscotch. Oh, hey, they have those gi-normous sprinkles. You know, from the market. We--what? You want smoothies? We're gonna be trapped with parents and teachers. You want healthy?

Adam - Jane, did you tell your mom about us at the concert?

Joan - You didn't notice I was grounded for, like, a week?

Adam - No. I mean... about us. You know, that I wanted us to sleep together.

Joan - Oh. That.

Adam - Oh, my-- I knew it. Oh...

Joan - what do you mean?

Adam - Jane, she hates me now.

Joan - Oh. Ok, now you're just being paranoid.

Adam - She asked Nicky Freezer to do the art presentation, ok? She--she paints sunsets over the ocean with...seagulls.

Joan - Hey, you're lucky I didn't tell my dad, ok? He's the one with the gun.

Adam - Ohh! I'm not even going to be able to look at her now.

Stevie pops in and Adam looks frustrated.

Stevie - Hey.

Adam - Hi.

Joan - Hey.

Stevie - Is this a bad time or something?

Adam and Joan - Yes.

Stevie - Look, I'm supposed to get my first paycheck from work, but they won't pay me until I fill out one of those w-4 thingies.

Joan - It's not hard. You just have to put down your social security number.

Stevie - Right, but I didn't know it, and then when I asked my mom for it, she got mad that I was working. She said that I had to quit to focus on school.

Adam - You've been working or 2 weeks now. She didn't know?

Stevie - I said I was in the glee club. Look, I'm so sorry, Ads. I know that you trained me and everything.

Adam -No, it's ok.

Joan - Wait a second, you can't quit. I mean, you really love your job, right?

Stevie - Yeah.

Joan - Besides, you're 16. I don't even think it's legal for here to stop you from working.

Adam - Jane, you really think you should be--

Joan - no, no, no, no, no, no. She deserves to work if she wants to. Just tell her you want your social security number. It's yours.

Stevie - But she got really mad.

Joan - Look, Stevie, I know you're all crazy into your mother, but sometimes we have to stand up to our 'rents. Besides, you really deserve this.

Stevie - Yeah.Yeah, you are totally right.

Joan - Of course I am.

Later that evening, Will is cooking and the rest of the family (sans Kevin) is in the kitchen.

Will - The kid has done it again!

Helen - Mmm. Ooh, let me pick just a little bit of that crunchy bit off.

Will - And spoil the presentation?

Luke - So I haven't yet settled on a thesis for my parent/teacher night presentation yet, but you know, I'm thinking, maybe just hit 'em with the big one-- super string theory.

Helen - That's terrific, honey.

Luke - Yeah. I cannot wait to see the look on their faces when I tie it into quantum field theory and general relativity.

Joan - Yeah, they're gonna look like this. (she fakes sleeping with Loud snoring)

Luke and Will go into the other room and Joan whispers to her mom.

Joan - So, um, mom, you know that thing we were talking about in confidence?

Helen - I didn't tell anyone.

Joan - I know, but, um... are you taking it out on Adam?

Helen - Of course not. He's a 17-year-old boy. He can't helpthe wiring.

Joan - So why didn't you let him show his art at the presentation?

Helen - I had other reasons. I would never take a personal matter out on a student. I'm amazed you even asked me that.

Joan - Ok.

Luke - See, string theory provides a unified description of the universe. I mean, it's the holy grail of physics.

Will - Yeah, like lasagna's the holy grail of Italian food.

Luke - Not an exact analogy.

Will - Well, maybe when I see the strings.

Kevin - (rolling in) This just in.

Helen - You're late.

Kevin - Indeed, ma'am, but Kevin Girardi has just been contacted by WPFK TV news to return and grace the airwaves as the human-interest story guy.

Helen - That is great!

Luke - All right!

Joan - Nice!

Will - My boy!

Kevin - Yes, I am. And you better believe it. Goin' in manana to pitch ideas. Does anyone have one? Something interesting or human?

Joan - Well, I got my friend Stevie Marx to do battle with her controlling monster of a mother for the right to work.

Will - A little advice, Joan-- don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

Joan - Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I'm helping the meek, the ditzy. It'll be a great story.

Kevin - Local teen argues with parents. Riveting. Not!

Joan - Thanks for the support.

The next day at school

Joan - Hey.

Adam - Hi.

Joan - So, I was thinking we'd go for that ice cream later. You know, sneak a couple pounds of it, curl up on the couch and groan.

Adam - I don't know. Why don't we ask your mom?

Joan - All right, I'm sorry you're mad that I told her, but she is my mom, and I was confused, and it's a good thing that I can trust her, you know?

Adam - Fine. But why'd you have to bring me into it?

Joan - You were kind of involved in the whole wanting to have sex part. Anyway, she says she's not mad at you.

Adam - You told her I thought she was?

Joan - No, I said I-- I thought she was. It was all me...mostly, I think.

Adam - This is a nightmare.

In a class room, Joan and Adam stop to hear Stevie and her mom arguing.

Erica - I said no.

Stevie - But other kids work!

Erica - I don't care about them. My daughter is not working!

Stevie - Why not?

Erica - I don't want to talk about it. This is not negotiable.

Erica leaves the room and Joan and Adam go in.

Joan - Hey, are you ok?

Stevie - Yeah. I guess I'm gonna have to quit after all.

Adam - That's ok.

Joan - No, it's not. She deserves to work if she wants to. Adults are all about kids taking responsibility and building character.

Adam - It's kind of a private thing, Jane. I know that doesn't mean all that much to you...

Joan - look, we'll call the social security place and get your number.

Stevie - I tried, but because I'm adopted, they couldn't find it.

Joan - Stevie, this may seem weird, but I am positive you need to be able to work, so--

Stevie - look, I have never seen my mom freak out like that, ok? Just forget about it.

Stevie leaves and Adam tries to apologize to Joan

Adam - Look, Jane, I'm sorry about what I said. But this thing with your mom and us--

Joan - (cutting him off) I needed my mom. So I talked to her. This is not my problem. It's yours.

Later, Joan is walking in the park. A boy calls out to her.

God - Hi, Joan.

Joan - You're getting, uh, junk all over your uniform.

God - What kind of god would I be if I was afraid of gettin' a little dirty?

Joan - Look, uh, I think you should handle this whole Stevie thing yourself. It's a mess.

God - Because she doesn't have what she needs... like the person who lost this. (He holds up a glove) Keep looking, Joan.

Joan - She doesn't want me to.

God - Sometimes, when the search gets too hard, it seems easier to stop. But the search is all that's important. It allows people to discover the truth about themselves. Help Stevie find hers.

Joan - Like, she has a dog, but she's really just a cat person?[Sighs] What? Her life seems fine!

Still later that evening, Joan and Kevin are sitting around the kitchen table pouring over records.

Kevin - There's no adoption record for a Stevie Marx.

Joan - Yeah. But you said without an adoption record, we can't find her social security number.

Kevin - You're a quick study. I had an adoption investigator do a 50-state search. He didn't find anything about her. Even if her parents adopted her from out of the country, there should be a domestic record somewhere.

Joan - No, then you're missing something.

Kevin - This guy is the best. The paper uses him all the time.

Will comes in, going for the fridge

Will - If there's one life lesson I impart to my children, it's that lasagna is even better cold the next day.

Kevin - I thought it was to pee before leaving.

Will - Well, that, too.

Joan - Maybe her parents changed her name.

Kevin - Yeah. But her current name would have to be on record somewhere.

Will - What are you doing?

Kevin - I'm just showin' off my investigative skills, which, by the way, are coming soon to a TV near you.

Joan - Unh. This whole TV thing is gonna turn you into a monster, isn't it?

Kevin - Oh, yeah.

Will - Adoption records?

Joan - I'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. My friend Stevie deserves something, and I'm trying to help.

Kevin - Uh, she told Joan she was adopted. But according to my investigator's report, she's not.

Joan - Which is wrong, right? Why would her mother tell her she's adopted if she's not?

Will - (Looking at the records) I don't know.

We cut to another commercial break and when we return, Joan is working up the nerve to tell Stevie the truth.

She sees Stevie sitting alone on the stairs and sighs.. Then she turns around and sees Custodian God walking by.. She turns around again and goes over to Stevie.

Joan - [Clears throat] Hey, how's it goin'?

Stevie - Look, sorry I got mad at you yesterday.

Joan -Oh, heh. Mothers and daughters are like, uh... dynamite and a match.

Stevie - Yeah.

Joan - Look, uh... I found out something when I was looking for your social security number.

Stevie - Look, I told you to just forget about it.

Joan - No, I know. But I--I think-- I think you should know about this. Um... I think it's important to discover new things about ourselves.

Stevie - So you're searching for stuff about me?

Joan - Yeah, but... not like that.

Stevie - 'Cause you're startin' to creep me out over here.

Joan - Yeah, I know. But you deserve to know the truth even if you think it's easier not to. But according to my brother who's a real reporter... the reason you can't find your social security number is because... Stevie, you were not adopted.

Stevie - What?

Joan - Yeah. He had a professional guy investigate it.

Stevie - I'm adopted. Why would you say that I wasn't?

Joan - I just think you deserve to know the truth.

Stevie - Yeah, that you're a freak.

Joan - I'm not.

Stevie - Just leave me alone.

Joan - Stevie.

Stevie - Just stay away from me.

Stevie leaves and Joan is left sitting there. She catches god's eye and gives her the thumbs up.

Joan - Great. Thank you. That went... That went great.

Cut to Grace, standing in the biology closet. She has her back to the door. It opens and she thinks its Luke.

Grace - Fire up those lips, whiz kid.

Adam - Uh... Grace.

Grace - Ok, you could choose to forget this or I could inflict brain damage.

Adam - I'm sorry. I--I just... uh, listen. I, uh, uh, I--I... kinda, I have-- I have an issue that I...

Grace - ok, lose the Hugh Grant stuttering thing. Who'd you kill?

Adam - When Jane and I went to the concert, we spent the night in the back of my dad's pickup truck.

Grace - Do I really wanna hear this?

Adam - We didn't do anything. But I wanted to. And I tried.

Grace - Dude, there are certain images I don't want seared in my brain.

Adam - Grace, she told her mom.

Grace - Ha ha ha! Ah. Nice knowin' ya, Rove.

Adam - Look, she--she said her mother was cool, ok, and, you know, that she understood. And...

Grace - and you believe that?

Adam - No. Heh heh. No. Mm-mmm.

Grace - You had to choose someone who has a good relationship with her mother.

Adam - So what do I do?

Grace - You can invent a time machine.

Adam - I have to sit in Mrs. G's class every day. See her in the hall, at their home-- she has to write me a college recommendation, Grace.

Grace - And you want me to tell you that she really does understand. Because she knows underneath all of this that you are a decent, upstanding guy.

Adam - I am.

Grace - I know. But to a mom, you're just another pimply-pubescent-horndog trying to get into her daughter's pants.

Adam - Oh. Oh, god. How the hell did this happen?

Grace - Ask the little friend in your pants.

Cut to Will at the station, working with Carlisle to find out what's up with Stevie.

Carlisle - I had reggie run that girl.

Will - Yeah?

Carlisle - Your kids were right. Stevie marx wasn't adopted. Died in a fire 14 years ago in Dallas. She was 2.

Will - Joan's friend is 16. It adds up.

Carlisle - To what?

Will - Identity theft.

Carlisle - By a 2-year-old?

Will - "Mother also died in the fire. Erica Marx."

After school, Kevin is just getting back from his big meeting. Luke is sitting at the table and Kevin goes to get a beer from the fridge.

Luke - Hey. How'd it go, man? Are you a star?

Kevin - Nah. I told them I wasn't interested. Is that your presentation? You're gonna make people's heads explode.

Luke - Wait. You turned them down? Did they want you to do the news naked or something?

Kevin - It doesn't matter.

Luke - Last night, you were ecstatic. What happened?

Kevin takes a bunch of paper from his bag and drops it on the table.

Luke - (reading) "Electrical stimulation therapy for spinal cord injury patients."

Kevin - It's a gimp story... and they want a gimp reporter so they can feel good about themselves.

Luke - Kevin, there's probably a waiting list for treatment. So, I mean, you know, if you can jump the line--

Kevin - I'm not gonna be anybody's trained monkey. So let's just drop it, ok?

Kevin wheels out of the room.
Then it is time for the Parent Teacher Night.

Joan is standing there and Adam leads some people by, saying Hi to Joan as he passes. Then a woman with blond hair and a horrible sweater comes up to talk to Joan.

Woman - Hi, joan.

Joan - Great. I knew you wouldn't be able to keep away. Where'd you get that sweater, a dumpster?

Woman - Excuse me?

Joan - It's the truth. You like that, right? You know, here's something else.
Stevie hates me, and it's all your fault.

Woman - Who's stevie?

Glynis - (rushing over) Oh, you met my mom. I'm so glad.
Regina Figloia - Yes. I'm thrilled. I--I think I need some punch.

Joan looks down to see her name tag.. no wonder the Woman knew her name.

Joan - Oh, god.

God - Yes. Here I am, Joan.

She turns around, and there is an older man standing behind her with the name tag A. Vatar (HAHA .. seeing that the gods are called Avatars, this is very funny)

Joan - Cute. So, what is the big lesson supposed to be here? Stevie deserves to hate me or something?

God - You tried to share the truth with her and it's hard to accept sometimes. How is she supposed to accept it if she doesn't even understand it? Well, how can she understand it if she doesn't see it?

Joan - Ok, this is very chicken-egg, tree falling in the woods kind of stuff. I think you need Luke's help on this one.

God - I think you're doing fine. Just help stevie understand.

Joan - Ugh. But I don't even understand!

Joan looks up to see Will and Carlisle coming into the school with a woman (we don't know who she is)

Joan - Hey, dad. I thought you were at work. Luke's doing his geek-a-palooza speech in room 113, so he'll be psyched to see you here. With...backup. Is something wrong?

Will - Do you know if Erica Marx is here?

Joan - Stevie's mom. I think so. Why?

Carlisle - Will.

Joan - Dad, does this have to do with what we talked about?

Will - Honey.

He brushes Joan off and he and Carlisle walk down the hall to where Erica and Charlie Marx's are standing.

Will - Excuse me. Um, Alice Sokol?

Erica/Alice - Call a lawyer, Charlie.

Charlie - Why? What is this?

Will - We don't have to do this in front of everyone.

They go into an empty classroom and close the door.

Will - You're under arrest for the kidnapping of Bridget Verkin.

Charlie - Who? This is obviously a mistake. Erica?

Erica/Alice - He didn't know. I swear.

Charlie - What don't I know?

Carlisle - We still have to bring him in. As a possible accessory.

Charlie - To what? Who's Bridget Verkin?

Joan comes into the class room with Steive/Bridget.

Joan - Hey, dad, what's going on?

Will - Joan, please.

Stevie - He's your dad? What are you doing to them?

Charlie - Honey, I'll take care of this.

Erica/Alice - Stevie, it's ok. It's ok. Your father's gonna be home real soon.

Will - They have to come with us so we can ask them a few questions.

Charlie - This is our daughter, and we are not leaving her until you let us know what the hell is going on!

Will - We can put the cuffs on in the car if you both cooperate. We'll make sure that she's ok.

Erica/Alice - Ok. I love you, stevie. You know that I love you. It's gonna be all right.

Social Worker - Stevie, Hunny, Wait right here.

Steive/Bridget - No, I wont!

They leave the room and Stevie leaves after them.

Stevie - Wait! Somebody tell me what's happening!

Erica/Alice - It's gonna be all right, sweetheart.

Charlie - I'll take care of this.

Social Worker - Come with me, stevie. We need to talk.

Stevie - (Yelling at Joan) You did this! Why did you do this?!

The camera pans in on Joan and we cut to a commercial break.
It is much later that night when we return. Helen and Joan have been waiting up for Will.

Helen - Hey. You're still up?

Joan - We wanted to know what happened.

Helen - Are you sure there isn't some mistake, Will?

Will - Erica's real name is Alice Sokol. She kidnapped Stevie from a woman named Melody Verkin 14 years ago. There was an outstanding warrant, prints. There's no mistake.

Helen - Erica Marx is the perfect mom. This is surreal.

Joan - Why did you have to come barging into school like that? In front of everyone?

Will - She was a flight risk, honey. We got information that Erica had withdrawn a lot of cash, was planning to leave the country.

Helen - Oh, my god.

Will - I guess when she found out that people were looking for Stevie's social security number, well, we couldn't take the chance that we'd be too late.

Joan - What's gonna happen to Stevie?

Will -We're trying to track down her real parents now. She'll be in foster care until then. Now, if you want to see her--

Joan - me? No. I already ruined her life.

Helen - You were just trying to help her.

Joan - Yeah, well, I won't be doing that again.

The next morning the school is a buzz with the news.
Grace, Luke, Joan and Glynis walk in the halls.

Luke - Kidnapped and raised by strangers. It's dickensian.

Grace - And I thought I had it bad. At least I know who my mom is.

Glynis - You did the right thing, Joan.

Joan - I didn't mean to do anything!

She turns the corner and sees Adam standing there at his locker.

Joan - Hey!

Adam - Hi.

Joan - How come you weren't in physics? I tried calling you all morning.

Adam - Oh, they heard about what happened to Stevie at work and gave me some cash to bring to her.

Joan - Oh.

Adam - She's in this foster home on willow street.

Joan - How's she doing?

Adam - Freaked. And they sent her a shrink to make sure that she's not gonna hurt herself.

Adam opens his locker to find Stevie's art

Adam - I forgot. [Sighs] Stevie wanted my help with this for class.

Joan starts to cry and walks away

Adam - Hey! Hey, Jane! Hey, Jane! Jane! Hey, Jane! Jane!

Joan - I'm ok.

Adam - No, you're not.

Joan - [Crying] You're right. But there's probably not anything anyone can do about it. (They Hug) I thought you were still mad at me.

Adam - No. I don't really matter right now.

They hug again and we cut to the police station.

Carlisle is eating again and on the phone.

Carlisle - [Sniffles] Uh-huh. Ok. Thanks. Yeah. We'll be here. (Hangs up the phone)

Will - Do you know every hot dog has meat from a thousand different cows in it?

Carlisle - And I am grateful to every one of them. State police in Texas couldn't find any current DMV info on the girl's biological mother.

Will - So she likes the bus.

Carlisle - They'll send some uniforms out to her last address and run her through the system.

Will - Stay on 'em. I don't want to leave this kid hanging.

Back to Joan. She is now at work. She puts some books away and turns a corner to find a man on a step latter changing a light bulb.

Joan - Whoa. When did you get here?

God - I'm always here, Joan, even when you can't see me.

Joan - Subtle. Why don't you let me fiddle with the light bulbs and you can do your own dirty work.

God - Ahh. It's painful what happened to your friend. It's very difficult to see something like that.

Joan - Yeah, what did Stevie do anyway to deserve that big lightning bolt from on high?

God - I don't punish people and I'd never ask you to harm anyone. You know that. What you witnessed was the power of the truth.

Joan - Uh, but isn't that supposed to set you free, not kick you in the head?

God - Heh. The light of the truth can be harsh to those who have been in the dark. In the republic, Plato writes about prisoners who lived their whole lives in a cave, chained in place. A fire throws shadows against the wall in front of them. That's all they ever see, so they have no reason to believe there's more to the world. Stepping out into the light after that can hurt your eyes. But once you adjust... can you flip that switch?

Joan - Isn't it your job to "let there be light"?

God - It's everyone's.

Back to the Girardi house, Kevin is watching Jeopardy.

Contestant - "Fix the proverb" for 400, please.

Alex Trebek: "All root is the evil of money." Wes?

Wes - What is "money is the root of all evil"?

Trebek - Correct!

Wes - I'll take "canadian flags" for 400, please.

Trebek - "This province's flag depicts the setting sun over wavy blue stripes that symbolize the pacific ocean."

Luke - What is British Columbia?

Kevin - Uh-uh. Yukon territory. What is Yukon Territory, dude.

Luke - For the bugles?

Trebek: Wes?

Wes: What is British Columbia?

Kevin - Geek.

Luke - Ahh... you're home early.

Kevin - Took a few days off for that TV thing. Thought I'd burn them anyway, catch up on some quality television.

Luke - Kev, I think I know why you bailed on the story. You're worried that you may have peripheral nerve loss.

Kevin - You win a bag of bugles, now you're a neurologist?

Luke - I did my presentation on electric stim. I used the materials that you tossed.

Kevin - I don't need a lecture. I know all about it. They strap you to some shopping cart--

Luke - (as Kevin Continues) it's a walker with braces.

Kevin - .... Hook you up to a car battery--

Luke - (Again, as Kevin Continues) a microprocessor.

Kevin - (To make the final point) Which makes your legs twitch. For what? A few baby steps. 20% of paraplegics don't even respond to it.

Luke - Which means that there's an 80% chance that you will respond.

Kevin - And if I don't, it means my nerves are fried, which means I'll never walk again no matter what sci-fi crap they invent some day.

Luke - Yeah, but don't you want to know if you can do it? You're a journalist. Isn't it your job to find the truth?

Kevin - Spend a day in this chair and then we'll talk about the truth. Actually, you'd be ok with that, wouldn't you? You wish you were Stephen Hawking. Just a big brain in a chair. Too bad this isn't you!

Trebek: "Attached by a stalk to the base of the brain is this master gland which controls the others." Ann?

Ann: What is the pituitary gland?

Trebek: That's it.

Ann: "Brain tease" for 2,000.

Trebek: "These brain cells that transmit nerve impulses number in the billions." Amy?

Amy: What are axions?

Kevin - What are neurons, idiot!

Wes: What are neurons?

Trebek: Neurons, yes.

Back to Joan, She is sitting at Stevie's new foster home.

Stevie - What are you doing here?

Joan - Uh...I wanted to see how you were doing. Great. I share a room with Janey who cries all the time because her parents just died.

Joan - I'm sorry. I mean, you probably hate me.

Stevie - Hey...you're the only person that's been honest with me.

Joan - Have you talked to your mother?

Stevie - Don't know who she is, remember?

Woman - Bridget, more visitors.

Charlie - Hi, sweetheart.

Joan - What's going on? What are you doing here?

Will - This is an ongoing investigation, honey. I think you should come back later. We need to talk to stevie.

Stevie - Stay. I've dealt with enough secrets. Just tell me.

Social Worker - Your biological mother, Melody Verkin... she passed away 12 years ago.

Joan - [Sighs] Are you sure?

Will - Yeah.

Stevie - Who was she?
Social Worker - When she had you, she was addicted to heroin. You were in a very dangerous environment. Social services was called quite frequently when you were little. The social worker on the case was Erica, the woman you always believed was your mother.

Charlie - She found you hungry... with bruises... once almost dead.

Stevie - And my real father?

Social Worker - Melody never knew who he was.

Will - Erica tried to get you into a foster home, but the court ruled in favor of melody. A week later, a neighbor called. You'd been crying for hours. Melody was passed out.

Charlie - Erica knew that you were in danger, and she didn't want to risk that the court would leave you in the house, so she took you.

Will - After you left, melody had a baby boy. He drowned in the bathtub. He was 4 months old. Melody went to prison for killing him and died while serving her time.

Joan - Oh, my...

Will - the D.A. Is making a deal for a light sentence. You'll be able to see her.

Stevie - What if they could have helped my real mother?

Charlie - Honey, she tried. She loves you.

Stevie - Yeah? Is that why she was leaving?

Charlie - What could she do? Take you? Make you live like a criminal? She sacrificed herself so that you could have a life.

Stevie - Yeah. And that's working out great.

Charlie - Stevie, we can get through this. And they're sure that a judge is going to grant me custody so that you can come home.
Stevie - I don't have a home. (she gets up and leaves)

Joan - Stevie, wait! You do! Listen! (Joan catches her on the stairs) I know it's hard to see, but your eyes will adjust.

Stevie goes upstairs and we go to commercial break.

The next scene starts with Joan making a giant bowl of ice cream. Kevin comes in. The scene takes place as they eat.. their mouths are almost almost either full or licking a spoon.

Kevin - Sunrise ice cream. What's the occasion?

Joan - Oh, I nuked a whole family. With your help.

Kevin - The Stevie thing. I heard.

Joan - Yeah. I was supposed to help her. Instead, I just ended up stealing
her Ipod.

Kevin - You gonna keep it?

Joan - [Laughs] No. I already feel bad enough.

Kevin - I hear you.

Joan - Ooh. So, uh, what about you? Ice cream for breakfast usually comes with a dark underbelly.

Kevin - Tv thing didn't happen.

Joan - Sorry. That sucks.

Kevin - Yeah. I took it out on Luke.

Joan - Mmm.

Kevin - Told him he should've been the one to get paralyzed, not me.

Joan - Ouch! [Chuckles] Yeah. Well, that calls for some more whipped cream. Open your mouth. (She sprays some into his mouth then hers.) Mmm. That's good. Didn't we used to be good people?

Kevin - I think so. What happened?

Joan - Huh. Maybe it was just easier to dump on other people than deal with our own garbage. But...have to face it eventually.

Kevin - Why?

Joan - Well... you can't live in a cave.

Later that day, Adam is at the art class. He is handing in Stevie's Art when Helen comes in.

Helen - Hey.

Adam - Hi.

Helen - What's up?

Adam - It's stevie's. I was just dropping it off.

Helen - It's still so hard to believe, isn't it?

Adam - Yeah.

Helen - Joan said Stevie's pretty destroyed.

Adam - Yeah.

Helen - Are you ok?

Adam - Sure. (RE: his art piece) Uh, you know, if it's ok, I wanted to take this home.

Helen - Oh, yeah. Go ahead. I already graded it. I gave you an "A." It's great work.

Adam - Why didn't you use it for the presentation?

Helen - It's not what you think, Adam.

Adam - No?

Helen - That's between you and Joan.

Adam - So you're saying you don't care?

Helen - [Sighs] Of course I care. She's my daughter. I don't want to see her get hurt or used... but I choose to believe that you wouldn't do that.

Adam - I...I didn't want to mess things up with you. I mean, it's complicated with me and Joan, but--but I don't have anyone else like you in my life, either.

Helen - [Laughs] I--I knew how hard it was for you to finally paint your mom. I...didn't think you'd feel comfortable sharing it in front of so many strangers. I should have asked you first. I'm sorry.

Adam - Thanks.

After School, Joan goes to visit Stevie, and catches her on her way out.

Joan - Stevie!

Stevie - It's Bridget.

Joan - Bridget, right. I'm just returning your Ipod. So, where are you going?

Stevie - They gave me my social security number, so I have a couple job interviews.

Joan - Well, you could still work with Adam at the design studio.

Stevie - I don't think so.

Joan - What about school?

Stevie - I can't go back there! And legally, I don't have to. I can get a job, get emancipated, and be on my own.

Joan - But you're a kid. And you do have a family.

Stevie - Not anymore.

Joan - Look, Charlie's been your dad for years. He didn't have anything to do with this. Look, it's horrible what you've been through. But you still have your mom. Call it what you want to. She gave up her life for you. A lot of real moms wouldn't even do that!

Stevie - I didn't ask her to!

Joan - You're right, you didn't, but she did it anyway! You really think she's a criminal? All she ever did was love you! That's what matters, isn't it? Look, if you're still gonna run away and not see what's been given to you, then I guess you're getting exactly what you deserve.

To Kevin now. He decided to go ahead with the piece about the treatment.
They are hooking him up to a machine and he gets ready to hold himself up by his arms.

Doctor - The microprocessor fires electrodes on the quadriceps, the gluteal muscles, and the peroneal nerve, causing muscle contractions.

Kevin - So basically it's like my battery is dead and I'm getting a jump from another car.

Doctor - Basically. We'll send a signal to your peroneal nerve. If it still functions, your quadriceps will twitch. Are you ready?

Kevin holds himself up by his arms on the parallele bars. His feat just touching the ground by the toes.

Kevin - [Sighs] Uh-huh.

Doctor - We can take a break if you're not.

Kevin - No. Let's just do it. [Clears throat] Randy, make sure you get this. It's the money. Ok. [Grunts] Light me up, Igor.

There is a lot of beeping and nothing happens .

Kevin - (To the camera) Uh... 20% of paraplegics don't respond to this type of therapy. Guess your humble reporter falls into that group.

Doctors - Sometimes you just have to adjust the electrodes.

Kevin - Ok. Hey, brainy doctor copping a feel. Ha! Guess this hasn't been a total loss for the viewers. Ha ha! I'm gonna try this again.

He takes a deep breath.

Doctor - Ok. I'm increasing the voltage, Kevin.

There is more beeping and his legs take a flimsy step forward. I don't think it could support him, but they moved none the less.

Kevin - Whoa! [Dr. Davis laughs] Does this mean...

Doctor - congratulations. Want to take a stroll?

Kevin - Are you kidding? Ha ha! [Kevin gasping] It's alive! It's alive! Uh... just, uh... for WPFK, this is Kevin Girardi. I'm running the marathon at Hogan county hospital. Back to you, Chuck and Maria.

To Joan, and the last scene of the episode. She is looking in on Stevie and her mother.

Erica - Hi, baby.

Stevie - [Sniffles] They told me why you did it.

Erica - I had you in my arms. You were so small. And you looked at me and I couldn't let anything happen to you.

Outside the room

Joan - (To Will) - So, what's gonna happen now?

Will - The D.A. Cut a deal. She'll get 3 years, minimum security.

Joan - That doesn't seem right. Going to jail for saving someone's life.

Will - I know.

Joan - (sees the electrician god) I'll be back in a sec. (To God) You're not actually gonna let her go to jail, are you?

God - It's all working out the way it has to.

Joan - So Stevie has to lose her mom for 3 years because of me?

God - Mmm.

Joan - They would have been fine if I'd just stayed out of it.

God - No. That relationship was built on a lie, and a lie, even if it's motivated by the best of intentions, blinds people from the light. Love can't survive in the dark, Joan.

Joan - But look at them. How are they gonna get through this?

God - Eh, you made them see what they have, what they were going to lose. You let them see the truth. That's the light they need to find their way.

Joan goes back to her father, The camera goes over to Stevie crying, huging her mom and fades to black on Shadow and Light

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