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#202 : Les Yeux ouverts

La copine de chambre de Joan au centre arrive à Arcadia à la plus grande joie de Joan. Cependant, elle n'est pas acceptée par les amis de Joan y compris Adam. Kevin va rendre visite à Andy pour savoir pourquoi il les poursuit.  

Titre VO
Out of Sight

Titre VF
Les Yeux ouverts

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Première diffusion en France

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Scénariste : Stephen Nathan
Réalisateur : Rob Morrow

Guests :

Sprague Grayden (Judith Montgomery)
Jack Plotnick (Sammy #2)
Dayo Ade (Ruben)
Jeffrey Licon (Dieu - Goth)
Kris Lemche (Dieu - Beau Gosse)
Kathryn Joosten (Dieu - Vieille Dame)
Mark Totty (Dét. Carlisle)
Riley Smith (Andy Baker)
Michael Hyatt (Mary Wallace)
Ransford Doherty (DeShawn Wallace)

Out of Sight, the second episode, begins with Joan lying on a physiatrist’s couch. She is talking to her Physiatrist, Dr. Dan. This segment is a little reminiscent of “Silence”, the season Finale from last year.

Joan - I saw him again this morning.

Dr. Dan - God?

Joan - He's gonna screw my life up all over again.

Dr. Dan - We've talked about this, Joan. These visions are hallucinatory projections.

Joan - No, he's real. He's back.

She sits up, and is suddenly in a completely different place. She is outside in a park. A gang of other Campers are laughing at her. Pointing and making fun of her.

Then she looks over, still in the park, and sees Cute Boy God sitting where Dr. Dan had just been. He is holding a scroll.

God - I've got a list of things I want you to do, Joan.

God un-rolls the list, and it just keeps going and going. Joan looks horror struck and runs away. The scene switches into the Girardi kitchen, but Joan is still running. Helen is reading the paper and Will is pouring coffee. Kevin and Luke are sitting at the table.

Helen - Hi, honey. How's god?

Joan - What are you talking about?

Will - Dr. Dan called and told us everything.

Joan - What? He can't do that. That was all confidential.

Kevin - (to Luke) Maybe god told him to. (They both start laughing)

Helen - Now be nice, boys, your sister's insane.

Joan - (Pleading with her mother) You can't tell anybody what dr. Dan said. You have to promise me you won't tell anybody.

The next voice is heard before we know who it is.

Voice - Pss, Hey Joan. Down here.

Joan looks down to where the voice was coming from. There, lying on the rim of her bowl is a miniature Goth God.

God - Are you ashamed of me, Joan?

Again, Joan looks horror struck. She pushes the bowl away so hard that is flies off the table and smashes. She gets up to leave.

Helen - Joan.

Then, Old Lady God, who is standing right where Helen was standing. Still speaking in Helen’s Voice.

God - Have a nice day, sweetheart.

Joan runs out. She stops on the porch. Adam is standing with his back to her. His hood up. (goofy smile on his face too.. I might add). Joan rushes up and gives him a hug around the neck.

Joan - Oh, Adam. I just want to be with you.

Adam - Me, too.

Adam turns around to reveal that it is now Cute boy God, wearing Adam’s hoodie. Joan runs away again. Gets in the car and drives away as Cute boy god Watches. She’s driving fast and comes to a corner where Old Lady God is crossing the street. Joan is having a hard time deciding if she should stop or not. In the end, she decides not to stop, but steps on the gas. Old lady God is just standing there in the middle of the street smiling.

Just then, Joan wakes up from Her dream, Breathing Hard. We go into opening credits. We come back to the show at breakfast the next morning. Joan is staring at her toast. Kevin walks over and takes a bite.

Joan - Hey!

Kevin - You've been staring at it for an hour. It was growing mould.

Joan - (Licks the toast and pushes it over to him) Bon appetit.

Will - Can't you at least wait until the caffeine kicks in?

Joan - Dr. Dan says it is important for me to let my feelings out.

Will - What happened to the cheery, optimistic Joan?

Joan - I found no future in optimism.

Helen - Honey, when you're at work today, will you pick up those books for me?

Will - Oh, and one of those itty bitty light things. You kept me up all night.

Helen - I'm sorry. I got so wrapped up in that Graham Greene novel.

Luke rushes in so quick that he walks right into Kevin and falls to the floor.

Kevin - Ohh!

Luke - Sorry, dude. No, sorry. You all right?

Kevin - (Picking up Luke’s stuff) Dude, Abba?

Joan - Luke, did you actually pay money for that?

Luke - For science. Research. You know, about the optical recording process developed by the Phillips laboratories--

Joan - (cutting him off) I'm bored now.

Will - I like Abba. Dancing queen, the do do do Fernando song. Honey, you remember that concert? You wore a white jacket with fringe.

Joan - Oh, too much information. So, mom, more recommendations from the surfing nun book club?

Helen - The first part of the catechism is questioning man's relationship with god. So, she's giving me novels and essays that talk--

Joan - mom, she's brainwashing you. Why would you trust some surfer who settles in arcadia?

Helen - There's nothing devious about examining spiritual issues.

Luke - Einstein believed there had to be some intelligence behind the design of the universe.

Joan - Well, dr. Dan says relying on some outside force to tell you how to live is actually a way to avoid living.

Helen - I don't agree. And I don't think a doctor should tell you how to live.

Joan - So you trust god? (very sarcastic) Because he really came through for Kevin.

Will - Joan, that's enough.

Kevin - I think it is pretty hard to believe in god when we're getting sued because of my accident.

Helen - There is such a thing as free will. Us being sued because of you is--

Kevin - It's not because of me. It's because of Andy and his greedy-ass family.

Helen - I know, that's what I'm saying.

Kevin - What, that god abandons you when you need him most?

Helen - No!

Kevin - Then god thinks it's ok that the drunk who took my legs can take everything else from us, too?

Will - Ok, ok, let's all take a breath.

Helen - I didn't mean to start a fight. I just wanted Joan to pick up some books for me.

Joan - Yeah, about god.

Cut to the morning at school. Joan and Grace are walking past security, who are checking them with their wand medal detectors.

Joan - I thought after spending summer at crazy camp, I would know how to deal. But my mom's become all religious.

Grace - Dude, my father's a rabbi.

Joan - Right. I just-- I feel like things are more whacked than when I left. You know, like Luke listening to an Abba CD?

Grace - (Totally pulled out of the conversation) Abba? You're kidding. I mean I don't care.

Joan - How do you deal with your dad being all into god?

Grace - Sometimes I hide his yarmulke and watch him freak.

Joan - Yeah, see, I just-- see, I hear all this god talk, and it makes me feel all this pressure to be like this perfect person. And dr. Dan said that's what made me so dysfunctional. I'm a kid. I should be able to be just a kid. You Know

Grace - (Still focused on Luke) Abba and those little meatballs. No wonder Sweden's filled with drunks.

Joan - Thanks for the support, grace. (she looks over and sees God, in the form of Cute Boy God. She pouts) Oh, no.

Grace - What's wrong?

Joan - Nothing. See you in class.

Joan walks by him and flips her hair and keeps walking. She rounds the corner and Goth God is standing there. Joan keeps walking. God follows.

Joan - I told you I didn't want to see you anymore.

God - I thought that maybe you would change your mind. It seemed like we really connected last time.

Joan - No, we didn't.

God - So, you didn't feel anything?

Joan - (She stops) Look, it's over, ok? You're just gonna have to adjust to that. Call up a friend and bitch about me on the phone if you need to, but find someone else.

God - I just want--

Joan - no! (she is almost screaming at him.. But has learned since last year that people in the halls will look if she makes a scene. she walks away. He follows.) I don't want to hear it!

God - Just keep your eyes open, Joan.

Joan - What does that even mean? "Keep your eyes open"? They're already open, see? (She opens them really wide)

God - I know how hard it is being back, reconnecting. You have choices to make.

Joan - Well, I have free will, right?

God - Of course.

Joan - And I'm using it right now! (She puts her hand up in his face) I choose a life without you!

She walks away, leaving him stunned.

To our first police scene of the episode. Will and Carlise are pulling up to a taped off area.

Will - Emotional damage. What is that?

Carlise - That's what happens when you live with my ex-wife.

Will - And my lawyer says they have a case. My kid has wheels for legs and I'm on the defensive. Just once I'd like someone to do the right thing. Once.

Carlise - You're still a dreamer. It's cute.

Officer on Scene - Drive by. Victim's a African-American male about 8 years old caught in the crossfire. We called his mother. She's on her way.

Will - Shooters are probably gonna sue because the kid stole their bullets.

Carlise - Any witnesses?

Officer - No one's talking.

Will goes over to the boy who is laying on a stretcher, E.M.T’s all around him.

Will - Hey... you're gonna be ok, son. We're all here to help you. Now, did you see who did this to you?

The boy shakes his head a small bit. Will goes over to the crowed that has gathered.

Will - No one saw a thing here? Not the shooters? A car? (to a woman holding a small child) You think this is not gonna happen again? You think your kid won't be next?

One of the woman in the crowed starts talking to Will.

Mary - He was selling wrapping paper for his school. I bought some. "Thank you, ma'am," he said.

Will - Did you see who it was?

She laughs and walks away. Will is very frustrated that no one is willing to do the right thing. We go back to the school. Grace is standing at her locker. She is talking to Luke, who, because of the agreements, is standing around the corner, pretending to read a poster on the wall.

Grace - Dude, Abba?

Luke - I thought you might like them 'cause everyone hates 'em.

Grace - Well, you thought wrong. Tell me you don't have any Bee Gees in there. (Luke is silent) Dude?

Luke - It's just music.

Grace - Just music? Meet me tomorrow night with mix CDs. If we find no common ground, we're toast.

Grace leaves without looking at him and Friedman comes in.

Friedman - Dude, I just dropped my pencil to look up Charlene Lister's skirt, it was one of those Culotte things.

Luke walks away like he didn’t even hear him. Over to Adam, who is standing at his locker. Joan rushes up and Puts her hands over his eyes.

Joan - Hi.

Adam - Hi. (Joan kisses him .. a lot!) Mmm! Did I miss something?

Joan - Me. (she kisses him again)

Adam - Oh, ok, yeah.

Joan - Let's take off. (he just looks at her) Come on, let's skip school. Let's go up to mercer creek. We'll have a picnic. We'll walk through the woods.

Adam - You know, I have a history quiz and an art project.

Joan - Who cares?

Adam - Weren't you the one all into school?

Joan - That was yesterday. I'm sick of being the goody shoes girl.

Adam - Are you ok?

Joan - No. I'm crazy, remember?

Adam - No, that's not what I meant.

Joan - Just forget it.

Adam - I'm sorry.

Joan - No, no, it's just I come back and I'm supposed to pick my life up exactly the way it was before. [Sighs] What if I don't want my life to be the same? What if I-- what if I want it to be different?

Adam - Are you talking about us? 'Cause a minute ago you seemed pretty happy to see me.

Joan - I was. I am. I just-- forget it.

Adam - Ok, look, look, look. I promise that I will do something incredibly irresponsible with you this weekend, ok? Maybe we'll even wind up on cops.

Where they had stopped in the hall you can see a girl about Joan’s age wearing a bowler hat and she starts to yell.

Judith - Joan?! Oh, my god.

Joan - [Giggles] Oh, my god. Look at you! (Joan is touching Judith’s face and hair)

Judith - I got booted out of Clayton Country day.

Joan - After 10 days?

Judith - Well, I was already on probation and apparently they have this rule about not filling the evil math teacher's car with packing peanuts.

Joan - Look at you.

Judith - (after they had stopped their little girl chatter thing, she looks over) Oh, my god. Adam, right? He's just like you said. (extends her hand to shake his) I'm Judith Montgomery.

Adam - Oh, from camp. Yeah, Jane told me all about you.

Judith - "Jane." [Chuckles] I love it. People called us Joanith. We had this instant mind meld thing.

Joan - I can't believe you go to my school now.

Judith - I have to find AP physics.

Adam - That's where we're going.

Judith - Same classes? This is outrageous.

Joan - (They start walking down the hall) This is so cool.

Friedman - (who had just joined them, and noticed Judith) But soft, a new arrival in our happy realm. May I be thy guide, fair maiden?

Grace - (also, just joined them) I didn't know we had to do the questions in the back of the chapter.

Adam - Ms. Lischak wrote the assignment on the board. (He goes into class)

Grace - Thanks, Dad.

Judith - Grace, right?

Grace - Do we know her?

Joan - This is Judith. From camp. (Very excited) She goes here now.

Grace - So now I have to get to know another person now.

Friedman - [Clears throat] Hey, it was subtle, but she vibed me, right?

Later, in the book store. Joan is putting away books. There is a new manager now. He is just like Sammy. In fact, his name IS Sammy.

Sammy - Oh! Oh, hey. Alice in Quantumland is not in children's. Even simplistic writings on quantum theory would be found in science, which should be obvious, unless, of course, you don't even have a game show's knowledge of basic scientific terminology.

Joan - Hey, I take AP physics.

Sammy - Oh, which explains the outsourcing of jobs to India.

Joan - When is Sammy coming back?

Sammy - I am Sammy.

Joan - Which is weird, isn't it? Best friends, both Sammy, both like-- you know how you are. It's like there should be some mother ship someplace.

Sammy - Mm-hmm. The prior Sammy will return when his wife regains her sanity. So, I'd get used to me if I were you.

He leaves to bring Alice to the science section, leaving Joan to stock the shelves.

Voice - Psst! Psst!

Joan - (Bending down to see Judith peaking out through the shelves) What are you doing here?

Judith - (both standing up, talking over the shelves) This Saturday night, the 'rents are going out of town for the weekend for some conference, so it's party time.

Joan - They're really leaving you alone for the whole weekend?

Judith - They're shrinks, remember? They're all about giving me space and letting me learn from my mistakes.

Joan - But you just got expelled. I mean, you really want to risk getting in more trouble?

Judith - Look, at camp they told us we're supposed to find creative ways to integrate ourselves into our social environment, right?

Joan - Yeah. (she sees Old Lady God standing around by the counter)

Judith - So we're 16. Isn't this what we're supposed to do?

Joan - Hold that thought for one second. (She walks over to God) I told you I am done with you.

God - Oh, here's one of the books your mother wanted. Thoreau? Now, he believed that with a keen awareness of the natural world one could find truth.

Joan - You just can't stop, can you? (she opens the door and pushes god out) Get out. Out!

Sammy - What are you doing? Ms. Girardi!

Joan - She was stealing. (to god, down the street) Next time, I'll call the cops!

Sammy - Good work.

Joan - (To Judith as she leaves) Let's party.

Judith - Bye

Commercial break. When we come back, Joan and Kevin are in the garage. Kevin wants Joan to get a box off the top shelf.

Kevin - It's that one. (gives him the box and he rolls away)

Joan - (Jumps off the ladder) Hoo. Hmm. You're like a human dolly.

Kevin - Yeah, I have many new uses now.

Joan - Ahem. You know, I didn't mean to rag in you this morning. I was going for mom, and you just sort of got caught in the crossfire.

Kevin - (Going through the box. It is filled with his old high school sports stuff) It's cool. I think we're all pretty tightly wound.

Joan - So, um, what are you looking for?

Kevin - (Holds up his year book. Jefferson High School) This.

Joan - Cutting out pictures of Andy?

Kevin - I just need to see him. I need to see who the hell my best friend was.

Joan - He was a dork. He used to pick me up and spin me around over his head. I should have ralphed on him.

Kevin - You loved him. We all did.

Joan - He's a bastard now.

Kevin - Sure seems that way. I'm gonna go see him.

Joan - What?

Kevin - I need to find out why he's doing this.

Joan - Kevin, he's suing us. You can't go see him.

Kevin - Who says?

Joan - Like, every law show on TV.

Kevin - You won't tell mom and dad, will you?

Joan - Oh, yeah, I'm dying to get in the middle of this one.

They look over pictures in the year book. We cut out to Luke and Grace. They are sitting in a park listening to music, trying to find a song.

Grace - No, no, no. Hip-hop is supposed to be about defiance and social justice. This mainstream trash has totally sold out to the corporate rats.

Luke - Yeah, but the chorus has this addictive bass that's like--

Grace - next.

Luke - You're very intolerant.

Grace - High musical standards does not make me intolerant, dude.

Luke - Ok, um, let's delve into come classical selections.

Grace - What are you trying to do, kill me? Why don't we just start speaking in Latin?

Luke - Ok, that's it. I'm gonna listen to some of yours.

Grace - Ok, ok, chill with the caveman act. (She puts in a CD) 33 west. [Song playing] Indie group, totally downloadable. The people's music.

Luke - Sophomoric lyrics, stultifying melody. They sound like they recorded it over a telephone. They deserve their obscurity.

Grace - [Skips to next song] Olatunji: African drums.

Luke - (shakes his head) Pretentious attempt to co-opt another culture in order to hide your middle class roots.

Grace - You are going to be bleeding soon.

Luke - Feel the power of Metallica, master of puppets: The anthem of thrash metal.

Grace - Metallica? That sounds like a band with no hands.

Luke - Ok, you know what? I have a deep psychic connection with metallica, so tread lightly.

Grace - (getting frustrated) Look, dude, we tried, but music is vibrations, and my music is a representation of my inner vibrations.

Luke - And if we don't share a common rate of vibration, what do we have?

A Boom box playing kool and the gang's celebration walks by with a bunch of kids.

Both: At least you didn't bring that.

Luke - A shared experience of dissonance creates its own harmony.

Grace - What?

Luke - Harmonic resonance. It's one of the basic laws of physics. Our mutual hatred for kool and the gang has formed a harmonic union between us.

Grace - I think I feel it.

Luke - Grace... this is our song.

They start kissing and that takes us out to the next scene. Starts with Helen reading in bed and Will flossing his teeth.

Will - This little kid, 8 years old, caught a bullet meant for some gangbanger. Someone had to see.

Helen - They're probably terrified.

Will - So, they'll just let it happen again?

Helen - You really think it's that simple? Making the right moral choice in a world filled with violence and intimidation?

Will - Is that from one of your books?

Helen - Yeah. Sorry. It's Graham Greene again. He writes about god in a world of moral relativism.

Will - "Interesting," he said begrudgingly. Lot of books.

Helen - Lot of questions.

Will - Hey, you got the itty-bitty light.

Helen - Because I'm a wonderful woman, even though I believe in god. (Will throws the light down) What? I got the itty-bitty light.

Will - We thought we were on top of things, but look at us. Kevin's lawsuit, Joan's a new person every day. I feel like the people on that block. I can see everything happening, but I can't seem to do anything about it.

Helen - Joan's a teenager. We're supposed to be powerless.

Will - (picks up one of her books and flips through it) There should be answers in here. Hey, there's dirty stuff in here.

Helen - Moral issues.

Will - This is bait.

Helen - I hope so. (She kisses him)

Will - Will grapples with his moral quandary: (He kisses her) What to do next? Mmm, what to do?

Next day at school. Joan and Judith walk arm in arm.

Judith - I have everything we need at the house already-- chips, soda, beer, wine, some billion-proof tequila.

Joan - Bail money?

Judith - Hmm? Don't worry. I do this a lot.

Joan - (to Adam, who had just joined them) Hey. So I take it, you heard about the party? What time are you picking me up?

Adam - Oh, uh, I'm not sure I'm gonna make it.

Joan - What?! Adam, what? Do you have to work or something?

Adam - No.

Joan - Well, what?

Judith - Anhedonia.

Adam - What?

Judith - It's a psychological condition. The inability to gain pleasure from normally pleasurable experiences.

Adam - No. No, no, no, no. It's just, if the party gets busted, and my father finds out... he's been through a lot lately.

Joan - Adam, when was the last time we actually hung out and had fun?

Adam - You've been gone all summer. Look, can we just not talk about this here?

Joan - I'm just saying, you know? It's always something.

Judith - Maybe your relationship is based in crisis. You know, like, if you don't have a problem to deal with, you have no real connection.

Adam - I really feel weird talking about this with someone I've only known for a day, ok?

Judith - Sorry. My parents are shrinks.

Joan - You know, maybe she's right.

Adam - Fine. I'll talk to you about it later, ok? (He storms off)

Judith - You ok?

Joan - Yeah, (Joan throws her arm around Judith) it's his problem, right?

Cut off to Will at the station. Talking to Carlise about the case.

Will - What do we know?

Carlise - Still nothing. No one's talking.

Will - Funny how so many people can go blind at the same time.

Carlise - Yeah. (offers him candy) Peanut cluster? It's a real rush.

Will - You ever consider actual food?

Officer - Will? Woman to see you.

Will - (smiles - It’s Mary from the drive by) Nice to see you again.

Mary - This is who you want. (She hands him an old news paper clipping)

Will - These are kids.

Mary - It's the only picture I had, when they were 10. They still look the same. The bigger one's Ruben Holloway. The other's Deshawn Wallace. My nephew.

Will - Your nephew?

Mary - Yeah. I'm Mary Wallace. He was a sweet boy until his mama died. Went into foster care. I would've taken him in, but I had my own problems.

Carlise - Third street all-stars, they run corners on the east side. Heroin, crack, crystal-- whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Will - Did you see them shoot the boy?

Mary - Right in front of my house.

Will - You did the right thing, ms. Wallace.

Mary - If I had done the right thing, I'd have taken that boy in years ago, and none of us would be here right now.

Back to the high school. Joan is standing in a stair well talking on her phone.

Joan - Dr. Dan, I was supposed to come home feeling like I was enough, remember?

Dr. Dan - (On phone, very hard to hear) Joan, you aught to know not to expect immediate results.

Joan - You said I didn't need to see... [Whispering] You know who.

Dr. Dan - Wait a second. Does that mean you’re seeing…

Joan - No, I'm not saying that I have.

Dr. Dan - What about your journal?

Joan - Yeah, well, keeping a journal isn't helping.

Dr. Dan - Maybe you haven’t given it enough time.

Joan - (Has just seen Goth God standing a little ways down the hall. This has distracted her from her conversation) What? Uh, no. I'll keep writing about it.

Dr. Dan - Now remember.

Joan - (she cuts him off. Wants to get off the phone) Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know. I'm good enough. I gotta go. (Off the phone now, she goes to talk to god) Why can't you understand that you are screwing up my life? I just want to be like everyone else.

God - Do I really have to give you the snowflake speech?

Joan- I just want to go to Judith's party.

God - So go.

Joan - Go?

God - Sure.

Joan - What-- (God leaves as Adam comes over) "go." "Go," he says.

Adam - Hey, who were you talking to?

Joan - God. He's big into Marilyn Manson. It's a joke.

Adam - Oh. Uh... I--I didn't-- I didn't come to argue. I--I just... I love you, Jane. Let's go-- let's go have some fun. Ok?

They walk away and we go back to the station. The too gangsters are in hand cuffs.

Ruben - Why do you dudes always hassle the small businessman? That's why I vote republican. Dick Cheney, he knows what time it is.

Carlise - I thought convicted felons didn't get to vote.

Will - We got you as an accessory to murder, Deshawn, unless maybe you didn't know what old Ruben here had planned. Maybe he surprised you.

Ruben - Look, ain't nobody singing. Not d, not me.

Will - You sure? 'Cause we got an eyewitness that puts you both at the scene of the shooting in a shiny red 1964 impala convertible, shooting a glock 9.

Carlisle - Which we recovered 2 blocks from the scene.

Deshawn - You think it's over 'cause you grabbed us? Have you sniffed around here, seen what your people do?

Ruben - Shut your ass, D.

Will - What does that mean, d? You got something to say, say it.

Ruben - The only thing we got to say is "lawyer." Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.

They shut the cell door. Will and Carlise walk away.

Later that evening, we visit with Joan at work. She is sitting on the floor with her back propped up against a book shelf, reading a book.

Sammy - I hope you fell.

Joan - I'm on a break.

Sammy - Mmm, in the self-help section. You are the poster child for the intellectual decline of America.

Joan - Co-dependent no more-- it's very good. In order to find yourself, you have to sever connection with the people you allow to control you.

Sammy - Mmm. All I heard was, um, "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

Helen - Hi. (Joan gets up) Did you fall, honey?

Joan - No, I'm fine. Mom, what are you-- what are you doing here?

Helen - I need a book. This is a bookstore.

Sammy - Oh, well, I assume you're looking for something in this section?

Helen - Oh, no, um... I'd like Immanuel Kant's the metaphysics of ethics.

Sammy - (very impressed) Yes. Immanuel Kant. Uh, right away.

Joan - Wow. [Laughs] Hey. (Helen looks at the book she was looking at) Oh, yes...

Helen - you don't have to do it alone. If you need to talk...

Joan - mom, I'm fine, really. I have to go to work.

Helen - So, why don't we all go to Maria's for dinner? Chicken parmesan. It'll be fun.

Joan - Me and some friends are going to Judith's.

Helen - Well, maybe we'll go to Maria's next week.

Joan - Yeah, maybe next week. (Helen gets a very happy smile on her face) What?

Helen - Nothing. I was just remembering pushing you on a swing. Silly, isn't it?

We leave them there and Join Kevin as he goes to talk to Andy. Andy is washing windows when Kevin comes up. At first, it is like Andy doesn’t notice Kevin. After a few moments, he does.

Andy - You're not supposed to be here, man.

Kevin - I called you. Why wouldn't you talk to me?

Andy - They said I wasn't allowed.

Kevin - Me, too.

Andy - So why'd you drive 4 hours to see me?

Kevin - I read the suit. Said you were in bad shape. I wanted to see if there was anything I could do.

Andy - I have nightmares. I'm a damn window washer. (getting emotional)

Kevin - You want to trade places?

Andy - I got to work.

Kevin - Are you gonna ask how I'm doin'?

Andy - Why the hell are you doing this to me, man?

Kevin - Because you were my best friend, and now you want to ruin my family?

Andy - My parents said it was just insurance. That's all.

Kevin - You're blaming your parents? You're 20, dude!

Andy - Dude, (Shouting) I'm messed up, Kev! Ok? You don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't see you lying in blood all broken?!

Kevin - (Shouting) And a big screen and a trip to the Bahamas is gonna make that all go away? (Even louder) I gotta try that. (He rolls away and the next few lines are Andy shouting after him)

Andy - I was wasted off my ass, dude! You weren't! You should've taken the keys, kev! You could have! Why do I have to live with all the guilt, huh? You should've taken those keys, kev!

Commercial Break again. The party is in full swing when we come back.

Joan and Judith are walking, arm in arm again. Judith has a big bottle of some sort of alcohol. She is very drunk already. Joan takes a swig of it, but doesn’t like it much. Adam is walking behind them. He seems a little out of place.

Joan - Yee-ha!

Judith - Ow! Joanith in the hisouse! Comin' through! Joanith comin' through! Whoo!

Joan - Ah. Come on, Adam, shake that booty.

Judith - I'm so happy we're all together. I mean, we've got this connection. (She puts her arm around Adam’s neck) Don't you feel it? Like we've known each other forever.

Adam - Yeah.

Judith - God, my old friends, the creeps at my old school were such poseurs. (She shouts at a guy who is at the party) Why are you crashin' my party? They're just using me!

Both Joan and Judith - Poseurs! Poseurs! Poseurs! Poseurs!

Adam - (Notice, Joan, not Jane) Joan, Joan, Joan...

Joan - what?

Judith - You guys... I love you guys!

Friedman - Does that include my, my sweet?

Judith - (goes over to Friedman) Jon Cryer! Pretty in pink! I've always love you, Duckie. (She plants a big kiss right on his lips)

Joan - (Grabs her arm again, Adam is again walking behind them) Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Hey, don't you think you should just pace yourself just a little bit?

Judith - You're tryin' to kill my buzz, dude. It's only 8:00!

Joan- All right. Party on.

Judith - (Grabs another bottle of the same stuff she was drinking.. Then, to Adam) You have got to tell me everything about you and jo-jo.

Friedman - Uh...the Friedman?

He goes after them.

Outside, Grace is sitting in a hammock. Luke comes over.

Luke - High school house party-- a primordial soup of hormonally charged organisms just longing for a lightning bolt and a little innocent mitosis. (He sits down in the hammock)

Grace - Dude, article 3, paragraph 2: Parties, no contact or communication.

Grace leaves Luke sitting in the hammock alone. Next is Joan and Judith. They both get on a trampoline.

Judith - [Screaming and giggling] Yee-ha! Yee-ha! Come on, now! Yee-ha! Yee-ha! Come on, now! Come on!

Adam walks away and Joins Grace.

Grace - If she had an off switch, I'd use it.

A silent shot of Adam opening the CD player and popping in Celebration (better known as Luke and Grace’s song). There is a cute shot of Luke looking out a window at Grace. She turns around to see him.. Then gets up and goes to find him.

After their trampoline fun, Joan finds Adam sitting alone.

Joan - Hi. (she tries to kiss him, but he pulls away) What?

Adam - Nothing. It's just… (She tries to kiss him again) you know, it's just not private.

Joan - (sits on his lap and tries to kiss him again) Come on.

Adam - Can you please stop? Please.

Judith - (Poking her head over the top of his chair) You're makin' me jealous. (She sees a look on Adam’s face that says “Get lost” so she gets up and makes the “don’t let me intrude face”)

Adam - Would you get off me, please?

Joan - (Adam gets up to leave) What's your problem, Adam? Why can't you just loosen up for once?

Adam - (He stops.. Very pissed at her now) Is this what you want, or is this just the official Joanith party line?

Joan - I knew you didn't like her.

Adam - that's not true. I--I--I...

Joan - you don't know what she means to me. This summer, I didn't know if I was insane or what. I would just lie there on my stupid, saggy bed and cry, and she was the only one who cared.

Adam - And I'm glad she was there for you, but why does that mean you have to turn into someone else? I mean, what happened to Jane?

Joan - I'm not Jane, ok? The name is Joan! I just want to be who I am, and not who everyone else wants me to be!

Adam - Fine. Fine, then don't let me get in the way, ok?

Joan walks away. As she is walking, she sees cute boy god at the party.

Judith - (He second bottle is almost gone) Hey. Where'd beautiful boy go?

Joan - Who cares? Whoa! Did you really drink that whole bottle?

Judith - Last shot, all jo-jo's. No. No, I'm cool.

Judith looses her balance and Joan catches her.

Joan - Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok, do you really think you should be drinking this much?

Judith - Um... buzz kill. Go. Jo-jo find boy-boy. One of us should get some lovin'. Go, go.

Joan leaves as Judith finishes the bottle and we cut away to Grace and Luke making out.

Grace - You put it on repeat in an attempt to circumvent our 5-minute make-out rule.

Luke - Free will between the amorous parties supersedes contractual duty, rendering our agreement void ab bi nitio.

Grace - You're impaired, dude.

Luke - Caveat emptor. I have grounds to renegotiate.

They start making out again. Joan goes onto the porch.

Joan - Adam, I'm sorry! Adam. (She sees Glynis making out with a hottie) Glynis! Have you seen Adam?

Glynis - Just Sean. We spent the summer doing cellular research at Stanford. (the go back to their make out)

Back in the house, Grace and Luke have finished making out. Grace walks into the living room and sees Judith laying on the floor. The bottle is on top of her.

Grace - Judith? Judith! (sees something is wrong) Judith! Hey! Judith! Hey, Judith! (Tries to shake her awake and Looks in her eyes, but they wont stay open) Judith!

Friedman - Back off, Marge. She's mine.

Grace - Did she finish this whole bottle in an hour?

Friedman - Is that even possible?

Grace - Yeah, if you want to die! Judith! Judith! (to Friedman) Call 911! Do it, freak! Judith! Judith!

A few minutes later, Joan is sitting on the bench outside and sees the E.M.T’s pull up. She is worried that something happened to Adam.

Joan - Adam? Adam!

Grace - (Comes to the door) She's in here!

Joan - Wait, who? What's going on? What's happening?

Grace - Judith.

They both run inside. Joan is looking at her friend laying on the floor. Cute boy god comes over with a frown on his face. He is clearly not happy to have to give her the following information.

Joan - (to god) Oh, my god. Why are you letting this happen? Do something!

God - Keep your eyes open. That's all I asked. (He’s got that sad sound in his voice like he wishes there was something he could do)

Joan - Oh, you're blaming me for this? No way are you blaming me!

She yells this last line at him as he leaves and we go to commercial break.

When we come back, it is later that night in the Girardi Kitchen. Kevin is eating something when Joan comes in.

Joan - Hey.

Kevin - Hey.

Joan - Ew, that's gross.

Kevin - It is. (this is not a question, he knows it is gross)

Joan - Can I have some?

Kevin - Sure. I hear you and Luke are grounded.

Joan - Yep.

Kevin - Dad seemed almost relieved that Luke did something so normal-bad-kid-like.

Joan - What did he say about me?

Kevin - Oh, they just think you're nuts. So, uh... that girl's gonna be ok.

Joan - Yep. She almost died, though. Did you talk to Andy?

Kevin - Oh, yeah. We had a lovely chat... that mom and dad will never hear about.

Joan - I know. I know.

Kevin - Remember how I thought it was crazy for him to sue us?

Joan - Yeah.

Kevin - Now I don't know. Hilarious, huh? I mean, I always thought Andy was the moron for driving that night.

Joan - He was. You don't drive drunk.

Kevin - Sure. But I could have stopped him. Would have been easy.

Joan - Kevin, it's not your fault, ok? Andy has to take responsibility for what he did. You shouldn't have gone to see him.

She gets up and walks away. We know she is more mad about letting Her friend and God down then she is about Andy. (Though, she is mad about Andy too) I think this is the moment when she realises that God never asked her to do things that would hurt her. He only wants to help and make her life better. I is my opinion, that this is the moment she starts to regrets the last few months of denial.

The next day, Will answers the door and Carlise is standing there. He looks a little worse for wear.

Will - Carlisle, come in.

Carlisle - They said not to bother you on your day off, but I thought you'd...

Will - what? What is it?

Carlisle - There's been some trouble, Will.

Cut to a TV news report. A building is in flames.

Reporter - Neighbours say Ms. Wallace had lived in the neighbourhood for over 30 years. The cause of the fire is suspicious, and sources told reporters that Wallace had agreed to testify in a drive-by--

Will - no! Damn it, no!

Joan - What happened?

Helen - A woman your father was working with, a witness to a murder, was killed.

Will - And I pushed her to get involved. It was the right thing to do.

Will - She's dead, Helen.

Joan focused on the TV. I wonder if she thinks this could have been prevented. In any case, Joan must be thinking that so many bad things are happening since she stopped believing. The only reason I say this, is because of the melt-down she has in the finale scene.

So, Joan goes to see Judith at the hospital. She has a monitor hooked up to her and breathing tubes.

Joan - Hey.

Judith - [Weakly] Joanith in the hisouse.

Joan - Where are your parents?

Judith - Um... uh... my father's giving a speech tonight at Shrinkapalooza.

Joan - Oh. What?

Judith - You look worse than me.

Joan - I should have taken that bottle away from you.

Judith - This is my thing... not yours.

Joan - No, it doesn't work like that. It doesn't work if everyone is alone, you know? I was supposed to keep my eyes open. I didn't know what that meant, even though everything was right there in front of me, and Kevin and Andy and you and the party, and I almost let you die anyway. And Adam dumped me, and then dad and the lady who did what she was supposed to do and got killed, and even though I see now I probably sent the cosmos spinning off course, and we're all gonna end up sucked into a black hole, and there'll be no more world, and I'm just really, really... I'm really sorry, Judith.

She stops talking when she realises that Judith is asleep. She leaves and runs into Adam at the hospital hallway.

Joan - Hey. What are you doing here?

Adam - I was just on my way to work. I figured you'd be here, checking in on her.

Joan - Yeah, she's sleeping. The doctor said she'd be out in a couple of days, so...

Adam - just glad you didn't like the taste.

Joan - [Laughs] Yeah. Me, too. You know, I thought when you left... that you had left me.

Adam - Nothing's ever been that easy with us, Joan.

Joan - Jane. Look... I didn't really want you to shake your booty.

Adam - That would have been ugly.

Joan - I was just trying to figure out... who I wanted to be. You know, like what kind of person. I didn't want anyone else to tell me.

Adam - I know.

Joan - Do you know who you are?

Adam - You know, I don't try to figure it out really.

Joan - Maybe it's not important, you know? It's about what we do for each other, isn't it?

Adam - Jane. (He give her a kiss) Maybe, uh... maybe I can call in sick. We can take off to mercer creek.

Joan - No, I, um... she's alone. I should just stay here until she wakes up. But we'll have plenty of time to spend together, right?

Adam - Yeah. Lots.

Joan - Ok. (She sees Old Lady God, who is candy striping at the hospital) You should go. I don't want you to be late.

Adam - Ok.

He gives her a quick kiss and Joan goes over to God

Joan - You should have been more specific. You could have made me.

God - I can only point things out, give you choices.

Joan - (Starts to cry) But what if I mess up again? I don't want to mess up again. (She is balling now.)

God - (offering her a shoulder to cry on and a big comforting hug) Come here. I know. I know. Shh. I know that. Shh. I know. Shh.

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