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#210 : La Célébration

En accompagnant Grace pour un après-midi de shopping, Joan rencontre la mère de celle-ci, Sarah, et la trouve très agréable au premier abord. En découvrant que Sarah est alcoolique, Joan comprend mieux le caractère réservé de Grace et pourquoi elle repousse sans cesse le moment de réaliser sa bar-mitsvah. Luke est à la recherche d'un beau cadeau pour Grace...

Titre VO
The Book of Questions

Titre VF
La Célébration

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Comment Joan essaye de comprendre la mort de Judith et comment elle l'a vit !!

Comment Joan essaye de comprendre la mort de Judith et comment elle l'a vit !!


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Scénariste : Ellie Herman
Réalisateur : Steve Gomer

Guests :

Diane Delano (Carol Keady, prof de sport)
Sprague Grayden (Judith)
Annie Potts (Lt. Lucy Preston)
Constance Zimmer (Soeur Lilly Watters)
Sam Horrigan (Tommy Belkin)
Kris Lemche (Dieu - Beau Gosse)
Kimberly McCullough (Beth Reinhart)
Mark Totty (Dét. Carlisle)
Sonya Eddy (Dieu - gardienne)

Book of Questions - Episode 10 of season 2, begins with Joan, Grace and Adam reading a sign posted in their school hall way.

Joan - (reading out loud) "in light of the tragic death of Judith Montgomery, grief counselling will be offered to all students by Stuart Dingle, MSW. And don't forget Friday is spirit day. Wear blue. Support the eagles"? (she finishes reading) How lame is this? (She pulls the sign off the wall)

Grace - Yeah. Like eagles are ever blue.

Joan - I mean, grief counselling?

Adam - The school has to do it.

Grace - They're covering their asses in a litigious society. Someone could freak out and sue the school.

Joan - Oh, and Dingle's gonna calm them down? That comb-over alone could trigger a mass suicide.

Adam - Well, talking about it might help.

Joan - Hey, I'm the brainchild of Dr. Dan, remember? Sitting in a room and crying with dingle is not gonna help. You show me someone with the answers, and I'm there. But this- (She crumples up the sign and throws it away)

Grace - so Saturday, uh... I have this thing on Saturday with food and crap. You guys can come if you want to, but you don't have to. I don't care.

Joan - Could you be any less specific?

Grace - It's my bat mitzvah, ok? (Adam and Joan are stunned) Do not start with me! The Jews have been making kids do this for thousands of years. You got problems, ask Maimonides. (Adam laughs) And wipe that smirk off your face, Rove.

Adam - You know, you've been putting it off for years. You're really gonna go through with it this time?

Grace - Do I look like I wanna discuss this? (She hands them invitations) I...ripped off the baby pictures. Parents are sadists. (Grace leaves)

Adam - I think we should go, Jane.

Joan - Like I wouldn't go to grace's bat mitzvah?

Adam - No. To the grief counselling thing. I mean, don't you think it would help talking about it? You know? I mean, I'm having trouble coming to sense with it.

Joan - Ok, Look. I'm sorry that I jumped all over you. It was just... talking about it over and over like this just keeps it too fresh in my mind. That's kind of why it's just gonna drive me crazy. I can't. I'm sorry.

Adam - Sure.

Joan - [School bell rings] Look, I... I have to go. I can't be late for French. Gotta... keep my "d" average. Hey, do you think your grades are tanking because--

Joan - (as she walks away) please, don't. Just don't.

She walks by a hall monitor who is putting up the same signs that Joan ripped down.

Hall monitor - Someone keeps ripping these down.

Joan - Ah, snippy God. I don't need to go whine.

God - Other people might.

Joan - Maybe you should have a question and answer session. Ask the almighty. I'd show up for that one.

God - You wanna know why she died, why it had to be Judith.

Joan - Uh, yeah. You wanted me to live in the present, but you know what? Here in the present, Judith's death is with me all the time.

God - I wish you could have seen the baby picture, Joan. Adorable! She had these little chubby cheeks.

Joan - Could we focus?

God - I'm always focused. Grace seems a little scattered, though. You should help her get through this.

Joan - It--it's a Jewish thing. I'm not really the point person for Jewish.

God - Help her, Joan.

Joan - (shouting after God as she gives the wave) Hey! What-- what about Judith?

A few moments later at Grace’s locker.

Joan - Hey, Grace, um... if you want any help with your mitzvah thing--

Grace - (Slams her locker) uhh! No! Just stay outta my face. It's enough of a nightmare as it is.

We cut to opening credits and the first commercial break. When we return, we see Will and Ryan in a questioning room at the station. Ryan also has a lawyer present.

Will - We know you saw Judith get stabbed. We know you didn't do it, Ryan. All we want... is a name... or a description.

Ryan - I don't remember.

Will - What do you mean, "I don't remember"?

Lawyer - My client was traumatized.

Will - I was asking him.

Lawyer - And he answered.

Will - The guy who sold you the ecstasy--

Lawyer - (interrupting ) my client has never said he bought drugs.

Will - (Raising his voice for just a second) Would you let me talk to him?

Lawyer - I'm just setting the record straight here.

Will - She was your friend. You saw her get stabbed 7 times. Don't you want the person who did that to pay? (The lawyer starts to answer, Will cuts her off) I asked you the question.

Ryan - I don't remember what happened.

Will - Give me something, Ryan-- hair colour, eye colour. She would have helped you.

Lawyer - (packing up her notes) I think we're done.

Will - Got a second, counsellor?

Lawyer - (To Ryan) Wait for me downstairs.

Will - You know what I'm up against here. I'm just asking.

Lawyer - I'm just protecting my client, will. If he incriminates himself...

Will - you think this is all about busting that kid for a couple of hits of x? Come on, Catherine. You know me.

Lawyer - (to Catherine) I'm sorry, but the kid is scared and it's what his parents want.

Will- What about Judith’s parents? Knowing that the guy who killed their daughter is still out there?

Catherine - Well, I can't force my client.

Will - Let's cut the lawyer- speak for a minute, ok? You're a parent. You have a daughter.

Catherine - Don't go there.

Will - (Ignoring her) Judith's age. Same as my daughter. If it were my kid or yours--

Catherine - find another angle, Will.

Will - Your client just left her there.

Catherine - I hope you get this guy. I really do.

Back at school. Luke is walking with Grace.

Luke - Grace! So what can I do?

Grace - Hmm?

Luke - For your bat mitzvah.

Grace - Nothing. I--I just want it to come and go quickly like Hoobestank.

Friedman - (who is walking with Glynis behind them) Savor it, Marge. I tell you, when the hora starts, you're up in that chair... now, that's a rush.

Glynis - But don't crowd surf. The elderly aren't prepared for it.

Grace - Look, just come to my stupid party, laugh at the chocolate fountain, make fun of my relatives, and if you're good, maybe we can make out behind the DJ booth.

Friedman - Sweet!

Grace and Luke (together) - Shut up, Friedman.

Luke - I'm just saying if you need anything, just--

Grace - (ducking into a classroom) no, I'm serious, dude, please just leave me alone, and no one gets hurt.

Glynis - You wanted someone more emotionally complex. Enjoy. (She leaves)

Friedman - What'd you get her?

Luke - Well, she told me not to get her anything. I thought--I thought it was like a religious thing.

Friedman - Rabbi Friedman will guide the goyim.

Friedman puts his arm around Luke as if to guide him and the walk off screen. We cut to the court house where Kevin is just arriving and Beth is waiting of him.

Kevin - Hey.

Beth - Hey. They said you'd be here.

Kevin - Another brush with the law, miss Reinhart?

Beth - [Laughs] Kind of. I'm being deposed by Andy's attorney. I have to talk about what happened the night of the accident.

Kevin - Oh, man, I'm sorry.

Beth - No party-goer left behind, huh? W-what should I say?

Kevin - Just tell them what happened.

Beth - But I remember--

Kevin - that you saw how hammered he was and that I let him drive anyway.

Beth - It's not that simple, Kevin. You know that. If I make a mistake... things are hard enough for you.

Kevin - You don't have to lie for me, Beth. I'll be fine.

Kevin goes into the court room and Beth watches. Then we go back to AHS.

Grace is trying to get something out of the vending machine. It has eaten her money.

Joan comes over to talk some more.

Joan - Grace! I think it is so cool that you are having this big party and everything. Did you know once I had a moon bounce when I was 3 years old, and this kid jumped like 8 feet up in the air and came down on my arm. I was in a cast for a month--

Grace - you're babbling.

Joan - I'm just excited about your mitzvah because it's gonna be better than breaking your arm, grace, grace. 'Cause I'm gonna help.

Helen - (Poking her head out of a class room) Grace, Grace. I--I heard. Congratulations. Or Mazel Tov. Did I say it right?

Grace - Like a native.

Helen - If there's anything I can do...

Joan - there isn't! I'm helping.

Helen - You might consider making nicer friends.

Helen goes back into her class and Joan and Grace keep walking down the hall

Grace - What is with you people? The Jews have survived 5,000 years of persecution, but we're finally gonna get finished off by the Girardis!

Joan - Is something wrong?

Grace - Yeah! You all wanna help! You think I can't get through this because of the blatant materialism of post-industrial society which has totally corrupted the bat mitzvah experience beyond redemption...

Joan - seems like you might have a few issues--

Grace - I'm cool!

Joan - Cool.

Grace - Cool.

Joan - Do I need to say cool again, or are we finished?

Grace - We're finished.

Joan - Cool. So what are you wearing?

Grace - A dress.

Joan - You're... (She can’t suppress her smile) wearing a dress.

Grace - Oh, nice smirk. Thanks for the help.

Joan - I...wasn't...smirking! I was-- I had to sneeze.

Over to Luke, Friedman and Glynis sitting in the stair well thinking up present ideas

Friedman - I'm thinking 10 shares of eBay. It's practical yet romantic.

Luke - Are you insane?

Friedman - Why not? The teitelbaums gave me 10 shares of halliburton. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving...

Luke - I'm not giving grace stock.

Glynis - Ooh! You could give her a bran muffin. (I get the feeling that Glynis is not thrilled with the idea of helping her ex-boyfriend think up gift ideas for the woman who he was in Love with at the time they were dating. Go Figure)

Luke - Why would I do that?

Glynis - Oh, 'cause that's what you got me when we were going out, except you were low on cash and I had to pay.

Friedman - Lingerie.

Luke - For a bat mitzvah?

Friedman - Exactly. The lady is becoming a woman. Am I not good?

Glynis - The muffin was a little stale. I'm not bitter, though.

Friedman - Is a moped too expensive? (Luke gets up to leave) Dude...the Friedman knows what to choose for the chosen people!

After school, Joan is working at the book store and Adam is there with her. They are both reading from books.

Joan - (reading out loud) "In ancient times, some tribes marked the coming of age ceremony by having the celebrant kill, cook, and eat a large animal."

Adam - I don't think there's gonna be any hunting at grace's party.

Joan - No. She's having it catered. (reading again) "Becoming a bat mitzvah means that a young person has become part of the community and shares moral responsibilities of an adult and is now of age to study the torah.” Wow. Grace is gonna have a lot of homework. No wonder she's flipping out.

Adam - (reading over her shoulder) "Studying the torah is a gift, as it is said to contain all one needs to know of life." That'd make things easy.

Joan - Yeah. Ha. Answers would be nice.

Adam - Yeah... Jane... (awkwardly) um... before the summer, you know, uh... when...you saw... y-you know, God...

Joan - ahem. Adam...

Adam - I'm sorry. But if there's anything you ever heard that can make things clearer... you know, about death...

Joan - ha! It doesn't work that way. I... it--I mean, it doesn't-- I don't--I... I don't have any answers, Adam. Look at me. Don't I look like the kind of person who needs the answers just as much as you do?

Adam - Sorry. I just...

Joan - well, please... you promised me you wouldn't bring this up anymore. Besides, we shouldn't be talking about death. Grace is about to become a woman, and she's gonna have a lot of homework, and we just need to be happy for her. That's all.

Adam - Sure. Ok. I didn't mean to...

Joan - I'm sorry. I didn't-- come here. (they hug)

Sammy - This is work-related, I trust.

Adam - Uh, yeah. She was just recommending a really good book.

Joan - (shouting in excitement as Grace walks in) Grace! Shalom! I've just been reading about bat mitzvahs! You must be so stoked!

Grace - Yeah, I'm tingling.

Sammy - (seeing that the store is filled with kids an no one working) Is anyone gonna buy anything?

Grace - That was rhetorical, right?

Sammy - Why can't you hang out in a arcade like normal delinquents?

Joan - Amen. So anyway, um... did you know that becoming a bat mitzvah is also referred to as being called to the torah and that only recently women were introduced to the ceremony?

Grace - Are you on a game show, Girardi? Look...I don't know why I agreed to wear a lame-ass dress to this thing--

Adam - dress?

Grace - You did not say that, Rove!

Adam - Ok.

Grace - Anyway, the blade is about to fall. So...you have to come with me to buy one. Tomorrow. After school.

Joan - You need...help?

Grace - Hey, me and a dress, it takes a village.

Joan - Ok!

She claps her hands and all but jumps up and down. We cut to another commercial break.

When we return, we return, we are at the Girardi home. Helen and Will are getting ready for their day. Helen is making the bed.

Will - He sees his friend get stabbed to death, but he just can't step up and do the right thing. We offered to cut him a deal, give him protection. But his lawyer, a real low-life, buttons him up.

Helen - Well...that's her job, I guess.

Will - Well, that's an excuse I just can't hear anymore. Killer's back on the street because his lawyer did her job. Drug dealer buys a new car because his lawyer's so good?

Helen - Could we maybe talk about anything else, politics even?

Will - Fran calls me every day asking me if there's any new information. I know it's out there, and I can't give her anything! Lucy thinks maybe I'm getting too emotionally involved.

Helen - Oh, well, if Lucy thinks so... (She has a tone that says, why don’t you listen to me)

Will - Helen.

Helen - I'm sorry. That was out of line.

Will leaves and Helen throws a pillow down on the bed in anger.

We cut to Grace and Joan in the store looking for a dress. Grace is hardly looking at them before she sweeps them down the rack and looks at the next one.

Grace - The whole concept of a dress is a sexist symbol of thousands of years of reducing women to fetish objects.

Joan - This would look so hot on you!

Grace - Have you been listening at all?

Joan - Yeah, angry, angry, angry, society, angry, politics. (She hangs a red dress around her neck by the hanger) Here! Try this on. Look, Grace, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, you know, like a wedding! Except lots of people do that more than once, so it'll be even better.

Grace - Guilt and pressure. That is the only reasons I'm here.

Joan - No, that is not true. You've never been afraid to say no to anything before. You learned Hebrew, all the prayers. This has to mean something to you.

Grace - Yeah, well, it gets kinda deluded when you have to spend 3 hours trying to convince the DJ not to blow off a confetti can when you walk into the party.

Joan - (holding up a black dress) Look, very Courtney love, huh? What do you think- post-makeover, pre-meltdown? Here. Try it on. (She hangs it over her neck like the other one)

Sarah Polanski - Gracie! Grace! (The camera pans to see a blond haired woman enter the store)

Grace - Oh, my god! (Grace pulls off the dresses hanging around her neck)

Sarah - You must be Joan. I'm Sarah, Gracie's mom. She hides me because I don't wear all black, I think. I know I'm supposed to leave you alone, honey, but you're not an adult until Saturday, so I'm still allowed.

Grace - Take a breath, mom. [Under breath] And you...

Sarah - I'm fine. It's so nice to finally meet you.

Joan - And you, too. I was...starting to think maybe grace didn't have a mother.

Sarah - Ha ha ha. I keep telling grace to bring her friends over. She finally let your brother through. He seems so nice. Even though I've just seen him leaving. (To Grace) Those are beautiful!

Grace - Ok, mom. I'm done.

Sarah - Not another word.

Grace - I'm gonna go try these on.

Sarah - Here. Let's see how it looks with this. (She takes the necklace from around her neck)

Grace - What are you doing, mom? Grandma gave you that.

Sarah - And now it's your turn to wear it.

Joan - Oh, that is so sweet! I wanna be Jewish!

Sarah - (To Joan after Grace leaves for the dressing room) I don't mean to embarrass her.

Joan - Oh! Ha. Hey... you're a mom, right?

They wait together for Grace to show them the dresses and we cut to Friedman and Luke looking for gifts.

Friedman - Ok, this one's pretty nifty. It's got Jerusalem embroidered on it, matching kippah. Smoking hot.

Luke - People really give these?

Friedman - I got 5.

Luke - And you like them?

Friedman - Like them? They're bar mitzvah presents. Nobody likes them. They simply exist, like Stonehenge. (They move on) Consider the candlestick, a popular Shabbat favourite. (Luke gives a puzzled look) Shabbat-- lighting of the candles, Friday night...

Luke - but she doesn't do that.

Friedman - Then she can use it to kill colonel mustard in the library. Dude, you are so over-thinking this.

Luke - I just--I can't give her some random thing, you know? I should give her something that when she looks at it, she thinks of me. Even when she's 90.

Friedman - There's always the giant sea turtle.

Later, at the book store, Hall monitor God is putting up signs again.

Joan - Can't the almighty creator take a break? Come on. Who's gonna yell at you?

God - What can I say? Lots to do, lots to do.

Joan - Well, you don't have to worry about me. 'Cause I'm doing just great, aren't I? (God nods) I so helped grace out with her dress. She was gonna wear this seriously nasty green that was totally wrong for her skin tone. I am all over this bat mitzvah thing.

God - (holding up a Styrofoam cup) You know plutonium decomposes quicker than these? Sometimes I think all I do is ask humanity to clean up its room.

Joan - Shouldn't god listen?

God - I multi-task. If I didn't, well... you wouldn't wanna know.

Joan - You know, I knew nothing about Judaism before. I don't think I could ever learn Hebrew, especially not while I'm taking French.

God - Try being Hindu and learning Sanskrit.

Joan - Why did you make so many religions anyway? I mean, wouldn't it be easier if everybody just had the same one?

God - Well, there's so many different people. They all need a different way of relating to me. And that's what religions are-- different ways to share the same truth.

Joan - And...the...truth is... come on, I helped Grace. (God walks out) Cut me some slack! Just one answer!

Later that evening, Kevin is in the lobby of a building. Beth comes in.

Beth - Kev?

Kevin - Did you know that 90% of paintings hanging in building lobbies are all painted by the same guy?

Beth - Really?

Kevin - No. But wouldn't it be a great article if it were true?

Beth - What are you doing here?

Kevin -I... I don't really know.

Beth - Ok. (She suppresses a smile)

Kevin - I, uh, I just wanted to... see if you were ok. It's just like all of a sudden we're-- back...in it again. Andy and, uh... us and everything. I thought... uh...I just didn't want you to be alone with it.

Beth - Thanks.

Kevin - Do you wanna get a cup of coffee?

Beth - Sure. (Beth is happy. Smiles and starts to leave)

Kevin - Will you get me one, too?

Beth - (catches the joke and smacks him playfully in the arm) come on!

Still that evening, Joan goes to Kevin’s garage where is his working.

Joan - Hey.

Adam - Oh, hey.

Joan - Just met grace's mom. She's like this horrible anti-grace. She's funny and outgoing. Why didn't you tell me about her?

Adam - Well, I--I haven't seen her in years. Grace's house is kind of off-limits. I'm surprised she let you meet her.

Joan - She didn't. She just showed up at the store and then she took us out to this old-time bar downtown for buffalo wings which were the best thing in the entire world. Of course, Grace couldn't wait to get out of there, something about corporate agriculture and factory-raised chickens. What are you working on? (She looks at the picture. It is a really good portrait of Judith)

Joan - Judith.

Adam - It was the day she died. You know, we were having coffee. She was telling me what kind of flowers to get you for our date.

Joan - Getting a little obsessed, don't you think?

Adam - No. It makes me feel better. You should try it.

Joan - (annoyed that he wont just let her forget it) I don't paint.

Adam - Then write. You know? Just...let your thoughts pour out and...

Joan - why would I want to think about that day?

Adam - It just helps to lay it out, you know, to look at it all, try and make sense of it.

Joan - We can't. It doesn't make any sense. Not even god can make sense of this one.

Adam - Jane, if we could just--

Joan - don't, ok? I just meant that... I just meant that this means we have to move on. That's why this mat mitzvah thing is so important. We get to be happy. Look, I have to go. I have to talk to grace about shoes. She's all into wearing boots. (She goes to the door) I'll see you later, ok?

Joan leaves and Adam takes a breath. Joan is obviously suppressing her feelings to avoid depression but she wont accept his help.

We cut to Joan’s room where she is scribbling in a note book. You can see the words Why over and over. She looks like she has emptied a few pens on to the paper, going over it again and again. She is muttering to herself.

Joan - You can't give me anything. I did everything you wanted. Why won't you help me?

She throws the book in frustration and there is a knock on the window. Joan answers it.

Grace - Are you talking to yourself, Girardi? They're not gonna have to lock you up again, are they?

Joan - Doors, Grace. Is that a corporate plot, too?

Grace - I brought back your shoes.

Joan - They went so well with the dress. Just because they don't have steel in the toe...

Grace - (Smiling) I don't need 'em. And you don't have to help me with my hair, either. I'm calling it off.

Joan - What? Why? It's in 2 days!

Grace - Not anymore. See, you were right. I can say no.

Grace goes back down to the ground. We cut to a commercial break. When we come back, it is the next day and we are with Joan at work. She is sitting at the counter and talking on the phone.

Joan - Hi, grace, it's me again. Call me. I'm wearing out the redial.

Sammy - Bat mitzvah girl still missing?

Joan - I just don't get it. No explanation. Nothing.

Sammy - She's better off. Religion is the opiate of the people.

Joan - Oh, you're a communist now. (A man comes up to pay for a book and she dismisses him) Oh, no. No need to pay. What's mine is yours. Enjoy.

Sammy - 'Scuse me while I go dock your pay.

A big Tony Soprano (Thug-ish) looking man comes into the store and talks to Joan at the counter.

Man - I just finished Weathering Heights and I hear that Sense and Sensibility can be a real tear-jerker, too. You got that one?

Joan - You wanna read Sense and Sensibility?

Man - A tough exterior can hide a tender heart, Joan.

Joan - (Gets up quick and follows God to the book shelves) Hey! I have been calling Grace non-stop! She won't talk to me!

God - Must make it hard to figure out what the problem is, huh?

Joan - Yeah! You could help.

God - Still after the answers.

Joan - Uh...yeah.

God - What really broke my heart in Weathering Heights is that Catherine destroyed her love for Heathcliff by hiding her feelings. That killed me.

Joan - And this pertains to Grace's Bat Mitzvah how?

God - (finding the book) Ah! There it is. Mm. Pretty cover, huh? Don’t give up on her Joan.

God leaves the store and we cut to the station. Will is sitting at his desk and Lucy opens his door and stands with her back against the door jam. She is smiling. It is creepy. She again is hitting on him.

Lucy - Happy birthday.

Will - It's not my birthday.

Lucy - Well, I got you a little something anyway.

They go out into the hall where Ryan is being brought in with his hands in cuffs.

Ryan - I didn't do anything!

Lucy - Really? Because you look an awful lot like the guy who knocked over the convenience store on 23rd.

Will - Lucy, we're really walking on the edge here. I mean, this looks nothing like him.

Lucy - Don't you want to catch the bad guy who killed the little girl? Trust me. I've been down this road before. (more loudly) Let's go, precious.

Ryan - You know this is crap.

Lucy - Maybe, but since it's the weekend, it might take a few days to sort out. But meanwhile, you'll have a nice bed and 3 squares a day and some charming roommates to pass the time with.

Lucy smiles again and they take Ryan to lock up.

At Grace’s house, Joan is knocking on the door. Sarah, who is drunk, answers the door.

Sarah - Joan! What a nice surprise!

Joan - Hi. I'm sorry to bother you. I've just been calling Grace, and I can't seem to find her.

Sarah - Oh, she's with her father. She should be back soon. Would you like a soda or something? (she stumbles a little and moves the vodka bottle from the middle of the counter to the edge, as if to hide it)

Joan - Uh...Mrs. Polonsky, are you ok?

Sarah - Oh! Maybe a little tired. Help yourself! Grace'll be back soon. Grace is so lucky to have a friend like you.

Joan - Yeah, me, too.

Sarah - Hmm. She's always so embarrassed with me, but I think we had a lovely time the other day, don't you?

Joan - Yeah, sure.

Sarah - Yeah. Would you like a soda or something?

Joan - No, thanks. I, um... I should probably go. Can you just tell her to call me?

Sarah - Ok, dear. It's good to see you again.

Joan - Yeah, and I'll... I'll see you later.

Back to Luke and Friedman who are at the book store looking for a present for Grace.

Friedman - We could go kama sutra. You said you wanted personal. If that's not personal, I don't know what is.

Luke - Friedman, this is a religious event! It's got deeper meaning than… (looks at the book) remarkably limber. No. (Luke looks at another book)

Friedman - An astronomy text? That's relationship suicide.

Luke - I don't know. I mean... we met in science class.

Friedman - My god, it's used! Grandparents wouldn't give that.

The camera pans over to a very nice copy of Hamlet. Friedman goes over to pick it up. He flips through it.

Friedman - (he reads) “this is the very ecstasy of love.” This would have been perfect for Judith.

Luke - (has found a page in the science book that interests him. It is information about a meteor shower.) Perfect. I found it. There's no-- no admonitions, Friedman. I am committed.

Friedman - (Friedman, not even paying attention. He is still deep into Hamlet and memories of Judith) You know best, buddy.

Later that evening, Joan and Luke are talking in Joan’s bedroom.

Joan - It was so weird. The other day, her mom was like this regular, normal mom, then today...

Luke - I've never seen her mom when she's been drinking. I've only been to her place a couple of times.

Joan - She was a totally different person. So sad. If this happens all the time, you should have told me.

Luke - Grace made me promise not to say anything.

Joan - I'm her best friend. I should have known!

Luke - And I'm her boyfriend. Look, I got her to go to A-La-Teen so she could start dealing with it. You just have to give her time.

Joan - Time? Luke, she already put off her Bat Mitzvah.

Luke - She's put it off before, probably for the same reason.

Joan - Luke, she has to do this!

Grace comes into the room

Grace - Why the hell did you come to my house? (To Luke) Did you tell her, freak?

Luke - No.

Joan - No! He didn't say anything. I just wanted to talk to you. You wouldn't call me back.

Grace - And you couldn't take a hint this is none of your business? (To Luke) And it's none of yours anymore either. We're done. (Grace starts to leave)

Luke - Grace, I'm sorry.

Joan - I was concerned!

Grace - Just leave it alone! (Grace leaves and Joan follows. Downstairs)

Joan - Grace, you have to do this.

Grace - Why the hell do you care if I chant some stupid prayers?

Joan - Because you care.

Grace - This was just for my parents, and you shouldn't have come over!

Joan - Why are you running away? You don't seem to mind getting in people's faces except for when it matters!

Grace - Oh, save it.

Joan - You hide Luke-- which, yeah, ok, I kinda understand-- but you hide your mom, you hide all the important stuff, Grace. I'm not Jewish, but it seems to me this whole bat mitzvah thing is about standing up and declaring yourself! Getting in people's faces for real!

Luke - (standing on the stairs watching) Grace. I already got you a present.

There is a shot of each of them and then we cut to a commercial break.

When we return, it is right before the Bat Mitzvah. Grace is getting ready.

Grace - Tell the truth or I'll cancel again.

Joan - I told you I will!

Grace - If I hear the word adorable, I will go postal.

Joan - Ok. Getting bored and crabby out here. (Grace comes out of her closet) Wow! Grace!

Grace - Shut up, dude. (She fusses with her dress) Oh, god, whoever invented pantyhose should be shot. [Knock on door]

Rabbi Polonsky - My little girl in high heels?

Grace - Cry on the dress, dad, and they become lethal weapons.

Rabbi Polonsky - Come here. (He gives her a hug) Well, uh...your mother's gonna be ready in a minute. She's gonna be fine today, Grace... because she promised. (To Joan) I'm really sorry about the other day. She had help, but--

Joan - oh, no, you don't need to explain.

Rabbi Polonsky - I just wish that I had an answer for... why this has to be this way. I don't know. (To Grace) You wanna go over your torah portion again?

Grace - It's under neural lockdown. [Laughs] Let's boogie. (her father leaves) I'll be down in a minute. (Grace goes to her bag and takes out the necklace that her mother had given her at the store)

Joan - Do you want me to--

Grace - yeah.

Joan - (She puts the necklace on Grace) Ok.

On to the Bat Mitzvah. Please forgive me, but I don’t know Hebrew, so I’ll not be spelling out any of the prayers.

First, the Rabbi chants prayer in Hebrew and the Congregation responds in Hebrew. Then Rabbi Polonsky gets up to speak.

Rabbi Polonsky - Shabbat shalom. Today, grace becomes a bat mitzvah. She enters a new chapter of her life where she will see the world not through my eyes or her mother's but through her own.

Friedman - (in the congregation) Who knew the lady was a lady?

Rabbi Polonsky - And this ceremony is about a celebration of that new sight, the awareness of the complexity of life... awareness that she now holds, the moral responsibility... for her own decisions.

A little later, Grace, Her mother, Her Grandmother (I think) stand in a line and the Tora is being passed. The Rabbi sings a prayer in Hebrew and then Rabbi Polonsky speaks again.

Rabbi Polonsky - Today we pass the torah from generation to generation as it has been handed down for thousands of years. This torah is being entrusted to you, Grace, with all it contains, the tradition, the history, the beauty, the pain, the struggle, and most of all... the mystery.

Friedman - (from the congregation) Check out the muscle definition in her calves.

Glynis - Don't you have any respect?

Friedman - Respect? I'm in awe here.

Glynis - Shut it.

Rabbi Polonsky - Today you are a woman, Grace. Take care of my little girl. (He kisses her on the cheek and gives her a hug)

A few moments later Grace chants a prayer in Hebrew later again the congregation sings in Hebrew. Then Grace speaks.

Grace - I know we're all bonding here with the singing, but seriously, that is a bad song. (the Congregation laughs) Anyway, basically me and my dad have been fighting about this day since I hit the double digits. And, uh... I won't go into it. It was a political thing. And a daughter of a rabbi thing. But finally I...gave in and indulged them one last empty ritual before I'm outta here. But then, um... not to get all gooey... when you handed me the Torah, it hit me that... this is a genius way of attacking adulthood. I mean, this scroll... there are no easy answers in here. It's basically a book of questions... something that makes us keep searching for a way to make sense of this mess. And just dealing with a lot of questions, that takes a lot of guts when there's no guarantee that there will be answers. And, uh, I just hope I'm up for it. So... fire up that cheesy music, and let's eat.

We cut right away to Grace sitting in her chair being raised up. The confetti cannon goes off and Grace yells at the DJ - “Dude, I warned you!”

The music continues and Grace is having fun. We cut to Kevin’s room. There is a knock on the door.

Kevin - Come in.

Beth - Hey. Your mom said that you wouldn't mind.

Kevin - No, I--I was just, uh, finishing a story. You ok?

Beth - [Laughs] I just finished the deposition.

Kevin - You wanna...sit?

Beth - They just kept trying to twist everything that I said, you know, make it seem like you didn't care what happened. (She sits) So I yelled at them.

Kevin - Cool.

Beth - I just kept thinking... [Sighs] I just kept asking myself, you know, what if... what if I didn't pick a fight with you that night? Maybe you wouldn't have gotten in the car.

Kevin - (Going to her) It wasn't your fault.

Beth - If I could just... take back that night. I don't understand why all this is happening. Are we just supposed to... forget about all this... go back to our lives?

Kevin - I don't know.

Kevin takes Beth’s hand. She looks down and then puts her other hand on top of his.

Downstairs, Helen is sitting on the couch reading when Will comes home.

Helen - You're late.

Will - I was celebrating. Ryan finally cracked. It's just a description, but at least it gives us someplace to start.

Helen - Thank god. Why didn't you call me?

Will - Ah, it was a long day. But, gotta hand it to Lucy-- she's really something.

Helen - (didn’t like the tone of that) Really?

Will - (Doesn’t notice her concern) Ryan was doing his usual whine and sulk, and she comes in and apologizes for bringing him in on the convenience store bust. She says, um... she understands how he feels. She had me fooled.

Helen - What convenience store bust?

Will - Oh, she said he matched some guy's description who knocked over a place on 23rd.

Helen - False charges? Aren't-- aren't you worried his testimony won't hold up?

Will - Look, I'm trying to find the guy who killed Judith. This is how business gets done.

Helen - [Exhales] You never used to talk like this before.

Will - Excuse me?

Helen - Well...making false arrests, strong-arming some scared kid and telling me that's how business is done? What are you, Dirty Harry?

Will - You don't understand, Helen.

Helen - Do you? Did you even... question what you were doing?

We cut back to the party and someone is taking pictures of everyone.

Grace - Those pictures are gonna surface one day. Bat mitzvah vets for truth are gonna ruin my life.

Luke - I'll get some juice. (He leaves and Sarah goes to talk to Grace)

Sarah - You...were so wonderful, Gracie. So beautiful. (Grace looks at her cup) It's just ginger ale. This is your night.

Grace - I'm not going there this time, mom.

Sarah - Don't you think I can change?

Grace - I love you. So thank you for today. (They Hug)

Joan is a not far away at a buffet table. A guest goes to talk to her.

Guest - Lovely affair. You did a nice job, Joanie. (She pinches her cheeks like a grandmother)

Joan - God shouldn't pinch cheeks. It never makes the world better.

God - Rugelah?

Joan - No, thank you. I only eat what I can spell. So...questions? That's it? It's about questions?

God - That's it.

Joan - Ok. Well, then, I have one. Judith. Why did she have to die?

God - What if she never lived at all?

Joan - What if I had done things differently? What if I could have saved her?

God - What if knowing you gave her days she thought she'd never have?

Joan - No! No, I want answers. People need answers. Don't you see how much... I miss her?

God - Can't you still feel her? See, it's not about answers. It's about asking the right questions, Joanie.

Outside, Luke is leading Grace out onto a Terrance.

Grace - Told you not to get me anything.

Luke - Just come on.

Grace - Alone in the dark? This better not be something Friedman suggested.

Luke - Ok, look up. (Grace looks at him) No, no, no. Right over there, above the constellation Leo.

Grace - My neck is cramping.

Luke - Look! Did you see that? (She sees the meteor shower)

Grace - How did you get them to do that?

Luke - It's the Leonid meteor shower. Happens every year or so. So you'll never forget tonight. I mean, it was either this or... Shabbat candlesticks.

Grace - Oh! Look! There's another one!

Luke - You know, there's a theory that... that all organic matter on earth, life, may have come from those. Wonder if we'll ever know.

Grace - (points out another one) Look.

Luke looks at her, then he kisses her. He knows that she said they were finished in anger and didn’t mean it. Back inside. Adam brings drinks to the table where Joan sits.

Adam - Ah... can't believe grace actually went through with it.

Joan - (not listening) I was so scared to ask. I mean, what if Judith died because we went on that date, and what if that means we're not supposed to be together anymore? (Adam is stunned) No... I know, I know, I know. I just... I was just so scared to... to lose 2 people that I loved.

She puts her hand on his shoulder and we go back outside to Grace and Luke who are enjoying the night sky. Pan up to see the sky and then fade to black on Book of Questions.

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