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#216 : Questions de choix

Joan souhaite se rendre à un concert de rock en compagnie d'Adam avant de passer le reste de la nuit avec lui. Malheureusement, sa mère le lui interdit formellement. Après avoir pesé le pour et le contre entre son désir et l'interdiction maternelle, et surtout, après avoir eu une longue discussion avec Dieu au sujet du libre-arbitre, elle décide de se rendre malgré tout au concert avec son ami...

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Independence Day

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Questions de choix

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Independence day begins with Joan, Adam, Grace, Luke and Stevie walking in the halls at school.

Adam - The festival starts at 8:00, but it doesn't matter if we're late. There's, like, 10 groups and deejays, hip-hop...

Joan - and there's no tickets left, but his boss has a friend--

Grace - I heard about it twice already.

Stevie - And I saw him give Adam the tickets at work, so I kind of feel like a part of this, too.

Luke - Well, just to clarify, isn't the concert in Huntington? That's over 100 miles away.

Joan - We're driving up. If we leave by 4:00, we should be fine.

Adam - Yeah, I'll get my dad's pick-up and we'll just sleep in the camper shell. People spend the night at these things. We'll just drive back in the morning.

Joan - Yep. Simple.

Luke - Yeah, you are. Did you forget that you have parents? There's no way they're going to say yes to this.

Joan - I think it's going to be a lot safer than driving 3 hours after the concert. They'll be fine with it. You know, I mean, why wouldn't they? (silence) Ok. I'll ask mom first.

Stevie - Definitely, because moms always understand stuff like this.

Grace - Are you a muppet?

Luke - I would strongly advise that you reconsider this plan.

Joan - Garage festival with a boyfriend, out of my hands. Wish me luck?

Stevie - Good luck.

Adam - I have to go to the library, so I'll see you at lunch?

Joan - Ok.

They kiss, Joan goes one way and Adam goes the other.

Stevie - Don't they just make your heart melt?

Grace - There is no irony at all with you, is there?

Stevie looks down the hall and sees Friedman.

Stevie - Oh, god. There's Friedman. He is so hot. (She messes with her hair) Work with me.

Friedman comes over.

Friedman - Hola, amigos.

Luke - Hey.

Friedman - Hey.

Stevie - (trying to give Friedman a clue) Love your sweater. I made friendship bracelets for everyone.

Grace - I am totally freaking out.

Stevie - They're each different characters from the lord of the rings.

Luke - (Looking at his) Whoa! Gandalf!

Stevie - The wise one. (takes a step towards Friedman) And you got Frodo, he who must carry the burden of the ring.

Friedman - (awkward) Thanks. Mmm. Uh... ahem! But I can never really tell the hobbits apart, so...

He hands it back to her and starts to leave.

Stevie - (looking a little hurt) see you Sunday?

Friedman - Sunday?

Stevie - At Luke's... study session for the Spanish quiz. El quiz espanol.

Friedman just leaves and Stevie takes a deep breath and leaves in the other direction.

Grace - Uh, what's with Frodo? He'd date mud.

The bell rings and we cut to Joan trying to get into her moms class. There are too many students coming out, so she waits.. then she sees Goth God walking out.

Joan - [Sighs] I should've known.

God - Your mom's in there all by herself. Perfect timing, Joan.

Joan - Look, it's just a rock concert. I mean, god dresses like that and doesn't like rock?

God - I love all music.

Joan - So--so you think I should go.

God - The choices in your life are yours. You know that.

Joan - Parents don't.

God - They feel responsible.

Joan - Yeah, but I have to make my own decisions, right? That's the whole free will thing.

God - You can't let your life be defined by other people.

Joan - And my mom is cool.

God - You two have a very special relationship.

Joan - Yeah. We do. You know something? You're pretty cool right now yourself.

She goes around the corner to the door of the class, then turns around and walks back to god.

Joan - Uh, does she know you're cool with this?

We cut to a commercial break and when we return, Joan is getting ready to ask for permission to go to the concert.

Joan - Hey!

Helen - Hi, honey. What's up?

Joan - Oh, not much. Just, uh... wanted to stop by and say hi. Hi.

Helen - Hi. Are we still on for this afternoon? Getting the stuff for the-- [Crying] For the cupcakes.

Joan - Yeah, sure! Mom, please don't-- don't cry.

Helen - I'm sorry. It's just... we've been making those valentine cupcakes since you were barely able to walk and...

Joan - mom, your eyes are going to be all red for class. Kids are going to think you're stoned.

Helen - I'm fine. I just... you are growing up so fast.

Joan - You're right. I am, aren't I? Grown up. Responsible. You must be so proud. I mean, I would be so proud if I were you.

Helen - What? Why are you here?

Joan - You've always said that a mother and a daughter have a very special bond and everything and, you know, maybe we don't need to get dad all involved in this. It'll be our special thing, like the cupcakes.

Helen - I'm gonna sit.

Joan - No! No need. It's no biggie. Look--ahem--Adam's getting tickets to the garage festival.

Helen - Excuse me?

Joan - It's a huge concert with lots of bands. It's up in Huntington, but, um... we were going to drive up Saturday and then drive home, uh...the next morning and that way we wouldn't be too tired driving in the middle of the night.

Helen - Where would you spend the night?

Joan - In Adam's dad's truck. It's a--it's a, you know, a camper thing, so it's totally...safe.

Helen - Wow.

Joan - (all proud of herself) Yeah, see? All grown up, aren't I?

Helen - Well, I'm going to have to think about this.

Joan - Oh, why, mom? It's fine! I have to start making decisions for myself.

Helen - Says who?

Joan - Trust me.

Helen - The two most terrifying words a parent can hear.

Joan - We have a bond.

Helen - I'll think it over.

Joan - Ok. I have been putting a lot of thought into this.

Helen - I'll think about it.

Joan - Ok. I want you to be comfortable. I know how you get when you realize that I'm all grown up. Oh! Oh, oh, I was thinking... chocolate chips this year? It's just another decision I'm, you know, mulling over.

We cut the Will and Carlisle walking up between two houses.

Will - What unit are we looking for?

Carlisle - "B." They offer you the chief's job yet?

Will - Not gonna happen. They know I don't want it.

Carlisle - So who's gonna fill those high heels?

Will - Heard they're talking to Roebuck again. Be refreshing, someone who actually cares about the job.

Carlisle - I think this is the place.

As they turn the corner one guy comes flying out the door, flips over the railing on the steps and lands right on a trash can. Another man is close behind him, and they start exchanging punches.

Will - Ya think? (he grabs one of the men) Hold it! Hold it! Now, what the hell's going on here?

Jim - None of your damn business!

Will - Now, look, you can talk about it here or we can cuff you and take you to the station.

Jim - He's trying to take what belongs to me.

George - It's not your house!

Jim - Mom left it to the both of us and everything that's in it! You're not getting that key.

George - Hey, at least I visited, so if I find the key first--

Jim - I had a job. I came by whenever I could. You touch anything in that safety deposit box...

George - and what?

They dive at each other and Will and Carlisle struggle to keep them apart.

George - The old bat knew what would happen when we got here.

Will - Soft spot for mom. Sweet.

Carlisle - We have to come out here again, we're taking away both of you. And then either one of you will get what's in that box.

Will - Now, can you pretend to be human while you work this out? Wouldn't mommy want you to share?

Jim - Yeah. Ok. It's over.

George - Yeah. We're fine. Sorry. (they go inside)

Will - Nothing like family, huh?

Cut to Andy and Kevin playing basket ball at the Y.

Kevin - (taking a shot) Ahh! And the crowd goes wild!

Andy - (makes his shot) Ohh! Andy baker! Yes! Andy baker!

Kevin - You know, you don't have to keep on living here at the "Y." My dad said it was ok if you stay with us until you get settled.

Andy - Yeah, I know. It's just... it seems weird, people taking care of me that I was suing, you know?

Kevin - We let it go, man. How else do you think I could keep on kicking your ass like this?

Andy - Ah ha ha! Huh? Now you're going down.

Kevin - Oh, yeah?

Andy - Yeah.

Kevin - All right. Let's see.

Andy - Check.

Kevin - So how's the job hunt going?

Andy - Uh, fine. You know? I mean, there's not a lot out there. (Changing the subject. I get the feeling he is trying to hide in the past.) You remember that Saint Joe's game? Tie game, 10 seconds left. You were at half-court. You passed it to me. And I was just, like--aah!

Kevin -Yeah, yeah. You were on fire that night. Hey, you know, one of the lawyers down at the courthouse told me his friend was looking for a courier. All you need to do is deliver some documents and stuff. Good pay, benefits.

Andy - Wow. A law office, huh? (whistles)

Kevin - Yeah, if they like you, they could move you up, maybe start training you as a paralegal.

Andy - Hey, who wouldn't like me?

Kevin - So you'll call this guy? His name's Rick Fillmore. I'll give you his number.

Andy - Yeah. Excellent. Definitely, definitely. Hey, you remember the saint Joe's cheerleaders? Huh? Yeah. You were actually enthusiastic that night. What were their names? Heidi and Janice. Ooh, yeah! Kevin was definitely liking Janice. Yes!

Cut to later that night. Will is cooking dinner. He is explaining to Luke and Joan what he is doing.

Will - Now you can't let the cream boil. If it gets too hot, the egg yolks will curdle. I like a little Pepperoncini. Am I talking to myself?

Luke - Think so.

Joan - Yep.

Will - I'm imparting valuable skills here.

Joan - Dad, you don't need to know how the magician does the trick to enjoy the show.

Kevin - (rolling in) Starving.

Will - Move away from the pancetta. Now, are you still up for talking to those kids on Sunday?

Kevin - Sure.

Will - Class starts at 4:00 at the courthouse.

Joan - Dad... don't you think that one teacher in the family is embarrassing enough?

Will - It's a driver's ed class sponsored by the court. Teenagers with dui convictions.

Kevin - Who better than me to scare the crap out of them?

Helen - Hi. Mmm! Pancetta.

Will - I'm tryin' to make art here.

Joan - Ahem! Mom? Little help, please. Thanks.

They move into the dinning room

Joan - So, mom, I just wanted you to know that cell phone reception is supposed to be pretty lousy at this concert, so don't freak if you can't reach me--

Helen - Joan.

Joan - I'll find a pay phone.

Helen - It's not that.

Joan - I have no interest in drugs, ok? Vh-1 had this whole Keith Richards thing.

Helen - Yeah, and that's good, but you can't go.

Joan - What?

Helen - You're too young to go off on your own.

Joan - Mom, I'm 17 years old.

Helen - Exactly.

Joan - I'm old enough to make my own decisions.

Helen - Not this one.

Joan - You don't trust me. That's what you're saying. (Kevin and Luke move into the doorway)

Helen - No, it's not an issue of trust.

Joan - Mom, I am driving to a concert, going to sleep, and then driving home. What is the big deal?

Helen - Well, we'll discuss it when you've calmed down.

Joan - I am calm!

Luke - Are they gonna break plates?

Kevin - It's a chic fight, dude. Just back away.

Helen - Quiet.

Joan - Shut up! Look, Adam already bought the tickets. I told him that I was going.

Helen - Well, you have to tell him you can't.

Joan - Why?!

Will - Because you're too young to spend the night with your boyfriend in some camper in a parking lot somewhere.

Luke - See?

Joan - You promised you wouldn't tell dad.

Helen - We're your parents. We discuss our children.

Joan - Oh, and I'm the one who can't be trusted.

Helen -Don't even go there.

Joan - Mom, this is so unfair. A minute ago, I was growing up so fast, and now you treat me like some 2-year-old!

Helen - Believe it or not, I am not trying to ruin your life. I'm trying to protect you.

Joan - Well, thank you for the concern, but it's my decision and I'm going!

Helen - No, you're not.

Joan - You cannot order me around. This is my life!

Helen - I am your mother and I'm telling you you're not going.

Joan - Why?!

Helen - Because you are too young.

Joan - Why?!

Helen -Because I said so!

Joan looks at her in a "I can't believe you" moment, she looks like she will cry, then she turns and walks out. Cut to a commercial break.

When we return its the next morning. Helen is cooking when Joan comes in.

Helen - I made French toast, honey.

Will - It's got cinnamon.

Joan - I have to go. I'm gonna be late.

Helen - Joan...

Joan - are you going to tell me I have to eat breakfast now, too?

Helen - Look, I understand you're upset.

Joan - No, mom, you don't understand. You still think I'm just a little girl.

Helen - No one is saying that.

Joan - You wanted me to get my act together in school, I got my act together. I'm taking responsibility for my grades, applying for colleges. I have a job and a nice boyfriend, but you still just want me to stay home and make cupcakes. You know what, mom? Those days are over. That's what you don't understand.

Joan walks out again, and Helen looks hurt. Then we cut to the street. Joan walks by a man playing 3 car monty for cash.

Card player - Come on, man. Keep your eyes on the queen. Keep your eyes on the queen. Keep your eyes on the queen. (To Joan) You want to play?

Joan - It's a trick.

God - You think I'd deceive you, Joan? Now, what kind of god would I be if I played tricks on my peoples?

Joan - You said I get to make my own decisions.

God - You can. Free will is standard equipment.

Joan - Not according to my mother.

God - Well, your mama's been in the game a lot longer than you. She knows how difficult it is to play.

Joan -But it's my hand, right? I mean, I have to play it myself.

God - Yeah. There's no other way. But you got to keep your eyes open so you can see all the moves.

Joan - I can handle it. (She picks a card and looses the game)

God - Also keep your eye on what's important. (Joan leaves) Come on. Keep your eyes on the queen. Keep your eyes on the queen.

Joan walks away and we go back to school, Luke and Friedman are beat-boxing. Its weird for them, but whatever. Stevie busts in.

Stevie - Hey, Luke, Friedman. Did you get my message last night?

Friedman - Uh, I'm sorry, I got really busy and, you know, page 280--

Luke - you said you were just playing online chess with that guy in Tehran.

Friedman - I know. And then some other stuff came up.

Stevie - Oh. Ok. I just needed some help on the Spanish, but I watched Telemundo.

Friedman - It's Bueno.

Stevie - Yeah.

She leaves, and then comes back

Stevie - So I'll see you Sunday, I guess.

Friedman - Yeah. Ok.

A few seconds later, Friedman and Luke are walking

Luke - Are you out of your mind?

Friedman - What?

Luke - This totally hot girl is doing everything but immolating herself for you. Friedman, the odds of that happening again can only be calculated by a mainframe.

Friedman - Hey, she's not my type.

Luke - You don't have a type. You have magazines. Look, you're freaking because you're so used to being the guy that goes chasing after the girl. You can't handle it being the other way around. You think she's either setting you up or there's something wrong with her.

Friedman - Thank you, Dr. Freud.

Luke - Please, please just consider the other possible explanation for her interest.

Friedman - What?

Luke - Dude, don't--don't make me go there.

Friedman - What? What?

Luke - You're in junior mensa. Think.

Friedman - I got nothin'.

Luke - You're-- (Whispering) you're a great guy. You have a lot more going on than people think. You're sensitive and caring and some might say appealing.

Friedman - Huh?

Luke - Appealing, dude! You're very appealing! (Everyone in the halls stops to look at them) So, dude, let's go shoot some hoops. (he punches Friedman's shoulder)

Friedman - What? (Friedman punches Luke's shoulder)

Luke - Hoops, dude! That's it. Let's go.

We cut to the "B" house where Will and Carlisle were breaking up a fight before. George Lane is laying on the floor with his head bashed in.

Jim - I didn't mean to. I swear, I didn't.

Will - [Sighs] Let me guess. He started it.

Will walks over and takes a small key out of George's hand

Will - Looks like he, um... found what you were looking for.

Jim - [Crying] He was my little brother.

The officers take him away and the camera pans to the man on the ground.
Then back to the Girardi home, Saturday morning.

Joan - Well, it looks like a fun Saturday.

Helen - Just getting the grades in. You want a ride over to grace's?

Joan - Uh, no, thanks. I'm gonna walk. It's such a nice day. I mean, if I'm allowed to.

Helen - Look, I know it's difficult.

Joan -Mom, it's cool.

Helen - It's not.

Joan - There's nothing to talk about. Ok? I mean, grace and I are going to pig out on nachos and watch Donnie Darko so she can try to explain it to me again. End of story. Anything else?

Helen - No. Have a nice time.

Joan - Sure. See you tomorrow.

Joan walks out of the Girardi house. The next scene is Adam and Joan in the truck.

Adam - Ready?

Joan - Yeah.

Adam - Yeah?

They drive off and we cut to a commercial break.
When we come back, Joan and Adam are leaving the concert.

Joan - I actually moshed! Me!

Adam - It was so incredible!

Joan - Now I'm hoarse from all that screaming. I'm gonna have to tell my mom that I got a cold or something. (Adam gives her a puzzled look)

Adam - Your mom?

Joan - All right. I shoulda told you. I lied to my mom about coming here.

Adam - Oh, man.

Joan - I--I had to! Adam, she wasn't going to let me come. I mean, I tried to tell her that she could trust me. This is her problem. Can you imagine if we'd missed this?

Adam - Where does she think you are?

Joan - Well, grace's house, but she'll never find out. Grace is cool. You're upset.

Adam - No. No, uh... I--I just-- I told my dad I was working all night.

Joan - Seriously?

Adam - Yeah. I said I need the truck to haul some equipment. He was getting nervous about us sleeping in the parking lot and I couldn't make him understand, so...

Joan - parents are weird.

Adam - Yeah.

Man: Festival shirts! T-shirts! Festival shirts!

Joan - Hi. How much for one of these?

Man - 30 bucks.

Joan - 30 bucks?! You guys are thieves.

God - You want something to remember tonight, don't you, Joan?

Joan - Yeah, I do, but shouldn't god give me, like, a disciple's discount or something?

God - I could throw in a sticker.

Joan - Deal. Look, if this is about me lying to my mom, I'm sorry. Really. But... if I'm making my own decisions, I had to do it.

God - You gotta do what you gotta do.

Joan - Totally. I mean, I'm sorry if I upset her, but...I'm 17 years old. You know, that's half of A... really old person.

God - Separating is never easy.

Joan - I know, which is why she has to accept the fact that I'm independent. That's how you made us, right?

God - Definitely. Just remember, being independent doesn't mean being alone. (To the crowd) T-shirts!

Joan - I'm not alone. I'm with Adam.

God - Festival shirts! Let's see what you got. 30 bucks.

Joan - Hey.

Adam - Hey.

God - I'll throw in a sticker.

Cut to the Y gym where Andy is playing ball again when Kevin comes in.

Andy - Hi! Kev, you made it.

Kevin - Talked to Rick Fillmore this morning. He says you never called.

Andy - Yeah. I was-- I was gonna, but I got busy.

Kevin - Doing what?

Andy - I was, uh... settling in. You know, it's a little weird being in a new place.

Kevin - Ok?

Andy - Look, kev, I appreciate the help, I do, but the job sounded like a drag. You know, you're being ordered around by some secretary half the time on some power trip.

Kevin - So? It's a start. You need money, right? All you had to do was drive around--

Andy - I know what I had to do! Ok? I know.

Kevin - What is going on with you, man?

Andy - I can't drive.

Kevin - They took your license away?

Andy - No. No. But I haven't driven since the accident. I mean, I've tried. I have. I just... but every time I get behind the wheel and I try to turn the key, I can't. I just keep seeing your face.

Kevin - It's ok.

Andy - No, it's not.

Andy cries and we cut back to Helen and Will getting ready for bed.

Will - The guy died clutching the safe deposit box key.

Helen - What was in the box?

Will - My guess, cash, jewelry, you know, the standard stuff of murders. The DA's getting it tomorrow.

Helen - And the brothers didn't know? One of them is dead and they didn't even know why they were fighting?

Will - She never told them. Guess he'll be able to hire a good lawyer now.

Helen - Wow. Poor thing must be spinning in her grave.

Will - Not that he cares. The brothers barely saw her until she was dying.
Then they just hovered until they could take what she had.

Helen - Oh, god. That'll be Joan.

Will - This isn't the first fight you've had, Helen.

Helen - It was different, though. This time, when she left for Grace's, I tired to talk to her, but she just brushed me off. Like she didn't care. Like I didn't matter anymore.

Will - She'll get over it.

Helen - Maybe.

Will - Helen.

Helen - There's a time when a girl has to take a step away from her mother. She took that step today. I just don't want her to keep on walkin'.

Will - That won't happen. You two are part of each other.

Helen - My mother didn't listen to me, didn't understand. I barely spoke to her for over a year.

Will - You got over it.

Helen - Not really. Sure, I'd go visit a couple of times a year, but it was polite and strained and I couldn't wait to leave. I swore I'd never be like her.

Will - You're not.

Helen - Well, I said... "because I said so." I mean, what's next, "this is my house," or "because I'm your mother"?

Will - Wonderful phrases all.

Helen - Well, I promised myself I would never say those things.

Will - The only thing we know about being parents is that every day we're thrown something new, something we're not ready for. You can always second-guess yourself. You were protecting her.

Helen - We were like strangers, will.

They hug, and we cut to Adam and Joan making out in Adam's dad's camper.
Adam has his hands around Joan's middle

Joan - Adam... Adam, no.

Adam - It's ok.

Joan - Mm-- I just-- (She sits up) I just don't know.

Adam - Hey, come on. (He kisses her neck)

Joan - It's just... I didn't expect this now.

Adam - Sort of the perfect opportunity, isn't it?

Joan - I don't know. May-- maybe. I mean, you really want to?

Adam - You don't? I mean, you seemed like you did. I brought protection.

Joan - Ahem. Well, we've talked about this, Adam. I--we weren't ready.

Adam - That was, like, a year ago. I mean, we've been going out for a long time now. It's sort of the next step. Don't you think? I mean, I love you, Jane. I love you.

Adam leans her back down and starts to kiss her again, then his hand moves lower and goes under the covers and Joan sits up again and pushes his hand aside.

Joan - [Moans] We're in a truck. [Exhales] I don't want my first time to be in a truck.

Adam - It's a camper.

Joan - I'm sorry.

Adam - Fine.

Joan - You're mad.

Adam - No. No, I'm just... you don't want to, we won't.

Joan - No, it's not that I don't want to. It's that this is a really big deal, and I want you to understand that.

Adam - I do. It's ok. We should probably go to sleep now.

She bits her sleeve (which she had pulled down and clutched in her hand the whole time.) and then says.

Joan - I'm sorry. I love you.

Adam roles over so his back faces her and she roles over to face the ceiling.
The camera pulls back through the ceiling of the truck (I mean camper) and we see the others who are also staying at the concert.

Cut to commercial. We return to the show the next morning.
Joan walks in the door and is careful not to make a lot of noise.
Helen is sitting at the table.

Helen - You're home early.

Joan - Uh, um... Grace wanted to go to this protest thing, so...

Helen - did you have fun? I mean, I'm not prying. I just--

Joan - I know. Uh, it was, um... (She looks at the table) you made the cupcakes.

Helen - Well... I figured everyone else would want them. I thought that's what
you wanted.

Joan - Right.

Helen - Are you ok?

Joan - Yeah. I'm great.

Cut to the park. Joan goes for a walk to clear her head and sees old lady god sitting on a bench.

Joan - God feeds pigeons? Aren't there enough actual old people to do that?

God - Ya'd think, wouldn't ya?

Joan - You said independence doesn't mean being alone. I can't talk to my mom. I can't talk to Adam. So now I have nobody. I should just get one of those depressing motel rooms and learn how to smoke.

God - You're only as isolated as ya think ya are. Not being able to reach out to others is just another decision you're making.

Joan - I made a mess of everything. There's nothing I can say to make things right.

God - Falling into silence just makes it impossible to survive. Your existence depends on the relationships you have with other people, Joan. Just as matter can't exist in the absence of energy. See, it's how I made the world.

Joan - So just decide not to be alone? You saw me and my mom. It's like we're... we're living in two different worlds.

God - Yeah. It's like the myth of Demeter and Persephone. (Joan gives a puzzled look) One spring, Demeter's daughter Persephone was taken down to the underworld and lost to her forever. Demeter was so sad, she turned the world into endless winter.

Joan - Bummer.

God - Yeah. That's what the gods thought. But the gods took pity on her and they allowed Persephone to return to her mother once a year.

Joan - And?

God - And winter ended and spring began. The distance you feel, that cold isolation... you don't have to live there forever.

Joan - So you gonna take pity on me, too, and make things right?

God - [Chuckles] It's a myth, Joan.

Joan - What should I do?

God - That's your decision.

God walks away, leaving her bird feed with Joan. There was no god wave here.

We cut to Luke's room. Grace, Stevie, Friedman and Luke are sitting around and Luke puts down a plate.

Stevie - Ooh! Guacamole. My favorite.

Grace - Oh. I didn't know they had avocados in middle earth.

Friedman - [Latin music plays] Ok, amigos... imperfect subjunctive.

Luke - Hang on! Before we just... dive in, how about a little, uh... Margarita de virgen?

Friedman - Did we just die and wake up in the seventies here?

Grace - Seriously, dude. And what is with this music?

Luke - It's all about atmosphere.

Friedman - Ok! That's enough. I can see what you 2 are trying to do here.

Luke - What do you-- what do you mean? It's just a little... estudia de domingo.

Friedman - Stevie... the thing is... these guys, they don't want me to be alone. So they're trying to, uh... [Laughs] You know, they're trying to get you and me here to... you're a really, really great girl. You're quite, you know--ahem--beautiful and--

Stevie - you say "you know" a lot.

Friedman - And observant. But the thing is, sometimes two organisms don't share enough common traits, so that superficially, a pairing can seem congruent yet still lack some very fundamental synchronicity--

She jumps up and kisses him.

Stevie - I just... love hearing you talk.

Grace - Ok. What's bean dip without cheese? (She pushes Luke out of the room)

Friedman - Ahem. And, at other times, common traits can appear where none were thought to exist.

Stevie - Bueno.

Friedman - (they lean back) Muy, muy...

Next scene, Joan is sitting on the curb in front of her house. Andy is walking by.

Andy - Joan?

Joan - Hey! What? I like the curb. You know, the trickling of sewage, it's...

Andy - ok. Ha.

Joan - (looking at his sack) You, uh...you going camping?

Andy - No. I'm taking off. I just, uh... wanted to drop this off for Kev.

Joan - He doesn't know you're leaving?

Andy - No. He's at the courthouse talking to the dui kids.

Joan - Well, where are you going?

Andy - I don't know yet. I just need to get away.

Joan - Well, you can't just take off. I mean... kevin'll help you find a job.

Andy - Now, look, Joan, that's not gonna happen. Ok? I'm just gonna screw things up and I'll mess up Kevin's life again.

Joan - Well, you don't even know where you're going. Where are you gonna sleep?

Andy - Doesn't really matter.

Joan - Well, it will matter to Kevin. You're not working. You're running away. You're gonna end up on the streets.

Andy - You know, maybe people need to realize the fact that this is who I am, you know, this is the way my life's turning out.

Joan - No. No. This is what you are deciding to do with your life. It's your decision to give up. It's your decision to turn your back on Kevin just like it's mine to... [Sighs] To sit out here and never see the spring. You know what? I'm not gonna do that. We have to decide what's important. That's our decision. (she rips up his letter to Kevin and gets up) I'm just... helping you along.

After Joan leaves we go to the jail where Will talks to the surviving brother.

Will - The D.A. Opened your mother's safe deposit box. I don't think you deserve it, but apparently there's no legal reason for you not to have what he found. I hope it was worth it.

The man opens the box and inside are pictures of him and his brother. He sobs and then we go to Kevin talking to the DUI kids.

Kevin - So...they asked me to come here today to talk to you about.. an alternative mode of transportation. I can go almost 20 on a steep enough hill. And, uh... of course, girls love a guy with cool wheels. [Chuckling] It's not that funny, is it? Because... you know all know how I got in this chair.

Andy - He's in there because of me. 2 years ago... we were going home from a party and I'd had a couple beers. Ok, maybe more than a couple. He wanted to take away the keys, but, uh... I just had to drive. You know how many times I replay that, wishing I had given him the keys? If I could just relive it one more time, maybe it would be different. But it's real. And I can't change it. No matter how much I want to run from it... everything's different now. (To Kevin) [Sniffs] You shouldn't be helping me, man. You shouldn't be helping me.

They have their arms on each others shoulders and we go to Joan at the Girardi Kitchen. She is looking at the cupcakes.

Helen - You can eat one if you want to.

Joan - Oh. Maybe in a minute. You've been out for a long time.

Helen - I just went to the market. We needed milk.

Joan - For the cupcakes?

Helen - Yeah.

Joan - Mom.

Helen - What is it?

Joan - I lied. I didn't... stay over at grace's. I went to the concert with Adam, and we slept in his truck.

Helen - Wow.

Joan - I know. And... and it was...tense. And weird. And I wanted to talk to you about it, but I... but I couldn't. (Helen is still calm) Why aren't you mad at me?

Helen - I will be. What happened?

Joan - Well, he wanted to... I didn't. I don't know why. I'm all confused. Ha ha. It--I-- I don't know what's right. I just-- I just know I feel like I've lost everyone.

Helen - You haven't lost me.

Joan - I'm sorry.

Helen - Oh...me, too. But...I'm glad you made... your own decision with Adam.

Joan - Yeah. I missed you. (They Hug) Am I grounded?

Helen - Oh, yeah.

There is a knock on the door and we see Adam standing there.

Joan - Oh... he's here.

Helen - Go talk to him.

Joan - What should I say?

Helen - You'll know.

Joan goes to the door and we see her and Adam, standing about a foot apart just talking. Joan is looking at the ground. Then the shot fades to black and we end episode 2.16 - Independence Day.

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