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#119 : La Leçon de piano

Dieu demande à Joan de prendre des cours de piano, ce qui va lui fournir l'occasion d'aider son professeur à se réconcilier avec son passé. Quant à Iris, elle commence à se poser des questions sur le rapprochement de Joan et Adam...


Titre VO
Do the Math

Titre VF
La Leçon de piano

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Première diffusion en France

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Scénariste : Antoinette Stella

Réalisateur : Rob Morrow

Guests :

Russ Tamblyn (Dieu - Promeneur de Chien)
John Ross Bowie (M. Campbell)
Louise Fletcher (Eva)
Bradley White (Richard Girardi)
Mitch Longley (Barry "The Bear" Caldwell)
Misti Traya (Iris)
Ben Siegler (Dr. Rodney Hughes)
Svetlana Efremova (Médecin)
Maury Ginsberg (Dieu - raccordeur de Piano)

Joan walking down the street trying to figure out her math problems. She is holding a stack of paper.

Joan: (muttering to herself) Draw lines from each vortex to its opposite vertex, dividing the hexagon into equal triangles--" blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. I'll do that once you learn English.

A boy goes by on a skateboard (He screams watch It) and knocks all her papers flying. He says sorry as he skates away quickly

Joan: Thank you... Very much (She struggles to pick up her papers) very much. (all these dogs come over and start messing up her notes) Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Dog Walker God: Come on, boys. Come on. Come on. You got to look where you're going, Joan.

Joan: Thanks for the lecture. It helps right now.

God: You got a "d" on your geometry test, huh?

Joan: Yes! A "d"-- and now the dogs are actually eating my homework. What is this? Take a cosmic dump on Joan day?

God: Hey. You know, I'm helping you pick up your stuff here. You're not being very appreciative.

Joan: You want some appreciation? Ease up on the homework and the tests. Maybe toss a lightning bolt at that twerp on the skateboard.

God: (They both get up) Actually, I was thinking more about, uh... (he motions with his fingers like hes playing piano) piano lessons.

Joan: Do you see all this, all-seeing one, huh? I have a Noah's ark-load of homework already.

God: Joan, take piano lessons. Oh, you'll figure it out. (he points to a sign on a house next to them that say Piano Lessons, No Kids)

Joan: No, I won't!

God walks away and Joan sighs. The opening credits start to play and we go to a commercial break (just for anyone who wonders, Christopher is still not in the opening credits - maybe next season) We come back Joan is going to ask for Piano Lessons. The porch of this old house is over run by flowers and vines. She knocks on the door

Old woman: What do you want?

Joan: Piano lessons.

Woman: Why? Your parents forcing you?

Joan: No.

Woman: Than why?

Joan: Because I used to play when I was little, and I miss it. (The woman sighs) Because someone very important Thought I was good at eensie weensie spider. How many reasons do you need?

Woman: 50. You got 50 bucks?

Joan: 50?

Woman: Yeah. That'll barely cover the scotch I'll need after listening to another kid butcher Bach.

Joan: 50 bucks might be a little bit of a problem. Maybe--

The woman slams the door in Joans face. Joan knocks again.

Woman: what?!

Joan: Look, I could pay you off a little bit every week. Well, maybe I could work for the lessons, you know? Help you...clean?

Woman: You saying I keep a dirty house?

Joan: No. No--I was just saying, you know, maybe I could help you make it... even cleaner.

Woman: Tomorrow. 4:30. Bring your old exercise books. And if I have nothing to build on, you're out on your keister. (She slams the door again)

Joan: Well, you don't have to slam the door in my face. It's not very nice!

Woman: Get off my porch!

Back at the Girardi house, Kevin is lying on his stomach and Luke has a dart in his mouth.

Luke: You sure you want me to do this?

Kevin: Come on. Independent research. It's your kind of thing.

Luke: Sticking a dart in my brother's butt is a lot of things, but it's definitely not my kind of thing.

Kevin: Ready?

Luke: Not really, but...yes.

Kevin: Now remember, keep your mouth shut about this.

Luke: You think this is something I'd publicize?

Kevin: Ok. Let me have it... but don't tell me when.

Luke: Ohh, this is uncomfortable on so many levels.

Kevin: ow (very quietly - wow! Kevin felt it)

Luke: I'm sorry. Ive never put a dart in someones (he kind of trails off)

Kevin: No... it's great. I felt it. I actually felt it. Whoo!

Luke: Whoo!

At school (I wonder why Luke wasnt at school) Joan walks into the math class to find Adam talking to Iris. He is wearing this very bold retro shirt. Very unlike Adam)

Joan: What's this? Crazy shirt day? 'Cause you are totally winning.

Adam: Uh, Iris gave it to me.

Joan: Oh. So this is A...choice.

Iris: It's vintage. It still has the original tag.

Joan: You look like an escapee from a VH-1 special.

Iris: You think the JC Penney Hoodies were a good look for a?

Joan: They were Adam. This is not.

Adam: I like it, Jane.

Joan: No, you don't. You can't, unless you're... blind...or... (she lips the word HER and points to Iris)

Iris: I can't help it if you don't get fashion.

The teacher comes in.

Joan: (whispers) I just think you should let a be Adam... ok, I?

Teacher: Ms. Girardi, glad to hear you talking about "a". Approach the board, please. The Pythagorean theorem: Show us. (Joan stands at the board) Start with "a", then square it.

Joan: Um, Pythagorean. That's... someone from... Pythagoria? (The class laughs)

Teacher: Pythagoras, the granddaddy of geometry, taught us that all life is connected through math. The study of prime and square numbers not only built the basics of geometry, but also music, astronomy--

Joan: this is about music?

Teacher: My, showing some interest, Ms. Girardi. Finally trying to-- I don't know-- pass the class, are we?

Joan: I'm gonna pass. Then show us that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the sides squared.

Joan: (looks confused) I can add fractions. (Students laugh)

Teacher: Good.

Later, after school, Joan and Grace are at Joans house trying to find her old music books for the piano class. (Not to spoil anyone, but this is the only scene we see grace in for this episode)

Joan: How am I ever gonna find my old piano books in all this garbage? God, my mom keeps everything. Do you know that she kept my first shirt that I spit up on? "Ooh. Vomit. How cute."

Grace: What's up with the piano? Don't you have enough going on?

Joan: Too much.

Grace: So you're gonna pile more on? Trying to get your mind of Rove is making you goofy, dude.

Joan: My mind is not on Adam, ok? It's just his new disco-look that really got to me. How could he let Iris pick out those clothes?

Grace: She probably does it after they make out, (Joan sighs) you know, when he has no will of his own.

Joan: Bad image. Very bad image.

Grace: It's the truth. Dangle even the most remote possibility of sex before a guy, they're your slaves. Didn't you ever see the movie Queen of Outer space with Zsa Zsa gabore?

Joan: Why would I?

Grace: Rent it. Brilliant cautionary tale. Now if you were willing to, uh--

Joan: I told you Adam and I are over.

Grace: Yeah, That's why you don't care what he wears, or, uh...

Joan: don't you have a Hebrew class you should be at?

Grace: Yeah. Why do you think I'm here?

Joan: (picks up a very old picture of her father) Aw! These are dad.

Grace: He looks about 6 in this picture, and already he's dressed like a cop.

Joan: That's because his dad was a cop. Look at this picture. Look. this is him in high school. (she moves the picture around like its dancing) Afro. Afro.

Grace: And Rove's shirt.

Joan: Wow. This is a letter from my grandfather. He died when I was little. "Dear will, I hope they are not working you too hard at the police academy. I have been missing you, and I'm sorry about everything with Richard. I understand how angry you are, but he's just a boy. Please don't blame him."

Helen: (comes in and interrupts the letter) What are you doing?

Joan: Digging out my old piano books. I'm taking lessons.

Helen: Piano?

Joan: Don't ask. I'm just into piano again, ok? So...who is this Richard, and why was grandpa worried that dad would be mad at him?

Helen: (Helen takes the letter, looks at it for a minute and then shrugs) Got me. Oh, um... (Helen fishes out the books Joan was looking for)

Joan: oh--ugh. (there is a baby sleeper stuck inside and she throws it back into the box)

Helen: Hey. (she says this in a cuter voice like she was talking to a little baby) That is your little onesey. That is the first thing that you.

Joan: yeah, we know. It's a real national treasure.

Helen: Ok. Gotta go. I got A... the chicken, I don't want it to burn.

Joan: That was weird, huh?

Grace: Total parental cover-up. They all turn into fascists when they have kids.

Joan pulls out the pictures again and looks at them. Her mother took the letter so she cant read any more.

The next scene is Joan taking Piano lessons. She plays the eensie weensie spider as the teacher drinks. Messes up a few notes and then.

Teacher: Stop! In the name of all that's holy, stop!

Joan: I--I thought I was doing good.

Teacher: So I'm blind, and you're deaf.

Joan: Come on. I already cleaned out your fridge, and there was... something moving in there. You owe me.

Teacher: Just try not to damage one of the few senses I have left. (she plays a bit more, doesnt miss any notes) Where is the feeling for the notes you're playing? You know, without that, you make noise... not music. (The teacher sits down and plays the same song but with a lot more interest, it doesnt sound like a little kid song)

Joan: Wow. That was-- that was great.

Teacher: No one likes a suck-up. So just play, and those are quarter notes, not half notes. You can count, can't you? (Joan plays and does really well, adds in the left hand and everything, then the timer dings) Thank god. You can start by dusting the piano, and then take out the garbage.

Joan: You could have at least let me finish. I was in the zone. That was pretty clear.

She finds a picture of the old woman sitting at a piano.

Joan: How old are you here?

Teacher: Younger.

Joan: You look happy... and pretty. I mean, you still are...pretty.

Teacher: Yeah. I'm Jayne Mansfield.

Joan: Who?

Teacher: Forget it. Just clean.

Joan: You know, you don't have very good people skills.

Teacher: Then why don't you just leave. Forget the lessons.

Joan: (she mutters to herself) God only knows.

Later, Kevin goes to the doctors office to see if the dart he felt had any importance in a medical standpoint.

Doctor: Those feelings are peripheral, Kevin. They don't involve your central nervous system. It doesnt mean youll walk.

Kevin: How can you be sure about that? You also told me that I wouldn't get any feeling at all down there. You were wrong about that, weren't you?

Doctor: Given your history, I said the odds weren't in your favour.

Kevin: That's no answer. You sound like you're running for president. These feelings I had, they were real. So that has to mean something.

Doctor: I know how much you want this to be a sign--

Kevin: I don't want a miracle from you. I just want some answers. I want to deal with someone who knows what they're talking about.

Doctor: We're still learning so much about spinal cord injuries--

Kevin: yeah, well, I want someone who knows more than you.

Doctor: I'll send your records to Martin Jacobson. He's head of neurology at arcadia general.

Kevin: I'll find my own guy.

At home, Joan is playing piano, Helen is making dinner and Kevin is setting the table.

Kevin: Why is she doing this?

Helen: I've learned with your sister, it's best not to ask. She might try to explain. (there is a horrible sound like someone is slamming their head into the piano keys and pressing 5 off notes at once.

Kevin: Maybe she broke it.

Helen: Hey, you know, the insurance company called. They said you were asking for a second opinion, and they need to pre-approve it.

Kevin: Ok. I'll take care of it.

Helen: What is it? Why do you need a second opinion?

Kevin: I'm ok, mom. I can take care of it.

Joan: (In from the piano room) What's wrong? Is something wrong?

Will: (in from outside) Was someone playing the piano? I thought I heard--

Kevin: pounding? You heard pounding.

Joan: I'm doing a lot better.

Kevin: At pounding.

Will: I thought you hated the piano.

Joan: You want me to do well in math, don't you?

Helen: See? This is why I don't ask.

Luke: Well, all music is based on the mathematical certainty that vibrations change when the ratio between whole numbers change.

Joan: Ah. And Joan flunks math. (to Kevin) So what's wrong with you, anyway?

Will: Something wrong?

Kevin: No. I'm fine. Everything's fine.

Joan: Did we join the CIA and I just didn't get the note?

Helen: What are you talking about?

Joan: Secret doctors, the mysterious Richard.

Luke: Who?

Joan: Some relative of dad's that mom won't talk about.

Helen: Joan

Will: Why are you asking about Richard?

Helen: She found a letter in one of those boxes in the closet.

Will: What was it doing there?

Joan: So who is he? A criminal? A pervert? What?

Will: No one. A distant relative.

Joan: He's a Girardi?

Will: Yeah. I told you. A distant relative. I barely knew him.

Joan: Grandpa said in the letter you were mad at him.

Will: You know, stuff happens when you're young. Can we eat? I didn't have any lunch.

Commercial break and we cut to later that evening as Helen and Will get ready for bed.

Will: I thought we threw all this stuff out a long time ago.

Helen: Well, I figured someday you might want to look back.

Will: Why would I want to look back at Richard? For what reason? You should have thrown it all out, Helen.

Helen: Why did you leave it all up to me? I never liked getting dragged into this lie.

Will: It's not a lie. It's just a part of my life that's over. My family, the family I have now, that's what matters to me. Thats all that matters to me now.

Helen: And what if Joan asks again? I don't want to lie.

Will: If you don't bring it up, she won't. I'll just throw out all the rest of this stuff myself.

The next day at school, Joan is going into the music room to play the piano. She finds Adam there going through the records.

Joan: Hey.

Adam: Hey.

Joan: What are you doing?

Adam: Well, the upside of schools not having any money, they still have all this dope old vinyl. I'm getting some Miles Davis for Iris. She's never heard him.

Joan: Is that that trumpet guy you played me?

Adam: Yeah. Here, check it out. Original pressing. 1961.

Joan - It's cool. Well, I have to practice the piano, so try not to listen.

Adam: (He starts to leave) I was just heading out.

Joan: Adam, I'm sorry for attacking your shirt. (He stops) I was just a little... you know, shocked at the whole fashionista thing and had this involuntary doofus response. But the shirts look great. Makes you easy to find in a crowd. (he rolls his eyes) I did it again.

Adam: Listen, what are we, Jane? I mean, we're not together, but it seems like we are sometimes.

Joan: I don't know. Maybe it's because we were for, like, a second.

Adam: Yeah.

Joan: I don't wanna mess things up with you and Iris. I-- I, um--I have to... Practice.

Adam: Sure. Later, Jane.

Adam leaves and Joan does a scale on the piano but some keys arent working. She stops, takes the music book off the piano and tries to fix it herself. The front panel falls off.

Man: Whoa! Having trouble?

Joan: Yeah, this piano is pretty messed up.

Man: Well, that's why I'm here, Joan.

Joan: Oh. You. [Sighs]

God: Oh, wow. Some of these hammers are broken. That's why it doesn't sound right. You can't play all the notes.

Joan: Yeah, well, you can raise people from the dead, so just... wave your hand and fix the stupid piano.

God: You want special effects, rent lord of the rings. I'm a craftsman, and fixing a piano's delicate work. This one has been... badly neglected.

Joan: Yeah, well, budget cutbacks. You should see the girls bathroom.

God: There's all sorts of reasons why things break. The important thing is to fix 'em. Plato said music is the essence of order and leads to all that is good, true, and beautiful.

Joan: Ok, so now you're quoting Mickey Mouse's dog. Ok.

God: Music can't be true if some of the notes are silent.

Joan: You're like an endless pop quiz. Music is a metaphor for life, for people. Because pretty much everyone I know is missing a few notes.

God: I have to go to my truck for new hammers. You should find someplace else to practice.

Joan: That's it?!

After Joan practices, she finds Luke in the hallway.

Joan: Luke, you have to help me track down this Richard Girardi guy.

Luke: Joan, that would irrational in the extreme. Dad's behaviour made it quite clear he didn't want this to become an issue.

Joan: I'm pretty sure his hammer is broken and how can he play music without all his notes? So you have to help me find Richard.

Luke: There was so little of that that I understood.

Joan - Look, just get on the internet, kick your geek thing into action and find Richard Girardi.

Luke: Joan, you remember watching the godfather with dad? He thinks it's a documentary. You do not mess around with Italians and their families.

Joan: You know what? If you don't help me, I'm gonna tell mom that you and Glynis are knockin' boots, and she's gonna give you the sex lecture every day for months.

Luke: That would be spurious, manipulative fiction, and--

Joan: (mocking Helens voice) Luke, when two people love each other very much--

Luke: I'll see what I can find.

After school Joan goes back to take another music lesson.

Joan: No, I'm sorry. This was supposed to be an F sharp. I know. I know. I practiced. It's just scales are so hard.

Teacher: Those aren't scales. That's Bach.

Joan: Then I guess I'm not good at Bach.

Teacher: Well, if you can't play Bach, you can't play anything. He's the foundation. What you're destroying is nothing more than a g major triad. Some times its inverted but the notes are always the same.(she takes the keys and plays a really nice melody.) 1-3-5. 1-3-5.

Joan: (whispers to herself) A squared plus b squared equals c squared. Pythagoras.

Teacher: What are you mumbling?

Joan: I just-- I get it.

Teacher: You can't just get it. It takes years of practice. This lesson is over.

Joan: Well, I still have 5 minutes.

Teacher: (winds the egg timer so it dings) Now start clearing out that closet.

Joan: (cleaning out the closet) What about all these old albums?

Teacher: Just toss 'em.

Joan: You don't listen to any of them?

Teacher: I can't even see what's on them. The radio's all I need now.

Joan: These are so old.

Teacher: Yeah, just like me. And one day, they're gonna toss me, too.

Later that evening Joan is practicing her piano at home. Luke comes into the room.

Joan: Do you realize the ratio of whole numbers that governs harmony is, like, the same ratio that governs all of geometry?

Luke: Of course.

Joan: well you cant play eensie weensie spider. Dork!

Luke: You know, I would appreciate a little consideration and respect. I've discovered the elusive Richard Girardi.

Joan: Oh, I meant dork in a nice way. Really.

Luke: Found a genealogy website. There's grandpa, and there's dad and Richard.

Joan: Dr. Richard Girardi. Wow. Grandpa had a brother.

Luke: Dad does. He's 10 years younger. He lives in Baltimore.

Joan: That's impossible.

Luke: No. No. (shows her on the graph) See, grandpa remarried after he left grandma. I'm sure he had his reasons. (Joan gets up) What are you doing?

Joan: (goes over to the phone) For Baltimore, please. Dr. Richard Girardi.

Luke: You're gonna be sleeping with the fishes.

Joan: Shh! Uh, yes, connect me.

Luke: Joan, in the pantheon of bad ideas that compromises your life this may be your crowing achievement.

Joan: (on phone) Hi, is Dr. Richard Girardi there? Oh. Could I leave a message? Yes, tell him that Joan Girardi called.

We go to a commercial break on this very tense note.

When we come back we are in Adams room or Adams garage (I cant really tell which) Joan is there trying to play a record.

Joan: You're the only one I know with a record player, so--

Adam: man, this stuff's in great shape. Too bad it's all classical.

Joan: Yeah. Wait, hold on. Let me see that. (Adam hands her the record) This is Eva. This is her playing.

Adam: Your teacher?

Joan: Yeah. Can we listen to it?

Adam: Yeah. (he puts on the record and then makes an awkward move with the zipper of his hoodie because he is not sure if he wants to let Joan see he is wearing the Iris Shirt] It's cool. (Joan sits down)

Joan: It's Bach. I can't believe she ever looked this beautiful.

Adam: Well, I guess everybody gets old, huh?

Joan: It's not just that. I mean, she's sour on the inside. Maybe it's all the scotch.

Adam: Or, you know, uh... bad ripples.

Joan: Yeah.

Adam sits down and they listen to the music for a while. Then Joan looks out of the corner of her eye at Adam.

Joan: I'll let you get back to Miles Davis. (She gets up)

Adam: No, uh... you don't have to go. (Joan is almost crying) What's up?

Joan: I just found out that my dad has a brother he never told us about.

Adam: Wow.

Joan: Yeah. I found this letter and she totally denied it. And then I asked my dad and he said it was some distant cousin. (she sits down again) My parents, lying to my face. What's so hard about telling the truth?

Adam: I don't think we'll ever understand 'em. (Adam moves his hand from his lap to hold hers. Its slow and kind of nervous and you can tell that its not a friend holding another friends hand, but something more) Let's never be like that.

Joan: What if it just happens? Like skin getting all wrinkly?

Adam: We won't let it.

They get really close and are looking very far into each others eyes. We know they would kiss if it wasnt for...

Iris: Coucou, cheri-- (She bursts into the room and knows she has almost walked in on something. Adam and Joan both jump to their feet) sorry.

Adam: Hey.

Joan: Hey. Hi. I, um, I was just, um... listening to A's turntable. This is my piano teacher. Who knew she could play. I gotta... I gotta go. Later.

Adam: Yeah. See ya later.

Joan rushes out.

The next thing we know she is knocking on Evas door.

Eva: Go Away!

Joan: It's me! Joan! (she walks in)

Eva: What the hell do you want? You don't have a lesson now.

Joan: I just wanted to give this back to you. It was in the box of records you asked me to throw out.

Eva: Well, then, throw it out.

Joan: But--but this is you.

Eva: I asked you to leave. Now leave.

At school the next day in the Math Class.

Teacher: Quizzes are graded. Pick them up on your way out. (to Joan) Struggling upwards from the ooze, are we, Ms. Girardi?

Joan: Yeah, I just totally got into this whole ratio thing--

Teacher: (cutting her off) the bell's already rung.

She leaves the class and Iris catches up with her.

Iris: Hey.

Joan: Hey. Can you believe this? (shows her the test)

Iris: "C." Bummer.

Joan: Plus. C-plus.

Iris: Can I talk to you a sec?

Joan: Yeah, what's going on?

Iris: I know you and Adam are friends, and I'm not trying to interfere or anything--

Joan: is this about last night? I just, I needed to listen to this record.

Iris: Just be straight with me, ok? That's all I'm asking. Is something going on?

Joan: Look, Adam's my friend. I needed someone to talk to. You have friends like that, right?

Iris: Yeah, one. And I'm going out with him.

Joans cell phone rings and she answers it.

Joan: Joan's pizza. Yeah, that's a joke.

Voice: Joan Girardi?

Joan: Yeah, this is me.

Voice: This is Richard Girardi.

To dinner that evening. Joan is kinda spacey as her mother asks her questions.

Helen: So how'd the geometry quiz go? Joan?

Joan: Hmm? Oh. Uh... c-plus.

Helen: Hey, that's terrific.

Will: A "c" is not terrific.

Joan: Plus. C-plus.

Kevin: How come when I got a "c" in trig, it was, like, a major crisis?

Luke: Sexist assumptions about gender and mathematics. Which, by the way, Glynis is a stunning exception to.

Joan: (changing the subject) Dad's brother called me today.

Will: What did you say?

Joan: (with a laugh) Richard called me today.

Kevin: Who?

Joan: Our uncle Richard. Dad's brother.

Luke: Half. He's a half-uncle.

Will: You dragged Luke in on this?

Joan: Don't you think we all had a right to know?

Helen: Honey--

Joan: were you planning on lying to us our whole lives?

Will: I never lied to you.

Joan: Mom lied to my face the other day. "Who's Richard?" "Gee, I don't know."

Helen: I was respecting your father's wishes.

Joan: About lying to us.

Will: You had no right, Joan.

Joan: This is my family, too. My history. I know you didn't want us to find out, but he's a part of who you are, dad.

Will: He's not any part of me. Richard-- it's been years and years. None of this matters.

Joan: Yes, it does! I saw the pictures of you two.

Will: You shouldn't have gone looking--

Joan: (half crying half yelling at her father) for what?! Things in my house? Remember the one with you and Richard on the bike? You must. You saved it. I know having a brother is not that great, but the way... you looked together--

Will: look... there's a lot-- my old man took off and left my mom and my sister and me. I was 6. You know that. And then he had this whole other family. Richard was their son. I used to go there when I was little... When everyone felt civilised about the mess he had made. But then I grew up, and I started looking at his new family, and seeing everything they had and what we had to do without.

Joan: That was so long ago.

Will: (Yelling, but more at his memory than at Joan) A kid doesn't like to feel replaced! (will is crying)

Joan: He said if--if you wanted to talk...

Will interrupts her by getting up and walking out.. Helen goes too. We cut out to another commercial break.

The next day at school, Adam and Joan are walking in the halls.

Joan: Hey, do you have a minute?

Adam: Jane, uh... sure.

Joan: I got in this big fight with my dad about his brother, and now he totally hates me. Hey, how come-- how come you're wearing your old shirt?

Adam: (changing the subject back) Huh? I'm sure he doesn't hate you.

Joan: Well, he should. I mean, I'm the one who set this whole huge mess in motion. I don't even know what I was thinking. All I was supposed to do was pass geometry.

Adam: Uh, you're losing me.

Joan: That's ok. I mean, there's nothing to say. I just-- I needed you. Oh, god, I shouldn't have said that.

Adam: It's ok.

Joan: No. It's just-- it's one more thing that's wildly out of control right now. Us! Or at least me, the human wrecking ball.

Adam: It's not just you. It...

Joan: Adam...(Sighs) I know I've been such a flake with you.

Adam: Unchallenged.

Joan: It's just that first kiss. The one that was just supposed to go away.

Adam: Iris and me are together, Jane.

Joan: I know. But last night...

Iris: (again walking in on something. Gives Adam a Kiss) hey. I always seem to be interrupting you two. What's up?

Adam: Just stuff.

Joan: Yeah. It's kind of personal. You know, family stuff.

Iris: Oh.

Adam: Yeah, uh, nothing weird.

Joan: Yeah, it's really nothing. Oh, um, I have a piano lesson, so...

Joan walks away and Iris grabs Adams arm a la splendour in the grass (see Night without stars) and walks in the other direction.

We cut to Kevin and the bear walking on the sidewalk.

Bear: hot dogs? Better living through chemistry right?

Kevin: Hey, bear.

Bear: Where the hell you been? You missed 3 days of physio.

Kevin: Been doing some upper body work at home.

Bear: Well, you need the physio. You gotta keep your legs flexible. That's key.

Kevin: For what? When am I ever gonna use them?

Bear: Hell if I know. But when they figure us out, you don't want to miss the boat.

Kevin: Get real, bear. There's no boat.

Bear: Hey, you get real. You think they're not doing research? You think there haven't been advances?

Kevin: Look, dude, you do whatever you have to.

Bear: Wait, are you calling me an idiot? You're the one that's giving up. I'm taking what's happened to me and I'm moving on.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I'm not you. I'm not wasting my life with some false hope that I'll be walking one day.

Bear: It's not false, Kevin. It's just hope. Now, you lose that, and you're done.

Joan again at a piano lesson (kind of reminds me of the boat when Joan was building that boat for almost every other scene).. Anyways, she is just getting ready to play.

Joan: This is that piece on the record.

Eva: Nosy little brat.

Joan: You listened to the record.

Eva: You shouldn't have brought it back. It was dead.

Joan: No...it's not. It's cool.

Eva: Bach is not cool.

Joan: When you played it, he was. Will--will you play it for me?

Eva: No.

Joan: But...you have the music.

Eva: I am not going to play it.

Joan: What is your problem?! I'm trying to give you a compliment. Why are you so mean?!

Eva: This recording... it took days! In concert, you have one chance, one moment! I was that piece. Its beauty--it fed me. It made me live. And in my first concert, a thousand people listened to me bungle my way through it! All life gone out of it. Just...fear and nerves. And then the applause. Polite, dismissive. I don't play that piece anymore!

Joan: Because of one night?

Eva: I'm going to hire a new cleaning woman who knows when to shut up!

Joan: Why run from something you love? It's lame. I know because I-- I just know! (You can tell the little light bulb went off in her head and she is realising what the problem between her and Adam has been all this time)

Eva: I tried. I waited too long.

Joan: But it's part of who you are.

Eva: Please go. Please!

Joan walks out. Outside on the porch she hears the piano from the record playing and then the camera goes inside to see Eva playing along. Joan hears her play outside and realises that she has gotten through to her.

She sits down on the step and cries. Takes out her phone and makes a call (Ill hold you in suspense to know who she called)

At the Girardi house, they are waiting for Joan to get home to eat.

Kevin: I can't wait anymore. I'm starving. Burned some serious calories during physio today.

Luke: Kev, you've already had 3 mini-pizzas and a grilled cheese sandwich. I could live off that for weeks.

Joan: I'm home.

Will: Well, let's eat.

Luke: About time.

Kevin: I was gonna eat Luke. (I only heard that because of the closed captions - very funny line)

Joan has walked in with a man who we know from past scenes is her Uncle Richard.

Richard: Will...

Will: you shouldn't have done this.

Richard: I'm sorry, will. I talked to Joan, and we thought it would--

Will: she's a kid. You used a kid?

Joan: No, no, no. He didn't use me.

Helen: Will... maybe it's time.

Richard: (noticing his less than warm reception) I should, uh...

Will: Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Joan: No. No, dad...

Richard: here, Will. Uh... (Holds up a police badge) pop wanted you to have this. He made me promise to give it to you myself. (he gives the badge to Joan and leaves)

Joan: I'm so s--sorry, daddy. (she is crying and she hugs her father really close.) Should I call him back?

Will: Not yet.

Last scene, Joan is sitting on her porch crying and a little Dog comes along.

Joan: Hey, little guy, where'd you come from?

God: Oh...whoa. Sorry about that, Joan. She--she got away.

Joan: Guess I didn't do such a good job today.

God: What are you talking about? You raised your grade from a "d" to a c."

Joan: C-plus! It's just my dad-- what happened... he couldn't handle it.

God: Well, he has his missing note. He'll play it when the time is right. It's a long song, Joan. There are so many variations, and, you know, you never know what the next phrase is gonna be. Come on, fellas. Come on. (they almost nock over Adam as he walks up the sidewalk) Oh, sorry about that. Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Adam: Hey.

Joan: Hey.

Adam: Can I sit?

Joan: Sure.

Adam: Hey, you've been crying.

Joan: Don't worry, not because of you. Well, I'm sure you were in there someplace.

Adam: I talked to iris. I told her how I felt.

Joan: How's that?

Adam: The same way you feel. I was just scared, Jane. Got kinda hurt before, and I thought... about you. And--and being scared didn't matter that much. (Joan starts to cry with a smile) Hey, you're crying again.

Joan: Yeah.

He rubs her back to comfort her and they lean in for a very sweet kiss. We fade off to closing credits on Do the Math.

The end.

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