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#218 : Un week-end enrichissant

Adam propose à Joan un voyage de nuit à destination de l'Ecole de Design du Rhode Island, pour laquelle il a décroché un entretien d'embauche. A sa grande surprise, Luke se voit devancé par Friedman et Glynis, qui gagnent le premier prix du prestigieux Concours de Science...

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Secret Service

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Un week-end enrichissant

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Secret Service begins with Joan and Adam walking down the street, they turn into the school parking lot.

Joan - We were climbing this huge cliff, I should have been terrified, only in the dream, I was a total pro, and then this huge boulder came loose and I had to swing us both out of the way just in time. And then I turned into a bird and you were a dog. You still had your hoodie on. What do you think that all means? (Adam doesn't answer) Earth to planet Rove.

Adam - Oh, I'm sorry. I'm kind of wiped. I pulled an all-nighter finishing that English paper.

Joan - Oh, crap. Is that due today?

Adam - No, no. I just had to finish mine early since I have the interview at R.I.S.D on Saturday morning.

Joan - "R.I.S.D"? That sounds like a pirate disease.

Adam - No. Rhode Island school of design. It's one of the best art schools in the country.

Joan - How come you didn't tell me?

Adam - I figured it'd be boring.

Joan - No way. We could walk a whole state in a couple of hours.

Adam - You really think your mom would let you spend another night alone with me? Look, I wanted to drop off that paper before physics so I'll see you there, ok?

Joan - Bye.

Joan takes two steps and is approached by Goth God.

God - Hello, Joan.

Joan - Oh. So, you're god. Why don't you tell me why I turned Adam into a dog. Is it because he's faithful and loyal or because he just ran off?

God - Sometimes a dog is just a dog.

Some kids run by and almost bump into Joan.

Joan - Could you exert a little control over your creations?

God - Flocks of birds, packs of dogs, you know, people, once they gather, things happen. I don't interfere. It's part of the rules.

The kids are throwing eggs at a car.

Joan - Oh, my god. Look at that. That's Price's car.

Kids - Yes. Oh! Ha ha ha!

They run by and throw the empty egg carton at the trash can but miss. Joan laughs.

God - That's a mess. Someone could slip and get hurt.

Joan - I get it.

She bends down to pick up the egg carton and as she is there ....

Price - Joan Girardi!

Joan - Mr. Price, I-- this is not what it looks like.

Flash to inside. Joan is sitting at Price's Desk.

Price - Now, now, ms. Girardi. Do you honestly expect me to believe that you were suddenly overwhelmed by your civic duty to clean our campus?

Joan - Somebody could have slipped. I probably saved you from a lawsuit.

Price - Let's cut the charade, shall we? You were caught with the evidence. Therefore, according to Darwin, you and not the faster gazelles in the herd shall be punished for damaging my personal property.

Joan - Mr. Price, I--

Price - which, I happen to know from the last time, cost $220.

Joan - But Mr. Price, I didn't do anything.

Price - The school district is having a weekend of mandatory community service for other brain-dead delinquents. You'll be right at home. I'll meet you at 6 A.M. Saturday morning outside the oak street community center. Oh, wait, I won't be there. I'll be in bed. Wear your painting clothes.

Joan takes her detention slip and looks very annoyed. We cut to opening credits.

We return to find Adam and Helen in the art room.

Helen - It's wonderful. It's really powerful work.

Adam - Thanks. I wasn't sure about the lines.

Helen - No. They're strong. It's... terrific.

Adam - Thanks.

Helen goes to her desk.

Helen - Adam, I-- I was wondering, um... it's a piece I've been working on. I could use some input.

Adam - You really want my opinion?

Helen - I do.

Adam - Ok. It's kind of like those Byzantine mosaics you were showing us, right?

Helen - Yeah?

Adam - Yeah.

Helen - You got that?

Adam - Yeah. Maybe if you're going for that, I really like how Byzantine stuff looks flat, you know?

Helen - Yeah, yeah.

Adam - So, I mean, you know, maybe if you want, you can take out the shading...

Helen - oh, yeah.

Price - Mr. Rove, perhaps you could tutor someone else. I'd like to talk to Mrs. Girardi.

Adam - Sure.

Price - Glad to see you empowering the students. Missed you at the budget meeting.

Helen - I had some conferences.

Price - Yes. I see. Thought I'd rip the band-aid off in person.

Helen - You are cutting my art budget? It's the middle of the year.

Price - Limited funding. That's how it works.

Helen - How can I continue what I'm doing on less money?

Price - Oh, it's a gut course, Helen. Draw a bunny, get credit.

Helen - I have gifted students, Mr. Price.

Price - Your enrollment has dropped. The board just doesn't feel that your class is a priority.

Helen - Art is not a priority?

Price - See this as an opportunity to look inside yourself, take some inventory.

Cut to the AP physics class. They are all listening to Lischak who is walking the class as usual.

Lishcak - This last one was a review question, which means it should have been a cakewalk for you, my little brainiacs.

Friedman - First Judith, then Stevie. I just need to know if it's significant that every girl I kiss either dies or turns out to have been kidnapped at birth.

Luke - I'll concede, it's an unfortunate string of events.

Friedman - How's a person supposed to get past something like this?

Lischak - The hawking results are in.

Glynis - You can't take it personally.

Friedman - Shh! Award time!

Lischak - ...Scientific independent study by--

Joan - Hi. Sorry I'm late. I had a meeting with Mr. Price.

Friedman - Not interested, Joan. Award time.

She shoves him as she goes to take her seat.

Adam - What happened?

Joan - [Sighs] After you left, I ran into someone who framed me, so now I have to do a stupid weekend of community service. So...no Rhode Island.

Adam - Oh, man. That sucks.

Joan - Unless I come up late. If I'm done by 5:00, I could take the train.

Adam - No. It's just going to be too crazy, ok? I might be auditing a class.

Lischak - Each year, science students from around the country compete for the coveted hawking award.

Glynis - Ooh! I'm so excited. Dinner at don Thornberry's.

Luke - With professor Lambert. An entire evening of string theory and prime rib.

Lischak - I am pleased to announce that we have 2 winners in our class this year.

Glynis - Only two? Oh, my.

Lischak - [Taps drum roll] And this year's hawking award goes to... Mr. Friedman and Ms. Figliola for their work on velocity of atoms!

Friedman - I knew it!

Lischak - Congratulations.

Luke - Genius goes unrecognized. What else is new? Come on.

Luke - But my entry proved the possibility of a string force field positing an energy of 10 to the 19th power volts. This is a steak-worthy discovery.

Grace - You're talking about the opinion of a bunch of pinheads at arcadia college.

Glynis - And Don Thornberry himself. I heard he was an honorary judge.

Grace - What does he know about physics? He runs a steak joint at the airport.

Friedman - Dude, don't worry. I'll bring you a doggie bag.

Outside, Adam and Joan are walking.

Joan - Am I crazy or do you not want me to go with you?

Adam - What? No! It'd be awesome. It's just--it's-- it's overnight, you know?

Joan - I know the whole concert trip was a disaster, but this is different. This is visiting a school.

Adam - I know, I know, but hey, hey, listen. Look. Listen. [Sighs] It's hard for me... ok? It's... us being in a room, alone... overnight.

Joan - Oh. Ok? So I'll just... I'll go to this thing and we'll hang out on Sunday.

Adam - Ok.

They kiss almost just out of habit now and then we go to dinner with the Girardi family.

Joan - I didn't do it!

Kevin - Can you keep it down?

Helen - Do you have any idea how this makes me look? The same day price practically vaporizes me, you egg his car.

Joan - I was framed!

Kevin - I can't hear the popping.

Helen - You were holding a carton of eggs.

Joan - Yes! Which someone basically stuck in my hands. What was I supposed to do?

Helen - Who would do that?

Kevin - Mom, it's high school. Who wouldn't do that?

Joan - Yeah! See? Even Kevin believes me.

Helen - Well, if you did it, part of me would understand. He's a filthy little cockroach.

Kevin - Nice!

Will - I'm Home

Helen - I didn't say that.

Will - I thought you had to be at the bookstore.

Joan - I'm just leaving. I had to finish fighting with mom. (She kisses Helen on the cheek) Thanks.

Helen - Hey, hey. Take some dinner. Popcorn's not a meal.

Kevin - Show's over. I'm gonna go watch a movie.

Will - Do you ever go out anymore?

Kevin - I signed up for netflix and they just keep comin'.

Will - You and Joan, that was a fight?

Helen - We decided to unite against a common enemy. Price accused her of egging his car and gave her community service painting.

Joan - (Shouting from off screen) I didn't do it!

Will - Are we buying that?

Helen - Why not? I'll tell you, if I'd been there, I might have lobbed a few eggs myself.

Will - Rough day?

Helen - Hey, who gives community service for egging a car? She's supposed to be writing a paper this weekend.

Will - She should take my paint sprayer. Save time. I did the whole garage in a weekend.

Helen - And half the lawn.

Will - I was still learning how to use it. I think the nozzle's in here. Oh! Decent rollers. They'll just give her those cheapies.

Helen - It's community service, Will, not this old house.

Will - Hey, my tool box! You said it was lost.

Helen - I don't remember that.

Will - Finally I can fix that door.

Helen - Heh heh heh!

She laughs but its more of a please god don't let him fix the door kind of laugh. We go to Joan at the book store. Big Tough Guy God from Book of Questions is reading a book.

God - Hey there, Joanie. You got a kleenex? Sydney carton is about to be executed. It's so unfair. But he displays such courage.

Joan - How's he gonna die? God shove eggs in his hands, too?

God - [Sighs] You suffered an injustice. It happens every day, all over the world. Now you can let it crush you or you can rise above it. Then, who knows what could happen? Do you remember reading this?

Joan - A tale of two cities? Ninth grade snorefest.

God - Come on! The ending! Carton stands before the guillotine, ready to sacrifice his life to save others, looks at the crowd screaming for his blood--
[Sniffles] And says, "'tis a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done." Gets to me every time.

Joan - I know. Ahem! So, uh... what are they gonna do? Write a book about me doing community service or I get my head lopped off?

God - Things are already happening, Joan.

Joan - What?

God - Just accept the sacrifice. And, uh... gift wrap this for me, would you?

He hands her the book and we go to our next commercial break.

The next morning, Joan is getting ready for her first day of painting. it is early. 5am or so. Luke is sitting at the island, he has some vampire teeth that he puts into his mouth.

Joan - Luke, what are you doing up? The roosters are still asleep.

Luke - I was wondering how it's possible that the world is this unfair.

Joan - Hmm. Trust me. It's possible.

Luke - They did a simple equation, while I dug deep into the inner reaches of physics' primary quandary and pulled out a surprising answer and what do I get?

Joan - Bitch-slapped by life?

Luke - And Friedman eating my ribeye.

Joan - Oh, come on. Look at the bright side. You got a prize.

Luke - Vampire teeth. One's broken. Story of my life. Dad said don't forget your rollers.

Joan - Oh, Luke. Look, I know you're going through a big crisis and everything, but... I was kind of hoping that maybe you could totally save my butt and take my shift at the bookstore so I don't lose my job?

Luke - Why not? Menial labor. Suitable future. Stocking shelves, the numbing clack of the cash register, the insincere smiles...

Joan - great. Your shift starts at 4:00. Don't be late.

Joan goes to the center. As she walks up the steps her brown paper bag rips and she has to carry all the stuff in her arms.

She goes inside, dumps her stuff on the floor and finds a place on the back wall near a girl with long hair. Her name is Bonnie

Joan - Ahem! Painting stuff. My dad made me bring it.

Bonnie - I wanted to work at the slaughterhouse, but they don't have community service.

Joan looks worried and goes tot talk to another boy near the coffee.

Joan - Excuse me. Do you know why we're all just standing around here?

Denunzio - Our supervisor's late. She's always late.

Joan - That seems fair. Make everyone show up at 6:00 just to stand around.

Joan sees homeless man god from Episode 1.06 Bringeth It On.

God - Remember what I said about injustice, Joan.

Joan - I showed up. That should be enough for god.

God - Do the job.

Joan - Oh, just paint the walls? Heh! And that's supposed to somehow, I don't know, help the universe?

God - Why do you think Zen monks spend 40 years trimming one Bonzai tree?

Joan - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You didn't say anything about 40 years. I have a huge paper due.

God - It's a weekend of community service, Joan. Just serve the community. The rest will happen.

Joan - Oh, you mean like try to help someone here? Who? They all look pretty pathetic.

God - Just pay attention. It'll all add up.

Lily comes in with coffee. She doesn't even acknowledge Joan.

Lily - [Sighs] Look alive, convicts. All right. Turn your cards in, and let's get started. We finish the entire first floor by Sunday or nobody gets any credit. Denunzio, welcome back.

Joan - Hey, Lilly, uh--

Lily - (doesn't even notice Joan) hey, you know what? Use a drop cloth, all right? I don't want a single drop of paint getting on the floor.

Joan - Hi. Remember me?

Lily - Oh, yeah, sure. You're Helen's kid. Yeah. So what did you do?

Joan - Well, I didn't actually do anything.

Lily - (Walking over to Denunzio) Yo! Eminem! You, what? You want to spend next weekend with me, huh? Then can it! And give me that cigarette.

Denunzio - Oh, come on. It's my last one.

She takes it from him and Joan comes over.

Joan - Hey, you know, she's just doing you a favor. I saw these completely disgusting photos of lung cancer in my health class. It looked like a vacuum cleaner bag.

Denunzio - (Groans like, Here we go again)

Joan - So if you need help quitting--

Lily - (To Homeless Man God) do you got a light?

Joan - Oh, I see what's going on here. (He Shrugs) Uh, I think this means... you shouldn't smoke either?

Lily - Oh, looking for meaning. Impressive. Paint the wall.

Joan makes a face and then we go to the kitchen at the Girardi house.

Helen is scrubbing the stove as if her life depends on it and Will is working the squeak out of a door.

Will - Did the stove do something wrong?

Helen - I'm just trying to de-stress.

Will - Do you want to talk about it?

Helen - Not really. Yes. I'm thinking about going back to school, you know? Just taking a break from teaching.

Will - Where is this coming from?

Helen - They cut my budget. Apparently art isn't a priority.

Will - You should call the Louvre and tell them.

Helen - And price caught me showing a piece of my work to Adam.

Will - You respect Adam's opinion. That doesn't mean you're a bad teacher.

Helen - Price said that I need to look inside myself, and he's right. I mean, the kids aren't inspired. I'm not reaching anybody. I have nothing left to teac
Adam. He's better than I am.

Will - Hey, come here.

Helen - Aw, you know what? It's--hey, it's ok. It's ok. So I'll have more time to devote to my own painting. You know, maybe it's a good thing. I'm just baby-sitting the kids anyway.

Will - No. You're doing a lot more--

Helen - hey, what are you doing?

Will - I'm trying to cheer you up.

Helen - No. No. With this? The screwdriver?

Will - I'm fixing that squeak. You know, all that hinge needed was a little nudge. See?

He moves the door and the door squeaks.

Will - Uhh! Damn it!

Helen - Please, will, the house can't take a fix-it weekend.

Will - It was fine a minute ago. Oh! The stupid screw is stripped!

Helen - Do you really have to do this?

Will - Yes! I find it relaxing! You want to take that away from me? (He's yelling)

Helen - Oh, no. Not when you're so relaxed.

He tires to shut the door but now it wont move. He slams it and it stays stuck closed. Will turns around to face Helen with a "See I told you" look on his face and then the door comes off all three hinges and hits him in the head.

Will - Uhh!! Uh...you know, it's ok. It's just a bad hinge. You know, we're lucky it happened now because... well, you know, who knows what would have happened?

Helen - Yeah. The door would have worked another 10 years.

Will - Ha ha ha! And then what?

Kevin - Then what, what?

Helen - Your father's dismantling the house.

Kevin - Oh, cool. While you're at it, I could use an oil change.

Will - Not a problem. Next up.

Helen - Heh heh heh! (Helen gives him a look)

Kevin - What? What'd I say?

Back to Joan and her painting. She is trying to find out who to help.

Joan - Oh! Hey, that was, um... really funny what you painted on the wall before. [Laughs] I mean, "this sucks." Because it definitely sucks, right?

Denunzio - Whatever. Beats anger management.

Joan - So you're angry? I mean, it makes you want to act out, right?

Denunzio - What are you, a narc?

Joan - No. No. No. Just a concerned member of the community that--

Denunzio - hey, just-- just leave me alone. Ok?

Joan - Believe me, I'd love to.

Then Lily comes in

Lily - Hey, your tape's coming off.

Joan - Just so you know, I'm not like the other kids here. I got framed.

Lily - So, what? I'm supposed to feel sorry for you 'cause you gotta do a little weekend painting? I mean, what are you missing out on? Skulking around a mall?

Joan - A trip to Rhode Island with my boyfriend.

Lily - Oh, yeah. Well, trying missing out on most of your twenties 'cause you spent them worshipping an abstract ideal only to find yourself at 29 in your crappy basement--sorry-- garden apartment, watching reruns of T.J. Hooker with nothing but an ashtray for company. Then you can come talk to me about your wounded sense of justice. (then, with a change of tone) You don't smoke, do you? I won't tell your mom.

Joan - No. So maybe god gave us these, uh... stupid injustices so that we could rise above them.

Lily - You know what? Don't. Don't talk to me about god. I spent 10 years in the convent, and you threw some eggs at a hyundai.

Joan - Chevy. A '92. I was framed.

Lily - Whatever. You want to know who god is? He's a control freak who demands perfection.

Joan - Look, I know this is none of my business, but you were helping my mom get confirmed and now it just seems like you hate god.

Lily - I don't hate him. I'm pissed at him.

Joan - Why?

Lily - That's between him and me.

Lily turns around and Bonnie is standing there as if from no where with a cigarette pack.

Lily - Thanks.

Joan - (Bonnie offers her one) Oh. No, thanks. I don't smoke.

Bonnie - I'm bonnie.

Joan - Joan.

Bonnie - I know.

Joan looks to homeless man god, who had been leaning in wet paint.

Cut to Luke working at the book store. He is bored out of his mind.

Man - Just as I thought. Alphabetized.

Luke - By author. So?

Man - Herpetology next to robotics; paleontology next to ichthyology. No standards, no categories, no systems.

Luke - I'm just filling in for my sister. That's the only reason why I'm here.

Man - They should be organized according to meaning. You young people today, all you care about is Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston breaking up.

Luke - They did?

Man - Yeah. You should not be allowed near books. You know nothing
about science.

Luke - Hey! Hey! You are patronizing the wrong geek, grandpa. You want to talk quarks? Huh? Neutrinos? String theory? Bring it on, pops.

Man - Then you should have the good sense to arrange these books properly by content. Content is what matters.

The man hands Luke a book and it is HIS book. The man wrote that science book.

Cut to Joan on a bus going home from painting day one.
She is leaving Adam a message.

Joan - Hey...ahem! It's, uh... it's me again. Ha ha ha. You're probably at some freaky party by now, hopefully missing me like crazy. Painting was a real drag. Um... I was just thinking of you.

She happened to glance out her window and sees Adam coming out of a store. She gets off the bus and tries to catch up to him.

Joan - Adam! Adam!

Adam - Hi, Jane.

Joan - Hey, what's going on? I thought you were in Rhode Island.

Adam - Uh, they... they had to reschedule the interview, so...

Joan - well, why didn't you call? I left you, like, 3 messages.

Adam - Uh, I... I don't know.

Joan - Are you ok?

Adam - Yeah. I'm fine.

Joan - Adam, what's going on?

Adam - Nothing's going on, ok? I'm...I'm sorry I didn't call.

Joan - There wasn't a trip to Rhode Island, was there?

Adam - Yes, there--I just said they postponed it, ok?

Joan - Then why didn't you call?

Adam - You think I'm lying just 'cause I didn't report to you? I wanted a night for myself, ok?

Joan - Ok. Well, enjoy your night.

She turns around to leave but then goes back.

Joan - What if I said I'd spend the night with you? Would you have called me back then? Is that how it works?

Adam - I changed my plans, ok? That's all it was. You're freaking out over nothing.

Joan - Well, if it's such a drag to call me, then maybe you should lighten your load! (she storms off)

Adam - That's not what I meant. Look-- Jane!

Cut to a commercial as Adam looks at her down the street.

Cut to painting day 2.

Lily - Oh, why are you all standing around? Get to work! (To Joan) Why the long face, Starshine? I thought you were here to rise above the injustice.

Joan - I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say that you were right about love. Here. I brought you some lung photos in case you want to avoid cancer.

Lily - Uh, Mr. Rhode island?

Joan - Oh, I actually saw him walking down the street last night. There... was no Rhode Island.

Lily - Ha. Figures.

Joan - No offense, but what do you know about guys anyway?

Lily - I was a nun. I was married to God.

Joan - That is so not the same thing.

Lily - That is exactly the same thing. Only worse. Hunh. He was perfect. Where am I gonna find that again?

Joan - So why didn't you stay with him if he was so great?

Lily - Because you can't live with perfection, spend your life trying to live up to it, feeling inadequate. (God as the homeless man goes up to Lily) Now he's making me pay.

God - Excuse me.

Lily - (ignoring him) I just wanted to try to find something real, and what do I get? Nothing but losers in my church singles group who think that God rewards them by giving them good parking spots.

God - Ma'am?

Joan - I think he needs, um...

Lily - ugh! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. (Shrugging away from God again) So, listen, I go out with this guy--Stan? You add an "a" to Stan and you get Satan. Ha ha. This is how my mind works.

Joan - Hmm.

Lily - The date goes ok. We go back to his place, he invites me in, I'm, like, "sure," because at this point I'm thinkin' it's time for something to happen. And I don't even care if it's with Satan.

Joan - Gross.

Lily - Yeah. So we get in there, and he's got this ratty couch with the tinfoil on the tv antenna, but here's the clincher. He goes to the john, I look inside the fridge, you know, because I'm thinkin' I need a beer to help me get me through this, and what do you think I find in there?

Joan - Mm-hmm. Body parts?

Lily - Mustard. And a jar of pickles. And this is a guy from my church group, ok? These people are supposed to be with god. So if this is what it's come to, watching Stargate with a tinfoil antenna, then, no, I don't know where god is anymore.

Joan - Ever thought maybe god is all around you, like in other people trying to reach out?

God - Uh, excuse me. There's no more coffee.

Lily - Ok. Do I look like your secretary? (To Joan) Listen, god is not in Stan. Ha ha. Trust me. I went out with him. So why don't you just go take out the trash, ok? Because you got me all agitated again. Denunzio!

Back to Luke at the book store. The Author is there as well.

Luke - This is you. Dietrich Steinholz.

Man - [Sighs]

Luke - 1975. If you were talking about string theory, you must have been one of the first.

Man - The idea that our reality is a tiny fragment of something larger is hardly new.

Luke - Yeah, but you articulated it. I mean, you were the one to build on Einstein.

Man - There were many of us.

Luke - But you were the first. You deserve the credit.

Man - For what? I didn't invent anything, just offered a possibility.

Luke - I did a whole project on string theory for the arcadia college physics award. I advanced the key approximation, which has enormous ramifications, and they totally ignored it.

Man - So? What are we anyway? Compared to the universe, we're nothing. A spec. A moment of glory in the arcadia college world, what is that?

Luke - They also got dinner at Don Thornberry's.

Man - Oh. Their ribeye is amazing. Sometimes it seems like there's no justice.

Luke - That's $1.99.

Man - Yeah. Ok. Oh.

He takes out a whole bunch of paper from his pocket. Luke snoops and finds one that interests him.

Luke - An algorithm for the distribution of... mattress coils?

Man - There's an ideal ratio of the coils to the mattress surface. I just haven't figured it out yet. Back to work. What other choice do we have?

The man takes his book and leaves Luke standing there to ponder what he said.

Cut to Will and Kevin working on the car.

Kevin - It says any kind of brake work should always be done by a professional.

Will - They're just in bed with the mechanics. I've done this before.

Kevin - You also said you'd changed the oil before.

Will - Hey, have a little faith in the old man, will ya? Hand me the socket wrench. (He Roles under the car) So...I see you got a new shipment of movies. Don't you think you're watching a little too much Rob Schneider?

Kevin - Hot chick is hilarious.

Will - So you, uh...haven't talked to Beth again?

Kevin - That didn't really pan out.

Will - Well, your mom said you and Lilly--

Kevin - look, dad, I'm not really looking for anyone right now.

Will - Ah, sure. Oh! I see what part of the problem is. Your parking brake won't fully release.

Kevin - Seriously? I thought I felt something dragging.

Will - Yeah. I'll just loosen this up, and you'll be good to go.

Kevin - All right. Go, dad.

Helen comes out from the house with a piece of metal.

Helen - Why is this in the fridge?

Will - Oh, you know, I had trouble fitting that into the, um... uh, thing. So I thought the cold air would help it contract, and then I could, uh...

Helen - I'll put it back.

Back to the center. Joan is dumping a box into the trash.

Bonnie - You shouldn't throw the rollers away.

Joan - Bonnie, you scared me.

Bonnie - People say they're disposable, but they're not. We can use them again.

Joan - Ok. Here you go.

Bonnie - You didn't see me here.

Joan puts the box back in and then a garbage man comes with his truck to dump the dumpster.

Joan - Oh.

Garbage man - Give me a hand with this, would you, Joan?

Joan - God is collecting my garbage. That's sweet. So, uh...what happens now, huh? I get my head lopped off? Because I am obviously failing.

God - Think so?

Joan - Come on. Lilly? Everything I say to her just makes her smoke even more. Denunzio thinks I'm a narc. Bonnie? I'm afraid to say anything to her because she might break or, you know, kill me in my sleep.

God - Stick with it. You're doing great.

Joan - You know, nothing is happening!

God - You feel frustrated and victimized, yet you're still talkin' to me. So somewhere, you know this isn't pointless.

God takes away the trash and we go to commercial break.

When we come back, Joan is inside again, still painting.

Denunzio - Some short dude's lookin' for you.

Adam - Hi.

Joan - Hey. What are you doin' here?

Adam - I was just on my way to work and I wanted to see you. I hate what's happening to us.

Joan - I know. Me, too. I wanted to call you all day, but... (Bonnie is staring at them) ahem! I have to take the trash out. Do you want to give me a hand?

Adam - Yeah.

The go outside

Adam - Man, I thought we were the freaks at school.

Joan - Ha. I know I should be mad at you, but I'm really glad you came by.

Adam - Hey, hey, look... I'm sorry I didn't call. I love you, Jane. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Joan - Nothing. You don't have to do anything. We're still the same.

Adam - But we're not. I mean, not really.

Joan - I don't want us to break up.

Adam - Me, neither.

Bonnie - Joan! Lilly's looking for you. It's time to check out.

Joan - Ok. (To Adam) I have to go.

Adam - It's ok.

Joan - Thanks for coming by.

Adam - Sure.

Bonnie - Joan!

Joan - Ok!

Adam - Hey, look, I'll... I'll get this, ok? We'll talk later. (They kiss, again out of habit and show more than feeling)

Joan - Yeah.

Joan goes inside and Adam throws the trash away. He sees a big painting on the side of the wall.

Adam - Whoa.

Bonnie - It's wet. Don't smear it.

Adam - It's yours? It kinda like-- it kinda looks like, uh... that freaky paint job somebody did in the boiler room at school.

Bonnie - I made it into a womb because it's hot in there and there's all that engine noise, like a heartbeat?

Adam - Hey, how'd you do-- how'd you do that part down there?

Bonnie - Old rollers.

Next Scene is Joan and Lily. Lily is giving Joan a ride home. She has her feet up on the dash.

Lily - You're getting paint on the dash. I just had this thing detailed.

Joan - "This thing?"

Lily - Hey! You mooch a ride, you don't dis the wheels. (She lights a smoke)

Joan - Uh, you shouldn't be--

Lily - stow it! So the, um... skinny kid that showed up today, was that Rhode Island?

Joan - Yeah.

Lily - So just like that, it's all hearts and bunnies again?

Joan - Well, I'm not really sure. I'm just, uh...trying to have some faith that it will be.

Lily - Hunh. Good luck with that.

Joan - You don't have faith?

Lily - You know what? Don't go there with me, all right? Not after a day supervising delinquents.

Joan - But you're still talking to god, right? I mean, if you're mad at him but you're still talking to him, you must have some kind of faith that he's really out there, right?

Lily - Look, I'm glad that your boyfriend showed up, ok? But save the pixie dust for yourself, all right? You are not here to save me, so just put a sock in it so that we don't--

Joan - OH MY GOD!

Lily - what?

They Crash. Lily gets out of her car to see what happened.
Then we see Kevin roll down his window.

Kevin - What the hell is your problem?! Are you blind?

Lily - How could you not see me coming?

Kevin - My brakes didn't work!

Lily - Oh! So you decided to go out for a spin?

Joan - Ok. Thanks for the ride.

Kevin - You should look where you're going.

Lily - Oh, just relax. You're crippled already.

Kevin - Nice.

Lily - Sorry. Had a great day. Still giddy.

Kevin - Just give me your number.

Lily - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ha ha. Ha ha. Did you think that I did
this just to pick you up?

Kevin - For insurance?

Lily - You lost my number?

Kevin -- After you walked out on me in the restaurant, you didn't exactly make it into my little black book.

Lily - So what? Someone gives you a little grief and so you just bail?

Kevin - The bailing was you.

Lily - Ha! Ha ha. I do not bail.

Kevin - Ha ha.

Lily - I took you out for coffee after that.

Kevin - Yeah. To say that we shouldn't see each other. You bail. Ha ha.

Lily - Mmm hmm. Well, let's just push your piece of crap out of the way and go for Greek food tomorrow, ok? Come on. Come on.

Kevin - I hate Greek food.

Lily -- Did I ask you your opinion? (She is trying to pull the cars apart.)

Kevin - Go on. Put a little muscle in it!

Lily - Shut up.

Back at school. Luke and Grace are walking.

Luke - So I realize that nobody has ever created a force anywhere near 10 to the 19th power volts and nobody ever will, because if they did, they would risk creating an enormous black hole that would suck up the entire universe.

Grace - Awesome recovery.

Luke - Yeah. And, you know, who cares what a bunch of idiots from arcadia college think of me?

Grace - You read the anarchy manifesto.

Luke - Huh? No. Steinholz just made me realize that it's not about ego. It's about the work, the struggle. That's all that really matters.

Grace - That's what I said to you.

Luke - When?

Friedman - Dude, Don's steak was like a whole cow and the baked potato was as big as my head! I got to go!

Grace - Dude, it's about the struggle.

Luke - Yeah, ok. I'm-- I'm struggling.

Next scene. Adam is showing Bonnie the art class. Helen is standing in the doorway

Adam - Voila.

Bonnie - It's a waste of time. I mean, Art teachers are so lame, like you could teach creativity.

Adam - No, no, that's not Mrs. G. At all. I'm telling you. I mean, she knows just how to say the right thing for you to see your work a new way without even pissing you off.

Bonnie - Anyone who would teach high school is just too scared to do work for real.

Adam - No. Just the other day she asked for my feedback on her work, and it was amazing. She treated me like an equal. We were just 2 artists.

Helen - (not wanting to be caught in the door way) Hey. How's it going?

Adam - Hi.

Helen - Hey.

Adam - I was just showing bonnie the art room.

Helen - Hi.

Adam - Hey, can I... (He takes Bonnie's note book) check this out. She's totally twisted, in a good way. She did this awesome mural behind this dumpster.

Helen - Wow. Your work is very confrontational.

Bonnie - I don't like to be ignored.

Helen - Yeah. No one does. Especially an artist.

Adam - Hey, Mrs. G., I know it's halfway through the semester already, but I was thinking maybe Bonnie could join the class.

Bonnie - Yeah, but, you know, I don't paint kittens. Yeah. Unless they're dead.

Helen - Fair enough. Um, why don't you start by painting a landscape for Thursday?

Bonnie - Landscapes aren't my thing.

Helen - Well, it doesn't have to be literal. You could use it as an outlet for what's inside of you. Here. In 1510, Hieronymus Bosch painted a landscape. Of hell. Could be your thing.

Back to Joan. She is back at the book store, Tough Guy God is there.

God - Hey, there, Joanie.

Joan - I'm still waiting. I don't know why you had to put me through all this. Nothing added up. Nothing happened.

God - Things happened.

Joan - Ha ha. Where? When?

God - Why are you doubting me?

Joan - Before, when you'd tell me what to do, maybe I'd screw up and stuff, but by the end I would see something.

God - So you think you had no effect.

Joan - Yeah.

God - Ahh. You remember Emily Dickinson?

Joan - Ahem! Yeah. You can sing all of her poems to yellow rose of Texas. Because I could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me

God - (reading) "Faith is the peerless bridge supporting what we see, and to the same we do not, too slender for the eye."

Joan - I don't think that goes with yellow rose of Texas.

God - Seeing the results of your actions is not important. Only the actions are. Like a recluse who wrote poems she never published... and here they are, touching people 100 years later. Your work is out there, Joanie. You just got to have faith.

Finale scene is more of a montage. First shot, Grace taking Luke out for dinner to the restaurant. Then, Bonnie looking at the Art book that Helen gave her. Helen setting up for her next Art class, Kevin and Lily on a date, them kissing.

Then we come back to Joan. She is reading the poems. Then she takes the book and puts it back into the window. The camera pulls out as she leaves the store.

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