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#111 : En dépit des apparences

Joan doit inviter le caïd de l'école, Steve Ramsey, au bal d'automne du Lycée alors qu'elle ne veut pas qu'Adam la déteste encore plus en le faisant. Ce qu'elle ne sait pas c'est qu'ainsi elle sauvera la vie de plusieurs personnes dans l'enceinte du lycée. 


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Titre VO
The Uncertainty Principle

Titre VF
En dépit des apparences

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Scénariste : Joy Gregory

Réalisateur : Helen Shaver

Guests :

Patrick Fabian (Gavin Price)
Jeffrey Licon (Dieu - Goth)
Derek Morgan (Lt. Roy Roebuck)
John Getz (D.A. Gabe Fellowes)
Elaine Hendrix (Mademoiselle Lischak)
Kathryn Joosten (Dieu - Vieille Dame)
Aaron Himelstein (Friedman)
April Grace (Lt. Dét. Toni Williams)
Fred Koehler (Steve Ramsey)

Joan and Luke walking in the halls of the high school. For new viewers of the show, this is one of the most graphic episodes yet to air, but it is also one of the best by far the best in the way of character development (For Luke, Joan, and Will that is)

Luke: So first I was gonna try to construct a gamma ray microscope that actually proved heisenberg's uncertainty principle, oh, god, which would almost be worth it just to see the look on Friedman's face, except a gamma ray microscope would cost, like, $8 million, so then I started thinking more conceptually, you know, something that gets the real meaning of the uncertainty principle without--

Joan: you want to wake me when you get to the point?

Luke: Right, so I asked grace to do this thing with me, and at the time she said yes, sort of, but--

Joan: wait. Grace Polk said yes to you?

Luke: It was somewhat contingent, but essentially yeah.

Joan: She's so gonna get it!

Luke: But, see, I don't know if she actually remembers me asking, so do I have to do the full re-approach or--

Joan: now what is she gonna wear, because they don't make gowns out of fatigues.

Luke: What are we talking about?

Joan: You asked Grace Polk to the semi-formal.

Luke: I asked her to be my partner in the science fair.

Joan: Wow. Science really is like sex to you, isn't it?

Luke: Well, that's-- I don't know how to respond to that.

Joan: Look, do yourself a favour, ok? Put on some stupid clothes and go grope each other in the gym. It's much more direct than building some gammy telescope or whatever.

Luke: Gamma ray microscope. And this isn't about groping. Why? Are you groping, uh, going?

Joan: No way! Those things are lame. Plus, I don't have anybody to go with.

Luke: Ah. So I take it you and Adam Rove are still on the outs?

Joan: Well, I can't remember if we were ever on the ins.

Right in front of them a bully (Named Ramsey) is slamming Adam into a locker, throwing punches and kicks.

Ramsey: You want to get in my way? Is that what you want?!

Joan: Hey! Leave him alone!

Ramsey: You think I won't hit you, too?!

Price: (from down the hall) Hey, Ramsey! Break it up! Now!

Adam: [Coughing and Joan tries to comfort him]

Price: You, you, and you in my office now.

Joan: Adam, are you ok?

They go to the office.

Price: Mr. Ramsey, let's begin with you.

Helen: (who was working in the office) Oh, my goodness. Um, I gotta go.

Joan slumps down with a Hummph on the office bench. Beside her is a very goth dressed kid. Full with the make up, piercing and purple hair.

Joan: Crystal ball. Cool. Are you going?

Kid: No. You are.

Joan: Hmmph! I hope you have a date for me in your magic bag.

Ramsey: (coming of of the office) We should do this more often Price.

Price: This is your last chance, Mr. Ramsey.

God: I want you to go with him.

Joan: Wh-- no way. Please. You always said I have a choice.

God: You do. But if you're gonna do this, you have to do it right now.

Joan: Or what? Ugh! (Catching up to Ramsey in the Hall) Hey, Ramsey, can I talk to you for a second?

Ramsey: I didn't touch you.

Joan: No, I know. It's not about that. (Ramsey punches his locker several times) Um(she pulls a flyer of the dance off the wall) I was wondering if you were planning on going to the semi-formal.

Ramsey: You want to know if I'm going to the semi-formal?

Joan: Yeah. It's called the crystal ball. Um, they do a different theme every year. (She hands him the filer)

Ramsey: (crumples up the flier and throws it back at her) Yeah, it's hilarious.

Joan: No, wait! I'm serious. I-- I wanted to know if you'd go with me, since I don't have anybody.

Ramsey: You want to go out with me? Yeah. Ok.

He walks down the hall and we cut to the opening credits. We return to the show at the Girardi kitchen table at breakfast the next morning. Luke is already up with a book open in front of him. Helen comes in from another room

Helen: Is it strange that you're always awake before I am?

Luke: I like to ambush my brain before fear and reason kick in.

Helen: You're too young to worry about fear and reason. That doesn't start till you're 30.

Will: (on his cell phone coming in from upstairs) As long as I don't have to make any speeches, I love it. (to Helen) I just won a community leadership award from the citizens' league.

Helen: Hey, that's fantastic.

Will: Apparently being taken hostage makes me a hero.

Helen: Hmm! (she kisses Will)

Joan: Ew! Children present!

Will: Right. Breakfast. Glitter balls, anyone?

Helen: Those are my decorations for the dance.

Luke: Mom, the crystal ball?

Helen: That was not my idea. Oh, that just reminds me. Marlene wants me to chaperone.

Joan: What? Mom, you cannot chaperone the dance.

Luke: What do you care? You're not even going.

Joan: I am now.

Will: Hey, that's terrific. Who you going with?

Helen: Joan?

Joan: Um, this guy from school.

Helen: What guy at school?

Joan: Ramsey. I asked him. He said yes. I have to go.

Helen: You're going with Ramsey?

Luke: You asked Ramsey?

Will: Who's Ramsey?

Helen: Why on earth would you ask that boy to the dance?

Joan: Because he's the only person who would go with me.

Helen: Adam rove would've been thrilled to go with you.

Joan: Hello! Do I have to brief you people every morning? Adam. Hates. me. Ok? I have to go.

Will: Whos Ramsey?

Helen: We're not done discussing this.

Joan walks out and we cut to the AP Chem. Class where Joan is sitting in front of a beaker full of orange liquid and a light bulb. She puts a wire into the liquid and the light turns on. She does this several times. Grace and Adam are not there.

Lischak: Ok, wrap it up, people. You have cinco minutes. And as a reminder for the procrastinators among us, science fair applications are due by the end of the day. (she is looking right at Luke, then Grace walks in and Lischak puts her pointing stick right in front of her, blocking the aisle) Ms. Polk. One wonders why you bothered.

Joan: Will you look at this? I'm making electricity out of sugar.

Grace: You asked Ramsey to a dance?

Joan: Luke!

Grace: What is up with that? Are you trying to kill Rove?

Joan: You didn't tell him, did you?

Grace: I don't need to. You asked Steve Ramsey to the semi-formal. That's like a CNN headline.

Glynis: Um, you're going to the dance with Ramsey?

Friedman: That's desperate.

Joan: Ok, everybody, just take a breath. Maybe I was just trying to do something nice.

Friedman: Good luck. That guy is seriously psycho.

Glynis: You're just saying that because he threw you in the trash. I think it's sweet.

Grace: I heard he has a private arsenal out in the woods where he shoots squirrels and stuff.

Joan: And you believe that?

Grace: Ask Rove. They used to hang out. Oh, wait! Rove will never speak to you again after this. Never mind.

Friedman: I wouldn't worry. If you get into any trouble, Luke here will defend you.

Luke: What am I doing?

Joan: You're not gonna do anything because nothing bad is gonna happen.

The Bell rings and everyone but Luke and Grace leave.

Luke: Um, hey. So, uh...uh... I was wondering if you-- how you were feeling about the, uh--

Grace: what is with these sanctioned mating rituals that make everyone drool over each other like zombies?

Luke: Oh, no. That's actually not what I'm talking-- ok. Um... remember when I asked you about the science fair?

Grace: I already said I'd do that. Why are you getting all sweaty?

Luke: You said to check back with you. I wasn't sure.

Grace: I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like I'm gonna be any help.

Luke: Uh, don't worry about that. I have like a file folder of ideas.

Grace: Whatever. Long as I don't have to wear a dress.

Luke: Me, too. (Cringes, along with EVERYONE watching) No, not that I would ever wear a dress, but-- Grace - it's ok, man.

Grace walks out leaving Luke very stunned. Cut to the police station. Will is talking to Lt. Williams.

Lt. Williams: Did you get a chance to look at the report on the Kaminski homicide?

Jeanne: Chief. Sorry. I just looked up the Ramsey lawsuit payments in the city payroll, the ones you asked about.

Will: Ok.

Jeanne: The payments are going to his mother. It's nothing unusual, but when I was in there, I saw this.

Will: Well, that's funny. I don't remember signing you up for a monthly bonus.

Jeanne: That's my name on the city payroll.

Lt. Williams: Who's getting the checks?

Jeanne: I'm not. I've never seen one of these payments.

Will: Let's put a trace on the P.O. Box.

Jeanne: I just did that.

Will: Oh, boy.

Jeanne: Yeah. It's all right, Jeanne. Thank you. (Will and Lt. Williams go into his office) Apparently... Dennis Rowley is still collecting his chief of police salary... in Jeanne's name. And it's better than mine, I might add.

Lt. Williams: You thinking graft?

Will: I don't think it's his pension.

Fade out and go to Joan in the Library reading a book about self defence.

Goth God: I wouldn't worry about self defence.

Joan: Then why the psycho mission because I didn't sign up for martyrdom.

God: Heh! Joan. Have I ever endangered you?

Joan: Well, you never told me to ask evil out on a date before.

God: Evil is not a word to use lightly. It's only the darkest end of a broad spectrum.

Joan: You mean like light?

God: Exactly like light. Nobody is born in total darkness. Most of you live on the grey end of the spectrum, a lie here and there, jealousy, wrath. But you only get to absolute evil by doing one thing after another till eventually you're transformed.

Joan: Like...into a monster.

God: A monster is a creature with no consciousness. They're extremely rare, but they do exist.

Joan: Have you watched the news? I'm not sure they're so rare.

God: Almost everybody has some light somewhere. And light is always worth fighting for.

Joan: Ok. So I'm supposed to find Ramsey's...light.

God: I just want you to listen and observe. Be present.

Joan: That's it?

Joan flips through the book of Lost Souls that God left for her and we cut away to the Girardi Kitchen again where Helen and Will are sitting. One at each end of the table. Joan walks in and knows something is up.

Joan: I have stuff to do.

Helen: Have a seat, honey. (Joan sits down in the middle)

Will: The first thing I want to say is your mother and I want you to have a social life.

Helen: We love to see you making friends and going out on dates, and we just--

Will: we want you to see people who are good for you. People--

Joan: can we stop speaking in code? Ok? Will you just say that Ramsey freaks you out?

Helen: Ramsey freaks us out.

Joan: You're not gonna let me go to the dance.

Helen: No, we definitely want you to go to the dance.

Joan: Just not with him.

Will: It's a matter of your safety.

Joan: Dad, you haven't even met him.

Will: No, but I know he has a juvenile record.

Helen: And I spoke to Chadwick.

Joan: Oh, my god! I'd rather you guys just say no than go around spying on people.

Helen: Honey, I understand the appeal of somebody who breaks all the rules.

Joan: Mom, this is not me being hot for some guy on a motorcycle.

Will: Then what is it? Can you please explain it to us?

Joan: I don't know! Maybe he's, like... trapped in all these stories that people tell about him. Maybe what he needs is for someone to give him a chance and, like... have some faith.

Helen: Ok, but there is no getting in cars with him. At all.

Will: You can meet him there, but stay within sight of your mother at all times.

Joan: Ok. Fine. Can I go?

Helen: Sure.

Later that evening, around 2 am. Joan is sleeping and her cell phone rings.

Joan: (to phone) This better be wicked important, Grace.

Ramsey - It's not Grace.

Joan: Ramsey? How'd you get my number?

Ramsey: It wasn't as hard as your address. You got a nice porch.

She goes downstairs and Ramsey is standing on her porch. She goes outside to talk to him.

Joan: What are you doing here?

Ramsey: There was nothing good on TV.

Joan: You're crazy.

Ramsey: You... wanna come for a drive?

Joan: At 2:00 in the morning? (The lights go on inside) I have to go.

Joan goes inside but the stops and pulls aside the curtains on the window at the door. She closes them back up and just stands there smiling. We fade to black on a commercial break and we come back to the Police station. Lt. Williams and Will are working late. They are eating dinner and there are stacks and stacks of files all over the office.

Jeanne: This every report filed from January up to Rowley's departure last August. Can I get you anything else?

Will: No, that's good. Thanks.

Lt. Williams: Jeanne, can I ask you about this? You noted down here that chief Rowley had 4 meetings with internal affairs the week before he left. Was the department being investigated?

Jeanne: Not that I'm aware of, no.

Will: Who did he meet with?

Jeanne: Uh, the head of I.A. That was Roy Roebuck.

Lt. Williams: Roebuck is in arson.

Will: He got busted down after Rowley left, but he won't say why.

Lt. Williams: Well, if he was head of I.A., He must have been after something. Either that, or he was in on it.

Will: No, he wasn't in on it.

Lt. Williams: Then why hasn't he come forward, and why take a hit instead?

Cut to Luke and Grace in the cafeteria. They are working out what to do for the science fare. Grace isnt really paying attention.

Luke: No, it's boldly retro, but I'm thinking something involving Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

Grace: And that would be?

Luke: Glad you asked. Ok. You know that solar system model of an atom you learned in the fifth grade, (he makes one on the table with a cookie and grapes) you know, the one with the nucleus here and the little electrons rotating around it? Heisenberg says that's crap. There is no little nucleus, or at least there's no way to determine where a nucleus is with any certainty, and why, you ask? (Luke takes a bite of the cookie and a couple grapes)

Grace: Not really.

Luke: Because just by looking for it, you change it, so by extension, the observer is always changing what we observe. I mean, reality itself is indeterminate, and atoms, the very building blocks of matter, are nothing more than just mere clouds of possibility. (couple more grapes)

Grace: Quit eating my grapes.

Luke: Now, off of this, we can go in several different directions, like phototropism, >where, you know, you know, you, um, determine how a plant grows using light, or--

Grace: (pulling out a drawing of a different idea) what's this?

Luke: Um, that's a rail gun. You use electromagnetic currents to... basically shoot a slug.

Grace: That sounds cool. Let's do that.

Friedman: (coming in from another table) Still scrambling for a project?

Luke: We're narrowing it down. How's the sonoluminescence going?

Friedman: Latest results from my web site if you're interested, wrathoffriedman.Com, so, uh, guess we won't be seeing you at the dance tomorrow night.

Grace: Says who?

Friedman: It's an assumption based on the unlikely hypothesis of you wearing a dress.

Grace: Well, guess what, Galileo? Your assumptions suck, and we'll see you at the dance. Now beat it before I give you a wedgie.

Friedman: You can't give me a wedgie. (Grace gets up and Friedman runs)

Luke: Are we going to the crystal ball?

Grace: Must have got caught up in the testosterone. (She leaves very quick)

Luke: Cool.

Back in the Library, Adam is eating his lunch and Joan walks over to talk to him.

Joan: Hey. What are you eating? Is that, like, your brain on drugs?

Adam: It's a fried egg sandwich. My dad's specialty.

Joan: So, you missed the, um, first interesting Chem. lab ever. We used orange juice to turn on a light bulb. (outside in the hall, Ramsey is holding up a sign that says WAZUP)

Adam: Look, I don't really want to talk about it, ok?

Joan: Ok. Fine. I have to go. So what's up?

Joan goes out into the hall to talk to Ramsey.

Ramsey: So Whats up Stoner boy needs a bodyguard?

Joan: He's not a stoner. He's a really nice guy. What'd you have to beat him up for, anyway?

Ramsey: Ever since seventh grade, he acts like he's some big artist. Anybody can twist up a bunch of tin foil.

Joan: And that's what you do is just beat up whoever bugs you?

Ramsey: You got a problem with that?

Joan: Yes, I do. It's fine if you're pissed off at the world, but to take it out on the one person who would ever hit you back is pathetic.

Ramsey: Look, I know I'm a jerk. It's just I get mad about stuff and... I don't think right.

Joan: I have a tie... in case you need one.

Cut to a bar. I believe its the same bar where Will met with Roebuck before.

Roebuck: So? A public official in arcadia is taking graft. I thought you said you had something serious to talk about.

Will: You know this is serious because it cost you your job.

Lt. Williams: How far does it go?

Roebuck: I couldn't tell you. I stopped before I found the end of it.

Will: You have allies this time. Rowley sold you out. I'm not about to do that.

Roebuck: This isn't just blowing a whistle and picking up another award for being the town hero. This could cost you everything you have.

Will: We're not naive about what this means.

Roebuck: I lost a career. And I lost-- I lost my wife over this.

Will: You once told me you'd be one amazed son of a bitch if I did my job. I'm here to do it.

Roebuck: This is everything I got. It runs all the way to the top. Now, after I left I.A., I put it away, figured I'd wait till the right person started asking questions. I hope like hell that's who I'm talking to.

Fade out to the commercial break. Back to the show and Will is walking up to a Driving range.

Will: Sorry to bother you, Gabe.

D.A: Well, chief Girardi. Another moment, that could have been a nasty news item. What are you doing here?

Will: I met with Roy Roebuck yesterday. He had quite a few interesting things to say about arcadia, some of them involving the former chief. Rowley

D.A: Should I be following something here?

Will: Oh, let's not play our usual games, shall we, Gabe? Roy Roebuck collected evidence on corruption in this city to take you and possibly everyone else down to the ground. Now, I know you cut a deal with Kaminski about this to shut him up. I want the same deal.

D.A: I'll say one thing, Girardi, that's, uh... that's an impressive learning curve.

Will: Oh, I catch on eventually.

D.A: But I'm afraid you've got the wrong guy. As far as I know, he retired to be with his grandkids. So if you have something I should know about, I suggest you leave it with me and I'll see if it warrants an investigation.

Will: Well, if you're not willing to work with me, I'll find somebody who is.

D.A: Hold up. I suggest we follow protocol, otherwise, the consequences could be dangerous.

Will: Well, still, I'd prefer to hold on to it.

D.A: It's not your area of expertise, Girardi. Let me handle it.

Will: Perhaps I didn't make myself clear.

D.A: Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. Give me the package, Girardi, now.

Will: Then again, maybe it's best to play by the rules. (He gives him the package Roy gave Will earlier and its full of shredded up paper.

Its time for the Dance. Joan shows up and sees Ramsey standing along the wall of the Gym.

Joan: Hey! What's up? Where's your tie?

Ramsey: I wasn't gonna put it on unless you showed.

Joan: Well, I-- I guess you lose. [Laughs] Um, do you want help? 'Cause I can tie it. I always do that for my brother.

Ramsey: If you want.

Joan: All right. You know, you should be glad you don't have to wear high heels.

Friedman: Yo, tie it in a noose. (Ramsey lunges at Friedman but Joan stops him)

Joan: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Shut up, brillo head!

Ramsey: Let's get out of here!

Joan: No way. I didn't put on this stupid dress for nothing.

Price: Mr. Ramsey. Joan. (standing at the door of the Gym watching people coming in)

Joan: (looking at the decorations) I can't believe this is the same place I got creamed in dodgeball. (sees Ramsey with some alcohol)

Joan: Hey.

Ramsey: Hey, you want some?

Joan: No way! I'm not gonna get suspended.

Ramsey: Ok. Fine.

Joan: Come on. (pulls him onto the dance floor)

IN another area of the gym Grace comes in in a pink dress. Her hair is done and she is wearing makeup and her leather coat. (I have to mention that the song playing in the background of this scene is the Barenaked Ladies another post card with Chimpanzees and I really is a funny song. I had to mention that because they are my all time favourite group and I dont see them on TV a lot.)

Grace: This music sucks!

Luke: Hey. W-wow.

Grace: Yeah. Don't talk about it. Where's your sister?

Luke: I--I don't know. Um, did you want to take off your coat or--

Grace: cool it, horn dog. I'm not there yet.

In yet another part of the Gym, Helen goes to talk to Adam who is sitting alone at a table. (Just a note, you can see Joan and Ramsey in the background getting their picture taken)

Helen: Hi there.

Adam: Hi.

Helen: Looks like you came stag, huh?

Adam: Yeah. Huh. What?

Helen: When you come to a dance alone, it's called stag. I don't know why.

Adam: Uh-huh. Have you seen Joan yet?

Helen: No, I haven't

A quick look around to the other. Friedman and Glynis are dancing. He is spinning her all over and she almost falls but Luke catches her. Glynis smiles.

Luke: Do you sometimes wonder if high school will ever come to an end?

The camera flashes on Joan and Ramseys picture and Adam starts to leave.

Helen: Adam, wait. Girls are just stupid in high school, ok? If you will just hang on a few more years, I guarantee you, eventually the smart girls will figure out that guys like you are way more interesting than guys like Ramsey.

Back to Luke and Grace. Friedman walks over to make a remark.

Friedman: (To Luke) So, Polk looks pretty hot under all that feminazi garb. Who knew, huh? Right? Heh.

Luke: Did you just say "feminazi"?

Friedman: Be straight with me, Girardi. You guys exchanging fluids?

Luke: Why am I friends with you?

Friedman: Well, it's the only explanation. Why else would you commit science fair suicide?

Luke: (Sighs) What can I say? The search for truth is more precious than its possessions.

Friedman: Ok, seriously, invest in Birkenstocks now because you're doomed to a life of lesbian worship.

Grace comes back with the drinks and hears the remark. She walks up to Luke. Grabs his neck and pulls him in for a kisses him. Takes off his jacket. Takes off her jacket and walks to the dance floor. On his way to follow her, Luke throws his jacket at Friedman.

Friedman: Did he just convert her from mac to pc? (Glynis starts to cry)

In another part of the Gym

Ramsey: I cant do this.

Joan: Don't think of it as dancing. Just pretend like you're on fire or something.

Friedman and Glynis dance by and nock Joan into Ramsey. She grabs onto his shoulders to stop from falling and at that exact moment the music slows down.

D.J: Let's slow it down. Come on Guys, pull her close, Hold her tight..

Ramsey: You, uh, mmm, (you can almost hear him say Smell nice.. I only know because the closed captions)

Joan: What?

Ramsey: I, uh... I said you smell nice.

Joan: Oh. Heh.

Ramsey dips her.

Joan: Oh! Ha ha.

(Both giggle)

Ramsey: I've always wanted to do that.

Joan: Do it again. (Giggles) (he dips her again but she falls this time. (Gasps) Whoa! Ooh!

(Both laugh)

Price: What is going on here?

Ramsey: Nothing. She fell.

Joan: We were just dancing.

Helen: What's going on?

Ramsey: Nothing.

Price: That's not what I saw.

Ramsey: Hey, get your hand off me.

Helen: (To Joan) Are you ok?

Joan: Yeah.

Ramsey: Look, I didn't do anything!

Price: Oh, really? (Price opens Ramseys jacket and finds the bottle) Then what is this, Mr. Ramsey?

Joan: It's not even open.

Price: You brought alcohol onto school premises, which you know is grounds for expulsion.

Joan: What?! (Ramsey leaves slamming a chair as he goes, Joan tries to follow him)

Helen: D-don't you think that's enough now?

Joan: God, mom, you act like you wanted something to happen!

Helen: I wanted you to go with someone decent. (Joan runs out to catch Ramsey but the DJ catches her for a second)

Dj: Don't let him go, Joan.

Joan: You said all I had to do was listen to him.

God: You're not finished. Hurry.

Outside the school, Ramsey is in his Truck and Joan has just left the building.

Joan: (Tires screech) Ramsey! Wait! Stop! I told them what happened! You won't get expelled!

Ramsey: Just forget it!

Joan: Please, just come back inside with me.

Ramsey: Leave me alone!

Joan gets in the car with him and they speed away. Adam had followed Joan out of the gym and he now runs back into the gym to get help. Cut over to the police station. Lt. Williams and Will are working again on the case.

Lt. Williams: Roebuck wasn't exaggerating. Kickbacks on construction contracts 8 years running, council members and judges taking bribes, city inspectors, the mayor.

Will: I hate to say it, but we may be in over our heads on this. You don't have to be a part of this, detective, but if you're gonna step away, you should do it now. [Cell phone rings] Helen, can I call you ba-- ok. Take it easy. I'll be right there. 10 minutes. [To Lt. Williams] Here's what I need you to do. Call this guy. He was my FBI field rep in Chicago. Victor Delacruz. Get him everything tonight. Tell him we're putting ourselves in his hands.

Lt. Williams: Ok. I got it.

Back to the Dance. Helen and Adam race out of the school to meet will and other officers who are driving up with their sirens on and lights flashing.

Helen: She's in his truck!

Will: It's ok. What happened?

Adam: She ran after him and jumped in the truck right as he was taking off.

Helen: Will, he may have been drinking.

Adam: There's this place that he hangs out at sometimes. I think I can get you there.

Will: Ok, let's go. It's gonna be ok.

Cut to Adam leaves with Will and Helen is left there to worry. We cut to a commercial break. We come back to the show in the place Adam was talking about.

Joan: Where are you going? What, you're just not gonna talk to me? Listen! I know-- you have to believe me when I say that everything's gonna be ok. I can't tell you how I know that. I just do.

Ramsey: Just stop talking! I'm trying to think!

Joan : What's there to think about?

Ramsey: (Crying) You don't understand. I just got expelled. That is the one thing that can't happen. Now my stepdad's gonna kick me out, and then I'll have to call my real dad, which is something that I never, ever wanna do. He'll say some B.S. About how he's not surprised and make some excuse why I can't stay with him, which means this is it. I am done.

Joan: Can't you just tell your dad that it was my fault?

Ramsey: (he pulls out a gun and points it at Joan) No, it is not your fault! It's price! He's been after me since seventh grade! Well, now he can go to hell!

Joan: What are you doing?

Ramsey: You know what my record is? It's 12 hits in 14 shots. [Gunshot]

Joan: Ohh! Ok, wait. Wait. You shouldn't, like, hurt anybody or yourself.

Ramsey: Quite! You have to fire between heartbeats.

Joan: This wasn't supposed to happen. You weren't supposed to get expelled!

Ramsey: Don't worry about it. I still had a pretty good time.

Joan: No, you didn't. this isn't a good time!

Ramsey: Oh, sure it is. See, the way I see it, high school's war. You're the first person to be on my side.

Joan: But it wouldn't-- it wouldn't be like that if you would just... let people see, like, your whole spectrum.

Ramsey: All people want from me is a creeped-out, psycho gun freak, so that's what I give 'em!

Joan: But that's not who you are! That's not who anyone is! (The police pull up with the sirens on)

Ramsey: You wanna take off? Just the two of us, right now?

Joan: Where are we gonna go?

Ramsey: I don't know. We'll just go. Come on.

Will: Put your hands in the air. (police point their guns at Ramsey and Ramsey points his back)

Joan: Wait!

Will: Put down your weapon, son.

Ramsey: No, you first!

Will: Joan... get in the car.

Joan: Dad, listen... I can explain!

Will: Go to the car!

Ramsey: I didn't hurt her!

Will: (will puts down his gun) You put down your weapon, and then we'll talk.

Ramsey: (Crying) You're not gonna listen to me! You already got your mind made up!

Will: You stole my daughter and threatened her with a gun. Yeah, I'm drawing some conclusions.

Ramsey: I didn't steal anybody.

Joan: He didn't, dad. I went with him!

Will: Joan! Now, you wanna shoot me, Steve? Is that gonna make it better?

Ramsey: Maybe!

Will: It'll end your life as you know it. I don't think that's what you want. (Will starts to come closer to Ramsey)

Ramsey: What do you know about me? You don't know anything!

Will: Let me tell you something. And you're not gonna believe me until you're older. This will end. This hell you're living through right now is mostly made up of things you had no control over. But this next place that you end up... that's gonna be all you.

Ramsey: Well, maybe I'm ready to go to hell, 'cause it can't be any worse!

Joan: Steve, don't!

Will: You hear that? My daughter sees something in you. Now, that counts for something in my book. Are you telling me she's wrong, that there's not something worth saving in there? Now come on, son. Let's you and me see tomorrow. Come on. (Ramsey puts down the gun and Will picks it up. He leads him to the police car) Atta boy. It's all right. Hey, is that my tie?

Later that evening when Will and Joan get home.

Helen: Ok, start talking.

Joan: Why? You're not gonna listen to anything I have to say.

Helen: Oh, this is not you mouthing off, Joan. This is you explaining why you defied everything your Father and I specifically said!

Joan: What about price? It's 'cause of him this whole thing started!

Will: We said no cars under any circumstances! There were no exceptions to that.

Helen: It wasn't price who pulled a gun on your father.

Will: Do you have any idea how seriously you could have been hurt tonight?

Joan: I'm really sorry. [Sighs] This whole-- this whole thing has gotten way out of hand.

Helen: So what do we do now? Is it back to therapy or what?

All: No, no.

Helen: Ok, we will do this the old-fashioned way. You are grounded, young lady. And as for everybody else, if we could just keep it down to one tragedy a month, that would be really great.

Joan: You're not gonna put him in jail, are you?

Will: He threatened to shoot the chief of police. It doesn't look good.

Joan: I'm really sorry, daddy.

Will: It's been a long night. Let's all just go to bed.

Kevin: So, uh... I'm thinking no second date with you and this guy?

Joan: (Giggles)

Kevin: Don't worry about mom and dad. They've just had enough kid trauma for a lifetime. You know? Joan - (Sighs)

To the Police station where many FBI agents are clearing out the entire station. Everything is being taken out.

Lt. Williams: Same thing at the D.A.'S office and city hall. The entire city's under investigation. Victor Delacruz says hello.

Will: Good work, detective. You ok?

Lt. Williams: This affects a lot of people, you know? Can't help feeling like I pulled the trigger.

Will: All we did was look where nobody else would look.

Cut to the high school for the final scene of The Uncertainty principle. Adam is at his locker and Joan comes over to talk.

Joan: Adam. Thanks for showing up with my dad.

Adam: They just needed to know where to go.

Joan: Adam, I know I keep doing these incredibly stupid and hurtful things to you, but you have to believe me when I say that hurting you is the last thing I wanna do.

Adam: I'm sure you have your reasons.

Further down the hall we see a familiar face of god. its the old woman God from the book store. Joan goes over to have a word.

Joan: You're getting really good at showing up when nobody needs you.

God: Well, now, that's your opinion.

Joan: So what do you want me to fail at this time?

God: Now, what makes you think you failed? You did exactly what I asked
you to do. You observed.

Joan: Hmm! And what good did that do anybody? Ramsey's going to jail. Adam hates me even more.

God: Observation is a more powerful force than you could possibly reckon. The invisible, the overlooked, and the unobserved are those that are most in danger of reaching the end of the spectrum. They lose the last of their light. From there, anything can happen.

Joan: Ok. Fine. I observed Ramsey. His life is still ruined.

God: His life wasn't the only one at stake.

Joan: What do you mean?

God: There's Laura Eason, ninth-grader. She plays the flute. She would have been one of the first to go, coming out of orchestra at the wrong time. And Andrew Bayer, he would have tried to save his friend Lawrence Distasi and lost his life. And Gavin price and 3 other students in the cafeteria and Mr. Harvey and ms. Schmidt in the library. And finally Steve Ramsey himself. And for each of these faces, Joan, there are 12 more whose lives would have come to an end today, lives altered forever by you, by the simple effect of being present... by entering the light, by joining the dance.

As God is listing those who would have died in the massacre the camera stops as if a shot had actually been fired. Joan wipes away a tear and we fade out and end on this thought full.

The end.

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