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#207 : Les Films

Le stress des examens met Joan et tous ses camarades sous pression. Dieu, cependant, n'entend pas se passer des services de Joan pour autant. Il lui ordonne bientôt de travailler sur le tournage d'une vidéo. Pendant qu'Adam et Judith élaborent un projet ensemble, Will, Kevin et Helen rencontrent un avocat en vue d'une demande reconventionnelle contre Andy qui poursuit Kevin pour dommages moraux. Joan est bientôt convaincue que Judith essaie de séduire Adam....

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Les Films

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 Scénariste : Lindsay Sturman
Réalisateur : Graeme Clifford

Guests : Sprague Grayden (Judith), Annie Potts (LT. Lucy Preston), Constance Zimmer (Soeur Lilly Watters), Patrick Fabian (Gavin Price), Louis Mustillo (Dieu - ramasseur de poubelles), Evan Handler (Chuck Kroner), Zachary Quinto (Dieu - Réalisateur prétentieux)


P.O.V (or, Point of View) begins in the Art Class. I would like to start off by taking a moment to point out the great way that the writers have mixed change with the history of the show. Within the first few seconds of this episode, we get to see both of these aspects. Adam not finding time to work on his art (change) and Helen reading the art book that Joan was flipping through in the Pilot episode (History).

So. As we start off, Helen’s just dismissed her class.

Helen - Remember your kinetic sculpture's due Friday. (her cell phone rings) Hello. (Notices Adam standing near her desk) Oh, could you hold on a minute?

Adam - Mrs. G, I kinda need an extension. Just till Monday. The past 3 nights I've been at work until after midnight, and tonight--

Helen - Adam. If I do it for you, I have to do it for everyone. Sorry.

Adam leaves, a touch depressed, and Helen returns to her phone call. She seems very happy to talk to who ever is on the phone.

Helen - Sorry. Hello. No. Jeremy? Oh, my… (She laughs) how long has it been? No, not that long. Oh...didn't we just graduate from college a couple of years ago? I did not. You dumped me. [Chuckles] Well, hey... it's a little late for regrets, Jeremy.

Cut to outside where Joan, Judith and Adam are walking.

Joan - So, who else blew off trig?

Adam - I did.

Judith - Me.

Joan - Excuses?

Judith - Apathy.

Adam - Art project, internship-- it made no sense.

Judith - You?

Joan - Behind the music marathon. Grand funk railroad. So tragic. Their manager took all their money, and now I've never heard of them.

Adam - I'm just gotta drop some stuff in my locker, and then we can start putting my sculpture together.

Joan - Oh! Wait, I can't. I have my first appointment with the college counsellor today.

Judith - He is so scary. He actually licks his lips when he mentions Princeton.

Joan - Yeah, well, I'll be lucky if he mentions college.

Adam - I mean, you said you'd help. I mean, I'm already so far behind.

Joan - I know, I'm sorry. He's making me spend the afternoon working on my essay about extracurricular activities... which I don't have, unless you count napping. Why not tomorrow?

Adam - No. I told you. Tomorrow's my internship.

Joan - Right, right. And Thursday I have to cram for history and finish the trig that I blew off, working at the bookstore. Ah--Friday!

Adam - No, it's too late.

Judith - I'm not doing anything.

Joan - I thought you had your French midterm.

Judith - We covered the pluperfect at my last school. Pas de probleme. (To Adam) This way at least you get half of Joanith.

Adam - You're totally saving my butt.

Judith - So let's get to work, slacker. (she and Adam walk off arm in arm)

Joan - Bye.

Adam - Bye.

Joan takes two steps and a man sitting at a volunteer booth starts to talk to her.

Man - Interested in a videography project? It's a chance to document how you see the world.

Joan - Uh, fascinating, but no.

Man - It may even fulfill some of that extracurricular stuff you're lacking, Joan.

Joan - So, you work for public television now?

God - Mmm...I just volunteer. Sometimes I work the phone banks. How about it?

Joan - Look, you know everything. You know my schedule. I'm a junior in high school. I only have time to pee on the weekends.

God - It's a very stressful time. Sometimes, taking a step back, seeing life through the lens lets you see things clearer. Beats napping.

He hands her the camera and Joan takes off the lens. She flips the camera around and focus the camera on her.. Then she sticks her tongue way out at the camera.

Cut to opening credits and the first commercial break. When we return, it is the next morning. Joan is filming the family at breakfast. Her first shot is of her mother making toast.

Joan - ...this is my mom. Mom, say hi.

Helen - I burnt my toast. Joan, will you please stop?

Joan - Mom, you look great today. Are you wearing lipstick? (She zooms the camera in on her lips - and we see it as if the handy cam were actually filming this part of the episode)

Helen - [Sigh] Don't you have to go to school?

Joan - You never wear lipstick.

Luke - Do you have a job interview or something?

Joan - Oh, wait, wait, wait. Say that again. Say that again. Take 2. (Switch to handy cam)

Luke - Do you have a job interview or something?

Joan - (Joan goes back to Helen with the camera) For those of you in the audience who are not watching in odour - rama, mom is also wearing a very nice perfume today.

Helen - Now I know how Sean Penn feels.

Joan - (She gets a shot of Will in an Argyle sweater, like the one Brian Beaumont wore in The Election) Ohh...cut!

Luke - Please stop yelling "cut."

Joan - Wardrobe! Dad, I can't shoot you in that sweater. Everyone will actually think that's what you're like.

Will - It's my lucky sweater. (Shouting upstairs) Kevin, we have a 7:30 tee time! (Back to Joan) Today I'm gonna play like Tiger Woods... when he played like Tiger Woods.

Joan - (With the handy cam on Kevin who has just come in) Oh, preppy retro. That's working. This is my brother-- Kevin Girardi.

Will - Are we ready?

Kevin - Look at him. He can't wait for me to kick his ass.

Helen - Well, you do remember we have to go over the Bakers' statements today?

Will - Oh, dammit. Later. Kevin and I are playing golf. I don't have to let the Bakers screw that up, too.

Helen - Ok.

Will - Ahh, I'm sorry. Hey, you smell good. Got a date?

Helen - I am just competing with your true love. It takes effort.

Will - Well, don't feel bad. After golf, you are a very close second. (To Kevin) Let's go, duffer.

Later that morning at school.. The handy cam is focused on Adam at his locker. Joan is really bad at handy cam so we only see parts of Adam’s head and it is very close up.

Adam - I thought you didn't have any free time.

Joan - I don't. But... but I need the extracurricular stuff, and I don't have to make time for this because it's supposed to be whatever happens... you know, in the moment.

Adam - Oh.

Joan - Hey, you're stressed. I'm seeing it. You will, too, when you look at this.

Adam - I--I can't talk to you like this.

Joan - Adam, Yes, you can. Just act natural.

Grace - (Coming in from down the hall) That's an oxymoron. The minute you turn on a camera, you're distorting reality. It's Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

Joa - You sound like my brother.

Grace - Then I will shut up ... and I will walk away.

Adam - I'll catch you later. Ok?

Joan - No, no, no. No, wait. Adam, come on. I was just trying to take a step backwards. You know? To document us. Just...forget the stress.

Adam - I'd love to.

Joan - Ok. All right. Ok. So, now just look into the lens... and just... talk about us. You know? What we mean to each other.

Adam - Jane...

Joan - oh, come on! It'll be like real world: London. Not Vegas. Vegas is so cheesy.

Adam - Jane, look, I'm really fried with all this work. Ok? And--

Judith - hey, Joanith. Say hi to your peeps.

Joan - What are you doing?

Judith - I'm videoing you videoing Adam. It's a total post-modern Warhol thing.

Adam - I gotta get to class. Ok?

Joan - Judith, what are you doing?

Judith - I'm doing my piece on Joanith. By shooting him... I'm focusing on... you.

Joan - I was just getting him to open up to me. You scared him off!

Friedman - (stepping in to break up the fight) Ladies. La--ladies. Squabble not. Why don't you just shoot some video of each other?

Judith and Joan - (Together, hitting him as they speak) Friedman!

Still morning. Will is playing golf with Kevin and Lt. Preston (The snake! - she is sneaky.. Watch out for her audience) Will makes a terrible shot.

Will - Ahh. Dammit!

Preston - Well... you made a nice chip shot on that last hole.

Will - Then I 4-putted. I'm usually a very good putter. Even as a kid with miniature golf, the windmill was never a problem.

Kevin - Do you mind? I'd like to continue to humiliate you... take some focus off the fact that I'm Velcro’d to a golf cart.

Preston - Maybe you're just a little distracted today. (Kevin takes a nice shot)

Will - Nice Kev.

Preston - Nice! So, what is it really? Hmm? Playin' with the boss?

Will - No. Just more lawsuit crap. I hoped this would... take my mind off things.

Kevin - You know about the case?

Will - I had to ask for some time off when we met with the attorney. Lucy has been very supportive.

Preston - I know how hard this must be for the whole family.

Will - I actually might need some more time. They say Andy is too unstable to travel, and we have to go to them for the depositions.

Preston - Hmm. Come on! It's a squeeze play. The more you pay for incidentals, the less money you have to fight the case.

Kevin - You'd think the chair would be the only thing the jury needs to see.

Preston - I know you like your lawyer, but you want payback, don't you? You know Chuck Kroner?

Kevin - I helped out coverin' a case of his. Guy would sue his own mother.

Preston - Just use my name.

Will - Can we just play some golf?

Preston - Absolutely. I just think these bastards should pay. Anybody screws up a man's golf game... that should be a capital offence.

She takes a shot. it’s a good one. Then we go to Helen and Lily at a coffee shop. Helen is just coming in.

Helen - Sorry. Sorry I'm late. I thought I had this...thing.

Lily - Tat was convincing.

Helen - What?

Lily - The, uh, nervous stutter. Closely related to lying. (Helen wonders how she knows) Uh, ex-nun. I spent years around guilty Catholics.

Helen - Oh. Well, you're wrong this time.

Lily - Yeah? 'Cause, um... usually I find that the initial stutter is a lead-up to the blurt-out... you know, that thing that you think you can keep in, but...you feel like it's gonna blow if you don't let it out? Obviously I'm wrong, so, uh, why don't we just discuss your catechism and, uh, hope that that, uh, cute guy over there thinks we're talkin' dirty.

Helen - (There is a pause as Helen turns around to see a guy smiling at them, then another pause as Helen summons the courage to tell Lily the secret) [Sighs] It's nothing. I just got this call from this guy that I...used to know in college. Jeremy. He was...you know.

Lily - No. [Chuckles] I don't. Uh, by the way... nice blurt-out. Under 10 seconds.

Helen - Well, he was... the first guy that I w-was... serious...about. He's apparently this big artist now, and...he, uh... called me up, and we were gonna go...have coffee.

Lily - Are you gonna tell him?

Helen - Jeremy?

Lily - Your husband. Will Girardi... the father of your children? I assume?

Helen - It's...just coffee, and... [Chuckles] Men get so... irrationally jealous.

Lily - Sounds kinda rational to me.

Helen - Um...it's been over 20 years. I mean, for all I know, the guy is, uh... fat or bald or gay-- well, he isn‘t -- not gay unless a lot has changed.

Lily - Wow. [Chuckles] That was...6 completely different excuses all in one breath.

Helen - Um...aren't we supposed to be studying genesis?

Lily - Right. Ahem! So, uh, you wanna start with, uh, Eve and the Snake?

Back to the school, Luke is talking to a boy (who may be Friedman, but he has his back to the camera so I can’t tell)

Luke - It has 3 gigabytes memory. Ok? As opposed to 1.5 of the... (He sees Grace walk by and just leaves the other guy standing there as he goes to chase after Grace) you've been avoiding me.

Grace - Not successfully, it seems.

Luke- You said you were gonna tell me how things were goin'.

Grace - Very well for my mother. She made it through 2 bottles of wine at dinner.

Luke - You keeping a journal?

Grace - Yeah. But it's mostly free-form swearing. I'm just not the journal type.

Luke - You gotta keep at it, grace. Remember the 7 C’s for dealing with an alcoholic parent: You can't control it. You can't cure it. You can't feel responsible.

Grace - That's not a "C."

Luke - The "C" is in the "can't." And you know you want to change your life, or else you wouldn't have gone to--

Grace - ohh! Don't pretend like you know me. You know? Just because you did some good little deed doesn't give you the right to get all up in my face.

Cut to Joan and Adam in the Art room. Adam is trying to work on his project. Joan is not helping at all.

Joan - [Sighs] Ok. I know how weird it is to be photographed, so I thought I could make it a little easier if I just kinda... you know, told you what to do.

Adam - How is that a documentary?

Joan - I'm supposed to document how I see things. You're a part of that. I want to show the world what kind of couple we are.

Adam - The world?

Joan - Ok. Public television. I know people aren't gonna be watching it, but if I do good at this, we could get free tote bags. Look, now just walk towards me, and... talk about all the things that you like about us.

Adam - (He feels awkward) Jane, I...[Sighs]

Joan - All right, that's good, but with more feeling.

Adam - I can't do this. This is totally fake.

Joan - O-ok. All right. I, uh... I--I get it. Um... it's hard to be all poetic. How 'bout we try some action? Here. I got it. Come here. Ok. I want you to just come running into the room, uh, talking about how much...you miss me, and then we'll kiss. Ready?

Adam - (Now confused) Ok.

Joan - When I say "go," you run in. Go.

Adam - (Pokes his head around the door) But I--I don't usually run to you.

Joan - Adam, come on, work with me here. Ok? Look, just run in. You don't even have to say anything. Come kiss the camera like you're gonna kiss me. Ready? And, go. Come in.

Adam - (He runs in and then stops) Look...I--I--I-- I don't want to be in the movie. Ok? Can we just leave it at that, please?

Joan - Adam, how am I supposed to document the world if you're not in it?

Adam - Is this really how you see the world? Like we're some fake couple?

Joan - It's just a video.

Adam - No, it's not! It's not. It's you trying to force us to become something that we're not.

Joan - Hey, I wanted you to be real, but you didn't want to do that, either.

Adam - You want real? I hate this! I hate it! Ok? I hate trying to pretend that we're some happy couple w-when we're so stressed out that we're miserable even when we're together!

Joan - (Adam packs up his project) Wow. I should've kept the cameras rolling for that, huh?

Adam - Look, Jane...this is making me crazy. I can't do this. I gotta go to the design studio.

Cut to commercial off of Joan’s look of concern and sadness.

The next seen, we see another scene with Grace and Joan. They are talking about their problems. Its nice to see they are still friends… though Joan is too self absorbed to notice that Grace is having problems of her own.

Joan - [Sighs] He freaked. I mean, what's that all about?

Grace - Relationships don't work. There's always someone who wants something that the other person can't deliver.

Joan - Yeah, well, I'm just making a stupid video.

Grace - Well, maybe he wants one minute where he's not being spied on. I mean, we're being watched all the time, Girardi. 1984 ring a bell?

Joan - Ok, I wasn't even born yet.

Grace - The book. "Big brother is watching." It's happened... in--at ATM’s, out on the street, in stores. And don't even get me started on carnivore, a big government computer the size of a football field that sifts through all of your phone conversations, all of your e-mails. And you wonder why some people want to be left alone?

Grace - O...K. You seem a little militant even for a militant. Are you ok?

Grace - More questions! See what I mean? End of the world!

Grace leaves and we see that the film God has been standing there watching.

Joan - Uhhh... speaking of big brother... (She tries to give him the camera back) now, this was definitely one of your worst ideas.

God - You don't like what you saw.

Joan - No! And it created even more stress! Look, just...take the camera back. Ok? And let them run a documentary where the lions eat the antelopes, because that would be the same as watching my life.

God - You've gotta look below the surface. Sometimes what you see is just a mask for something much deeper. I mean, the Italian neo-realist filmmakers found truth by--

Joan - shh! Save it...Ebert.

God - Just keep at it. They want to use this for their fund-raiser drive.

Judith - (She didn’t see god there- Lucky for Joan there are no awkward questions) Lost in thought... Joan ponders her next move.

Joan - Ah. To shoot Judith as she records a life of chaos and confusion.

Judith - Where Joanith reigns supreme!

Adam - Hey, Judith, I--I got the mirrors. You ready?

Judith - Oh. Yeah.

Joan - Oh, hey, maybe I--I could help.

Adam - I thought you had to see the college counsellor again.

Joan - Well... can't you wait?

Adam - I'm behind.

Judith - Chill. I'll take care of him. (To Adam) Hey! Wait up! Adam.

In the physics class, Luke is talking to Friedman.

Luke - Ok, so the object moves because of the kinetic energy transferred to it by the potential energy created-- are you listening?

Friedman - No.

Luke 0 Dude. Extra credit. Focus.

Friedman - I've spent the past 3 weeks memorizing hamlet for Judith. I have half an act left, and she still thinks I'm a joke.

Luke - Friedman... friend to friend... it is an exceptionally absurd way to pursue a woman.

Friedman - Poetry? Since when?

Luke - Well, then I guess it's the incongruous coupling of poetry and... you.

Friedman - Sure. I know what I look like. "But love looks not with the eyes "but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind." (He gets serious here) I really like her, dude. Someday you'll know what I mean. It's not about the dream of getting naked with her. Not exclusively. I just can't forget that kiss. You know? And every now and then... I get this look from her... that's potential. Couldn't stop now if I wanted to.

Ahh.. Its so nice to see Friedman being serious. I think he and Judith would be good for each other.. But I’ll stop now and continue with the show.. Art class room. Adam and Judith are working on the project. They are cracking up mirrors.

Adam - Like this. Ok. So just break up the rest of the mirrors, and--and don't make the pieces too small. (Judith grabs a piece of mirrors) Uh--uh, wait. Wait. There's an extra pair of safety glasses over there.

Judith - Come on. Where's the fun if I can't get glass shards in my eye and sue the school? (Look from Adam) Ok. Actually helping now. (Judith goes to get the glasses and sets up the camera so Adam can’t see it.)
Adam - Wait, wait. D-don't cut too deep. Ok? It just breaks apart.

Judith - Just so you know... I'm the worst at art. Joan was the one who was always making stuff at crazy camp.

Adam - Yeah, well, she's off on her video project, isn't she?

Judith - I'm sensing you're not a big ideography fan.

Adam - It's not just that. Our lives have changed so much, you know. We don't-- we don't connect. You know? And I just feel so... guilty or... pissed off or a million other things.

Judith - So every time you feel like you're losing her, you push her away even harder.

Adam - I love her. You know? I mean, you know, that's the last thing I want.

Judith - Mmm. The thing about Joan is... (In the next room, we see Joan standing near the window recording Judith and Adam. She has no sound) no matter how many idiot projects she does or how much she drives you crazy... she actually sticks around. Even when you try to push her away.

Adam - Yeah.

Judith - (Very sincere here.) Most people don't do that. Most people just take off, drive away... leave you standing there with...no money, no way to get home. (We get the feeling there is a story here that we don’t know about) Hang onto her, Adam. She saved my life this summer.

Adam - She already saved mine.

Judith - I know.

Adam - Then why can't i just see that? I mean, that's all that matters. [Sighs painfully]

Judith gives him a very sympathetic hug and Joan sees this through the window.. Of course.. Without sound, she did not know they were just talking about their fear of loosing her.. She jumps to a bad conclusion.

Cut to the police station. Will is visiting Preston in her office.

Will - Hey. Thanks again for yesterday. My kid had a great time humiliating his old man.

Preston - [Chuckles] And we got to play hooky. I told 'em I was at the doctor's.

Will - Meeting with an assistant D.A. We're bad.

Preston - And I was thinkin' how good we were.

Will - (Looking at a silly hat on her desk) They, uh, finally gonna make you wear that?

Preston - They wanted me in the whole get-up-- the holster, the badge... the decoder ring. But...all contracts are negotiable. And I didn't want to let my job get in the way of my vanity.

Will - Could I see? (She puts on the hat) Good call, boss. (She takes it off and laughs) Look, I, uh... I was just wondering. That attorney you mentioned?

Preston - Chuck Kroner? I don't want to get in the middle of your business. If you like your attorney, you should stay--

Will - no. I appreciate it. You said I could use your name?

Preston - Absolutely. Tell him I said hi. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this crap. You don't deserve it.

Will - Ahh, I just wish in the middle of all this mess something felt right.

Preston - It's war. And that should never feel right. (She gives him the paper with Kroner’s phone number on it. Her hand lingers a little too long on his hand.) Too Long.. Long enough that we the audience (and Will if he were smart) see just how sneaky this Preston woman is.

Will - Thanks.

Will leaves the office and we cut back to the school. Joan is in a computer lab. She is watching the tape of the hug over and over.. The program she uses for editing lets her watch it in reverse. She sets up the tape so that they hug.. Then stop, then it reverses back into the hug until the ‘beginning’ where the whole thing starts all over again. She turns up the speakers on the computer and the camera, but at best she gets louder static. She is crying.

Cut to later that evening. Helen is listening to a Peter Frampton album and looking at old pictures of her and Jeremy. Joan startles her and she puts the picture away quickly.

Helen - Oh, Its you. I gotta clean out this cupboard.

Joan - Yeah. Your junk. Not helping.

Helen - I thought you'd be out with Adam and Judith.

Joan - Mom. Can I spend a little bit of quality time by myself? Do I have to be around a million people all the time?

Helen - No. Are you ok?

Joan - Are you?! Listening to Peter Frampton? That's kinda pathetic. According to behind the music, his career took a nosedive in 1978.

Helen - I was just cleaning out some junk.

Joan - (Looking at the record) You must've been so young then. Bet you couldn't wait to grow up, huh?

Helen - Yeah.

In the kitchen. Kevin and Will are laughing. They are doing dishes.

Kevin - You...you were picking up your head. That's why you topped the ball.

Will - I crushed my drive on 16.

Kevin - Oh, too bad the fairway wasn't a little wider.

Will - Hey...next Sunday... you and me.

Kevin - Yeah, you're on.

Will - Look...I, uh... I got Kroner's number from Lucy.

Kevin - Oh. You know, uh... mom will never agree to it.

Helen - (in from the other room) Agree to what?

Will - Uh...a new lawyer.

Helen - We...have a lawyer. And Tom's a friend.

Will - Yeah. Well, we, uh... were talking about the case today with Lucy, and--

Helen - why do you discuss our business with her?

Will - Hey, Helen... I work with her. Things come up. You haven't mentioned it to your nun?

Helen - Well...I can trust her.

Will - And Lucy's gonna blab it around the station?

Helen - I don't know. Last week, she suggest blackmail.

Will - She's trying to help!

Kevin - This guy Kroner is a great litagator, mom. I checked him out at the paper. And why wouldn't we go into this as strong as possible?

Helen - So you two started all this without talking to me first?

Will - Look... it isn't easy for any of us.

Helen - Well, apparently, going behind my back is!

Will - And it's so easy for you to be forthcoming? How long did it take for you to accept the fact that we even needed a law--

Kevin - (This is where Joan starts to eaves drop. She stands at the door way with her camera trained on the three of them) stop! Stop! We were wrong. Ok? We were, dad, but I-- I want to meet this guy, and I'd like it... if we were all there.

Kevin rolls out and hits Joan’s camera out of her hands on the way (Don’t eaves drop Joan.) We cut to a commercial and when we come back it is the next day and we are joining Grace and Luke in their science store room.

Luke - [sighs] I think it's really admirable that you want to talk, Grace.

Grace - Who said anything about talkin'? (She kisses him but he pushes her off) You'd rather talk than make out? I think you're the one that needs the help, Girardi.

Luke - No! I'm not gonna let you use our make out time as a cudgel to avoid this issue.

Grace - See, this is why I don't talk to anyone. 'Cause now we're all about her. That stupid fifth "c" is how the alcoholic is controlling my life. Well, I'm not gonna let her. Ok?

Luke - She already is! Look at us!

Grace - Only 'cause you can't get off it!

Luke - Ok. So, let me come over to your house, and we'll hang out.
Grace - This conversation is over.

Luke - Can't you see what you're letting her do to you?!

Grace - It's my space! I made the choice! Me!

Luke - I think you really believe that you're strong. But you're more terrified than anyone I know.

Luke leaves and Grace slams the door after him. Cut to Adam and Judith who are admiring Adam’s project.

Adam - Yes.

Judith - Oh, yes. Oh, you are a freakin' genius. Man, it's like there's a million of us in there. so cool.

Adam - You really think it's good?

Judith - Shut up. You know it's great. (Adam and Judith are really close right now.. Not just in friendship.. But their heads are really close)

Adam - (sees Joan’s reflection in one of the mirrors) Jane! Hey, come here. Take a look.

Joan - I'm late. I--I can't. I'm late.

She leaves them there. She’s been crying.

Adam - Jane?

Adam looks at Judith with concern. Down the hall, Joan walks near Camera god.

God - Where's the camera?

Joan - I can't. I can't look at them anymore.

God - There's always something more to see, Joan.

She leaves and we go to Kroner’s office with Helen, Kevin and Will.

Kroner - [Sighing] Well, first thing we gotta do is work on the story.

Will - The story?

Helen - It's all in the statement.

Kroner: Forget the statement. It's too soft. Who did precisely what, when, to who-- it's all a big "who cares"? We need to paint a picture. Hmm? The accident... was horrible. Awful. Some drunken bastard turned you into a cripple.

Helen - We prefer the term "disabled."

Kroner - (dismissing her) Absolutely. Me, too. My point being, we have to show how this guy ruined your life.

Helen - Kevin's made a good life for himself.

Kroner - Really! Is this what you expected? Be honest. Is this the life you'd hoped to live? You wanna win this case? We have to show them the pain, show the tears... your mother... having to wash you... the family destroyed. And in the court, you will sit at the end of the table where every minute, the jury can look over and they can see how that drunken bastard turned you into a cripple.

Helen - (Getting up to leave) Ok. I've heard enough. How dare you talk to us this way?

Kroner - You're angry! This is good! I am gonna make the jury hate that kid as much as you hate me right now.

Helen - Ok, this is over.

Kevin - Mom, it's spin, and it's a way for us to win.

Helen - This isn't a game where somebody wins. Nobody's gonna win. Ever. Now, maybe that's the way it's supposed to be, because if this is somebody's fault, then that means the accident could've been prevented... we could've done something. And then... it wasn't just an act of god. And it was. It was an act of god.

Back at school. Judith is filming the school grounds.

Judith - And that's our school eagle. [Mock threatening intonation] At night, it comes alive and devours the "d" students! Hah hah hah hah!

Friedman comes into her view finder. He is holding flowers for her.

Judith - No offence, Friedman, but the...flowers make you look a little like... a guy who carries flowers.

Friedman - They're for you. What Ophelia carried. Daisies are for... faithfulness... fennel, flattery, and rosemary for remembrance. Hamlet only appeared to be mad. You know?

Friedman walks away and Judith watches him go. He turns around to see if she is watching. Next we have Helen talking to Jeremy on her cell phone in her car.

Helen - I'm sorry that I keep cancelling. (Pause) Well, you're very sweet, but I know how busy you are, too. (Pause) Yeah, it was simpler and freer. Now there's just not a minute, is there? (Pause) Yeah. Just...one day, no responsibility, no disappointment. (Pause) Sure. Tomorrow. Bye.

Back at school. Luke has about 3 books cracked open in front of him. Grace is standing behind him. She hits him with a paper ball and motions for him to pick it up. He does and it reads “My house, no parents, after school”. Luke turns around to confirm with her but she is already gone.

Joan has her camera again. She is filming Grace.

Joan - That's good. Angry grace. Something I recognize. How about a rant? Identity chips that were secretly implanted at birth.

Grace - (closing her locker) That's true.

Joan - Ok. Ok. How about, um... barcodes. Why don't you give me a little bit of that magic? Come on!

Grace - Dude!

Joan - (To Judith who has just come in with her own camera. Joan shouts at her) Could you not?!

Judith - What's the biggie?

Joan - How about you leave a little bit of my life for me, ok?

Judith - Whoa! Somebody went out for meds. Want to tell the world why you're so pissed off?

Joan - Just back the hell off!

Judith - What is your problem? (Judith turns the camera off)

Joan - You and Adam! That's my problem!

Judith - What are you talking about? I--I was taking care of him.

Joan - More like jumped all over him. I can't believe I ever thought you were a friend! You are a cold, selfish--

Adam - hey, lay off her, Jane.

Joan - (To Adam in mock sympathy) Oh, I'm sorry! You don't want her feelings getting hurt? How touching!

Judith - You think I'd ever make a move on your boyfriend?

Grace - Did I miss something?

Joan - I saw you! I have it on video! You are such a psychopath!

Adam - Cut it out! Joan, stop. Stop

Judith - You're my best friend!

Joan - You just used me to steal a life because you don't have one!

Judith - I really thought you were different! (and he starts filming them) You think I'm just some selfish bitch? Fine! (She throws the camera into Friedman’s hands) (though, I doubt she even realised it was him at this point) Why disappoint you?!

She plants a kiss on Adam. Joan grabs her by the hair and pulls him off. The others just stand around watching them fight.

Adam - Guy--guys! Guys. Guys! Get--hey!

There is yelling, punching and shoving. Most of the fight away from the P.O.V (Ah.. The title of the episode.. Very nice) of the handy cam. Mr. Price comes in and tries breaks up the fight.

Price - What is going on here. Girls, Girls Stop. Stop it! Stop it!”

Adam - Joan stop

Price - I will not tollerate` fighting in my school.

He finally gets them apart with the help of some other students and we cut to a commercial break. When we return from the break, we are in a class room. Joan is sitting on one side, Judith on the other. Price is standing there, trying to figure out what is going on. Both girls are bruised and hurt.

Judith - I'm not takin' the heat for this one.

Joan - [Sighs] Yeah, she's a real angel... of darkness.

Price - Quiet. Mr. Friedman has kindly supplied us with video evidence of the altercation.

Friedman - (to Judith) For your protection.

Price - Is this gonna happen during our lifetime?

Pieces on video in Italics

Judith - Hey, Joanith, say hi to your peeps.

Friedman - (Fast forwards) Sorry.

Judith - (from the art room where Joan had no sound but Judith did) Every time you feel like you're losing her... you push her away even harder.

Adam - I love her.

Price - We're not here to watch a soap opera.

Judith - Hang onto her, Adam. She saved my life this summer.

Adam - She already saved mine.

Judith - I know.

Adam - Why can't I just see that?

Friedman tries to fast forward but Joan grabs the camera.

Price - Uh, ms. Girardi.

Joan - (in a whisper) please don’t

Adam - That's all that matters.

The hug on the tape and Price takes the camera and fast forward. Joan looks at Judith. She feels terrible now. The sound on the video makes all the difference.

Then price finds the scene where Judith kisses Adam.

[Struggle sounds]

Adam - Guys. Guys. Guys.

Price - Any last requests, Ms. Girardi?

She just shakes her head. Crying.

Later, after school, Luke is visiting Grace’s room for the first time. (Actually, this is the first time that we have seen Grace’s room at all).

Grace - Speak, creep.

Luke - [Chuckling] I like it. It's, uh... it's a little... tidier than I thought it'd be.

Grace - I'm not tidy. I just... thought you should be able to walk in here, that's all.

Luke - That's nice. Thanks.

Grace - "Nice. Tidy." Do you have a death wish?

Luke - (He sees something on her dresser) Oh, dude! [Chuckles] "Splash." The original beanie baby. (A whale like the Free Willy movie)

Grace - [Chuckles] It was the first inflationary bubble of our lifetime. My mom stood in line at 5:00 in the morning to get the second run. It opened my eyes to the dangers of capitalism.

Luke - I have "pinchers."

Grace - The lobster?

Luke - Originally released under the name "punchers." Retired in 1987, which briefly inflated the price to over $5,000. A classic lesson that any economic system is subject to the whims of human emotion.

Grace - And easily exploited by the rapacious elite.

Luke - The cool calculation of science meets the heated imprecision of economic theory.

They kiss and a door closes down stairs.

Grace’s Mom - (as of yet, un-named) Grace! I'm home!

Luke - I'll sneak out the window.

Grace - No. Stay. (They kiss again)

Cut to Joan scrubbing on the vandalism of the school. Garbage man god comes by to empty the trash.

God - They never think somebody else is gonna have to clean it up.

Joan - Yeah, well, I'm that somebody else for a week.

God - Well, Price is tough. But...you did go a little over the line, Joan.

Joan - You said to look below the surface. I tried. But I was wrong about everything.

God - Well, perceptions depends on how you see, not just what you see. You know, white light contains all the colours of the rainbow, but you'd never know it unless you change the way you look at it.

Joan -They were hugging. Ok? That's all I saw. It just... hurt so much.

God - And it stopped you from seein' all the colours. So there was no light.

Joan - [Sighs] There was just... so much coming at me. You know?

God - I know. Just make sure you take it all in. Let yourself be dazzled, Joan.

God leaves and Judith comes over. They look at each other for a moment. There is an unspoken apology from Joan and Judith.

Judith - Gimme a rag.

They both start to scrub.

Evening at the Girardi house. Helen getting ready to meet Jeremy.

Helen - I'm off.

Will - As long as you're goin' out, I thought I'D... get rid of some of these bills.

Helen - I can do them later.

Will - After today, you don't... need to be any more depressed.

Helen - I shouldn't be late.

Will - Oh, it's supposed to rain. You should take an umbrella.

Helen - Ok.

She goes just outside the door. You can see Will in the window. She sits down on the steps and calls Jeremy.

Helen - Hi. Uh...no. I can't make it. Yeah. I--I know. It W... would be nice. But... the thing is, I...can't. I don't want to. You don't... have to understand. Bye...Jeremy.

She goes back inside. Will is surprised to see her.

Will - Somethin' wrong?

Helen - No. I just... (She gives him a kiss) I... I would just rather be home.

Cut to Joan in the rain, walking by Adam’s shed window. In a second she comes inside.

Joan - Hey.

Adam - Hey

Joan - You can, uh, throw me out if you want. I'll understand.

Adam - No. I just... don't know how you could've thought what you did.

Joan - Well, it just... seemed like... you were saying we were such a drag.

Adam - Things are changing so fast. I--I didn't know who we were, and--and... your having a video of that... I don't know. I couldn't handle it.

Joan - (She looks at a box of videos) Are these all of you?

Adam - My mom and I used to take 'em all the time. I haven't looked at 'em since she died.

Joan - I'll watch 'em with you.

She takes a video that says Adam - 7 years old.

Adam-7 - Mommy, say hi to the camera.

Elizabeth - Hi, honey. Look what mommy's doin'. I'm watering the strawberries and our beautiful flowers. Here, give that to me. I want to get a shot of my little artist. There he is. Why don't you show me your pictures? Which one's--

Joan looks over at Adam. He is getting teary. Its understandable. The anniversary of his mothers death is coming up soon.

Adam-7 - For you. It's Mr. Lemonhead.

Elizabeth - I see. He is so beautiful. I love you so much, baby.

Adam-7 -I love you, too.

Elizabeth - Adam, Come give mommy a kiss.

The little Adam kisses the lens like Joan wanted the older Adam to do at the beginning of the episode. The music in the back ground is the same song that played when Helen read Elizabeth’s suicide letter to Adam back in Jump. I find that touching. Another element of the History of the show. It also reminds me of the ripples of her death being good.

Elizabeth - can I get a picture of Adam and mommy? What do you say? Say hi.

Elizabeth kisses little Adam. Big Adam is getting teary.

Elizabeth - What are you gonna show me now? What's that? Oh, that's the dinosaur. And what's the dinosaur do?

Adam - He bites you.

Elizabeth - Here, put it down. Put it down on the ground. Let me see what the dinosaur does. [Young Adam growls and Elizabeth laughs] Let me see the dinosaur walk.

Joan goes over to Adam and puts his head on her shoulder to let him cry. He is full out balling now and she is stroking his hair.

You cannot hear it, but closed captions caught the end of the home movie for those who are interested.

Elizabeth - Aaahh! Ha ha ha! I'm so scared! Can I see? Ooh, the dinosaur eats his own artwork. Let me see. What else do you got over there?

Adam - Cat.

Elizabeth - Yes, it-- it is. Now, what's above the house? The rainbow. It's so pretty. Now, what do you do--

They camera pans back and fades to black on another dramatic episode… P.O.V.

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