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#115 : Une Nuit sans étoiles


Adam a acheté des places pour le concert des White Stripes auquel Joan avait très envie d'assister. Mais elle n'a pas le temps de savourer sa joie que Dieu lui demande de se porter volontaire pour travailler avec des enfants dont les mères sont des femmes battues. Elle accepte donc d'aider Iris au sein d'une thérapie de groupe pour les enfants victimes de maltraitance. Adam invite alors Iris, ce qui rend Joan très jalouse. Kevin sort enfin avec Rebecca et Luke lui assène quelques vérités pas bonnes à entendre. 

Titre VO
Night without Stars

Titre VF
Une Nuit sans étoiles

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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Scénariste : David Grae 

Réalisateur : Kevin Dowling

Gests :

Russ Tamblyn (Dieu - Promeneur de Chien)
Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Rebecca Askew)
Baadja-Lyne Odums (Dieu - Vendeur à un stand)
Derek Morgan (Sous Sheriff Roy Roebuck)
Elaine Hendrix (Mademoiselle Lischak)
Mitch Longley (Barry "The Bear" Caldwell)
Aaron Himelstein (Friedman)
April Grace (Sgt. Toni Williams)
Misti Traya (Iris)

The Girardi Family watching Kevin play Basket-Ball. They are sitting in the bleachers.

Will: All right. Come on, Kev. Go, go. That's it. Pass it around. Pass it around that's it. All right. Pass it, pass it. That's it. Watch out, watch out. Take the shot. Go ahead, take the shot. Take it, buddy. Yeah! [

(Cheering and Helen and Will High Five)

Joan: Hey! Hey, hey! No parental high-Fiving.

Will: Yeah! Hey, what do you think of your brother? [Will grabs Luke and puts him in a head lock. He messes up Lukes Hair]

Luke: Are you messing my hair?

Joan: They're regressing. Sports do that to people.

Man: (Sitting behind Will all of a sudden starts to scream) Come on, come on, come on! Come on, come on! Yeah!

Will: Hey, you know, I might need this ear later.

Man: You're at a game, dude. Chill.

Will: Look, there's cheering, and then there's moronic screaming for no apparent reason.

Man: Do we have to take this outside?

Will: I need a hot dog. (Gets up to go get one)

Joan: (To Helen) Is that like guy menopause?

Luke: (Gets up) I got to go.

Helen: Well, it's not even halftime yet.

Luke: Unless any of you can explain how constitutional isomerism differs from stereoisomerism, I have to hit the books.

Joan: What, Luke, the physics of basketball doesn't interest you?

Luke: The only interesting thing about the physics of basketball is how time and space combine to create a phenomenon known as Luke's departure.

Joan: Ok. Ha ha. What's with the collective male wig-out?

Helen: I don't know. Kevin seems fine.

Joan: I have to get something to drink.

Joan goes down to the Refreshment stand. The woman running the stand is the same woman who served Joan in the cafeteria in the Pilot.

God: Tick-Tock, baby. Burning daylight here.

Joan: What daylight?

God: It's a--

Joan: metaphor.

God: You want orange, don't you, Joan?

Joan: While I have you here, what's up with my dad?

God: Dollar.

Joan: Oh, you're charging now?

God: I want you to work with children.

Joan: You didn't answer my question.

God: I don't answer questions, sweet pea. And this you know.

Joan: But I gave you a dollar.

God: That was for the soda.

Joan: Work with children? Like, what, in a sweatshop?

God: Volunteer charity work. It looks good on the resume. [She suddenly shouts above the crowed] Illegal defence!

Joan: What?

God: Illegal defence. Ref didn't call it. Go on now. You missing the game.

Will: (who has just come in and puts his arm around Joan) Hey, can I get a sip?

Joan: Have you been smoking?

Will: Course not.

Joan and Will walk away. Joan turns back to God and points at her father with a confused look on her face. We go to opening credits here. When we come back , it is Helens first day as a high school art teacher. She comes downstairs with a very funny looking something in her hair. Joan, Will and Luke are also in the Kitchen.

Helen: Good morning.

Joan: Uh, no. Just no.

Helen: Uhh. I can't be your school's art teacher. I don't remember the name of a single pre-raphaelite, I never got miro, and I like ingres, which is so unsophisticated, and I don't know anything about the metallurgical backlash.

Joan: How do you think I feel?

Helen: Thanks for listening.

Joan: Hey, you're lucky I'm such a nice person. I could totally throw down on this, but I'm just letting it happen.

Helen: I don't know why, but somehow that's comforting.

Joan: (fighting with the toaster - it wont pop her toast) Come on. What is with this thing? (Helen does something and it pops out. Joan catches it and the drops it on her plate - its hot!) Ah! How'd you do that?

Will: You have a superstar mother. She can do anything, and she's gonna be brilliant today. (Will kisses Helen)

Joan: Ew! Come on! Come on, I'm trying to eat here, ok? I thought we established the kitchen as a no P.D.A. Zone.

Will: There he is. [Kevin has just come into the kitchen]

Helen: Ahh.

Kevin: I scored 8 points, dad.

Helen: You were amazing.

Joan: Mom's gonna blow.

Helen: (Sobs) It's just stress and a little of seeing you have so much fun.

Joan: Mom's crying.

Helen: Ok, I'm done.

Luke: (Packing up his bag) Ok, I'm late.

Will: So, how about your big brother last night, huh?

Luke: Awesome.

Kevin: How do you know, geek? You left after 2 minutes.

Luke: Yes, to participate in that rarest of high-school rituals, the pursuit of knowledge. (to Joan) You might want to try it sometime.

Joan: Hey, what's with attacking the bystander?

Kevin: I want you to stay next time, brain boy! [Kevin punches him in the arm, playful, but hard]

Luke: Yeah, I really missed the pummeling, Kev. I'm glad it's back. (Luke leaves)

Helen: Luke.

Will: Hey.

Kevin: I didn't hit him hard.

Joan: Ha! We're a freak show. Bye. [she gets up and Kevin comes over, knocks her down so that she is sitting on his lap] Ha ha! That's old.

Kevin: You love it. Knock 'em dead today, mom.

Helen: Thank you.

Joan: (in the back ground it sounds like they just fell) Ha ha!

Helen: (giggles at them) So...Luke.

Will: Yup.

Helen: He overslept again.

Will: Maybe our genius is morphing into a teenager.

Helen: Not another one.

Will: I wanted to stop at 2.

Next, Adam and Joan are walking in the halls. Joan has her arm around Adams (like when someone is escorting you somewhere)

Adam: I called, like, 4,000 times, yo.

Joan: And?

Adam: And my fingers were bleeding from dialing, so...

Joan: Adam, did you get the tickets or not?

Adam: Thursday night. Cha-ching. Look.

Joan: (Gives Adam a very excited hug) Aah! Rove!

Adam: White stripes, Hogan county forum.

Joan: You rock!

Grace: (who had just joined them in the hall) Go ahead. Hand over to the corporate conglomerate. Buy t-shirts, too.

Joan: Ohh, do you even listen to music?

Grace: Nothing legal. Only a corrupt oligarchical system would make you pay for art.

Joan: Whatever. Jack white is hot.

Adam: So is his sister.

Joan: Girlfriend.

Adam: It's unresolved.

Grace: Going catatonic here. [She walks quickly away]

The camera pans over to a sign that reads volunteer 2 work with kids Adam and Joan walk over.

Joan: Well, that's subtle. (to the girl with the clip board, who we find out is Iris) Hi.

Iris: Hello. (Iris has a very hi pitched voice, she is kind of short, but sweet looking. She wears a leather jacket and has dark brown hair)

Adam: That's a cool pin, yo.

Iris: It's, um, 4 hangers crushed and soldered together.

Adam: Did you do it?

Iris: Yeah.

Joan: Right. Neat-O. Hi, I'm Joan.

Iris: Iris.

Joan: Iris, well, I'm here to work with kids.

Iris: Oh, great. Just fill this out.

Joan: Ok.

Adam: (to iris) Are you in fifth period art?

Iris: Yeah.

Adam: I never noticed.

Iris: I know.

Adam and Iris smile at each other. Joan looks at them like they have got to be kidding. We cut scene there and go to the diner. (same diner weve seen in other episodes) Kevin and The Bear are sitting at a table.

Kevin: So, uh... I have a date with Rebecca. It's an actual date.

Bear: Yes, I've heard of the concept.

Kevin: So no more chickening out. I'm on the tarmac. Tower's giving me the thumbs up. So I need to know the...the details of...

Bear: ok, why are we whispering, and why are we speaking in code?

Kevin: Ha ha ha. I think you know why.

Bear: Oh, so you want the gimp eye for the straight guy?

Kevin: What--what's it like?

Bear: It's sort of like the guy who loses his vision and his other senses improve. You'll be aware of sensations you never paid much attention to before. Skin. You have 19,000 sensory cells per square inch. If you like her, it can still be great. But it's more about her and taking pleasure in her pleasure. [Kevin is making a face, like he doesnt want to do anything because he might screw up] Just give a wave to the tower, get your wheels up, and enjoy the ride.

They both laugh and we cut over to the high school art class where Helen is giving her first lesson.

Helen: Dynamic art is not about colour, style, form, um, or even medium. It's about one thing: Emotional honesty.

Adam: That's 2 things.

Helen: Right. So my approach is not to critique art or denigrate art. I'm here to encourage it. Every form of expression is fair game. The rougher, the better.

Iris: So it's ok to suck as long as we mean it?

Helen: Yeah, something like that. So, um, let's start with Hannah's piece. Let's go around the room and say something positive. Let's start here. [she points to Adam]

Adam: It's bold.

Adams lack of description causes the smile to leave Helens face. Later that evening, Joan walks into the Art Room where children are painting.

Iris: (To a student named Emily) That is a happening tree, Emily. Does it talk?

Emily: It's not a tree. It's my mommy.

Iris: Well, your mommy's leaves are very beautiful.

Emily: Thank you.

Joan: Hey, Iris.

Iris: Hi. (To the class) Everybody, this is Joan.

Kids: Hi, Joan.

Joan: Hi. Heh heh. So, what do we do with these kids?

Iris: Art therapy. Their mothers are domestic violence victims. (yes, it does say Victims, but I believe the PC term is survivors) Drawing helps defuse the trauma.

Joan: Oh.

Iris: We work with them while their parents are in group therapy.

Joan: Cool.

Iris: Cool? Here's a schedule. I wrote you in.

Joan: Thursday? Casey, no throwing paint at Lilah.

Iris goes to clean up the girls and Joan starts to try and move her name so she doesnt have to work Thursday.

Girl: (Actually, its the little Girl God) Stick to the schedule, Joan. (she curls up her finger motioning Joan to come over to her desk)

Joan: But I really want to go to the concert. Adam will kill me if I cancel.

God: He won't kill you.

Joan: Please don't make me cancel on Adam. I can't stand him hating me again. It would be like being in some Russian goulash.

God: Gulag. I don't make you do things. I'm getting bored with saying that. Go to the concert if you want. By the way, they aren't brother and sister. They were a couple, but they broke up. (she is talking about the band the white Stripes, I didnt get that at first, having never heard of them out site this show) Have fun. (God gets up and walks away, and does her trademark hand wave)

Joan: (yelling down the row of kids) You know I'm not going, you jerk.

All the kids turn around and stare at Joan for calling one of the students a jerk. They dont know that was god and the who story, so of course to them, this looks weird.

Over to the station now. Will and Toni are in Sheriff Roebucks office

Roebuck: Item next. Gabe fellowes, in an unabashed attempt to jump on the right side of the allied forces, is fast-tracking the crack house.

Toni: The one will shut down?

Will: And he refused to prosecute.

Toni: And the D.E.A. Cried like a bunch of girls.

Roebuck: Guys, I like the victory party, too.

Will: We don't get a moment?

Roebuck: Point is the big fish are on the docket next week.

Will: I guess I slept through the grand jury.

Roebuck: Fast track, will. I want you back out there, making sure you didn't miss any trinkets.

Will: You're sending me out to pull up the floorboards? You don't have uniforms for that?

Roebuck: This is your opera. I thought you'd want to oversee the details.

Will: Well, that's where they say god is. (This is a funny line, Ive heard it in several other shows this week including Regis and Kelly and the New reality show with Mr. Donald Trump, just thought Id throw that in)

Roebuck: Will? What's the problem?

Will: In this whole fall of Saigon scenario, we're not only giving Fellowes what he wants, we're giving it to him on his schedule. Is that what you're telling me?

Roebuck: I thought you wanted to put some drug dealers away. If there's another agenda, please advise.

Will: I work for you.

He leaves and Roebuck is left wondering what actually is going on.

To Lischaks class room now. She is walking around like she always does.

Ms. Lischak: And as the liquid heats, the molecules vibrate, furiously pounding into each other until suddenly they can't stand it anymore and what? What? What do they do? Lukey G.

Luke: I'm sorry, what?

Ms. Lischak: keep up. Keep up. Overheated molecules wham-bam slam-dancing. What coils? What bonds? What's erupting, L.G.?

Luke: I don't know.

Grace: The smarter they are, the harder they fall.

Friedman: Dude, chemistry for the lobotomized.

Ms. Lischak: Friedman.

Friedman: (goes into a trance like state - clearly he is just reciting) The bonds between the h20 molecules are overcome. They fly apart. Steam rises.

Ms. Lischak: It's risin'. It's risin', it's, it's, it's risin'

Joan: so, Adam, you know how I signed up to volunteer to watch those kids?

Adam: Unchallenged.

Joan: Exactly. Totally unchallenged.

Grace: (left out of the conversation, is trying to get the attention) How will understanding boiling points improve our lives?

Joan: I'm so sorry. I have to work Thursday night.

Grace: Will it help us boil things faster?

Adam: I bought the tickets 'cause you wanted to go.

Joan: I know, and I totally appreciate that. I just can't get out of it.

Grace: Will it make us appreciate the virtues of boiled food?

Adam: It's fine. I'll find someone else.

Joan: I'm so sorry.

Grace: Or is it just a useless academic exercise in the pursuit of a useless high-school degree?

Joan: Grace. Shut up already, ok?

Ms. Lischak: Miss Girardi, perhaps you would like to explain what happens to a water molecule after it transforms into steam. First you have to rise. (Joan stands up) Now erupt with illuminating data. (she holds her hands together and then pulls them apart)

Class is over. Luke, Friedman and Glynis leave together.

Friedman: Luke Girardi choking in chem. class. It was like seeing Einstein forget the speed of light.

Luke: Friedman.

Glynis: Luke, I'm sorry. It was my fault. I distracted you.

Luke: (Getting mad) No, you didn't.

Glynis: Yes, I coughed right before Lischak asked the question.

Luke: What?

Glynis: Involuntarily, of course. But I'm still responsible. I should have anticipated it! There was a tickle. I--I felt the tickle, and everyone knows that when you feel the tickle--

Luke: (Yelling at her) Glynis, you didn't distract me! I didn't hear your stupid cough. So just leave me alone, all right? (Glynis turns around and runs out)

Friedman: Dude.

Grace: (Adam and Joan are right behind her) Stepping on the bunny, Girardi.

Friedman: Dude.

Grace: Shut up, Friedman.

Friedman: Dude. Dude!

Grace: What's up with your brother?

Joan: I don't know. I think all that brainpower is finally blowing a fuse. Hey, mom. (Helen runs by in the hall)

Helen: Can't talk, honey. Late. Bye!

Grace: Ha ha. Maybe the maternal unit teaching has its advantages.

Adam: (walks a little down the hall) Iris, hi.

Iris: What do you want?

Joan: What do you think?

Iris: Hi, Joan.

Joan: Hi. Iris, this is Grace. Grace has been Adam's best friend since preschool. You've probably seen him in his tightie whities, haven't you?

Grace: Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Iris: (to Adam, ignoring the others) Walk me to history, a la splendor in the grass. (She takes Adams arm and they leave)

Grace: What is up with rove and cousin it?

Joan: You don't like her?

Grace: Look, there's a few of us. We talk to one another. I don't wanna have to talk to anyone else.

Joan: What am I supposed to do?

Grace: Kill it, Girardi!

Over to the Crack house where Toni and Will have been sent to make sure they have not missed any clues. They are just walking in when we join them.

Toni: Ohh... this is a whole new dimension of disgusting. Rats won't even come in here.

Will: The rats probably came for the crack.

Toni: (Picking up a plate out of the sink) What do you think this was?

Will: Avocado?

Toni: So we're making guacamole. We're cooking up some rock.

Will: I never get invited to those parties.

Toni: So, you and roebuck... it's gonna be ok?

Will: It's, uh, a time of transition. Don't worry about it.

Toni: 'Cause he's on your side, Will.

Will: Yeah. I know he's on my side.

Toni: We all are. You didn't take any time off, did you?

Will: I went to a spa.

Toni: For a weekend. Guys get 2 weeks just for pulling their weapons, I mean, after what you went through--

Will: (he snaps at Toni) you think I'm a uniform? Is that what you think? Just leave it.

A loud bang happens behind Will and he turns around with his gun pulled.

Toni: Hold your fire, Will. (She says the next bit a little more forcefully) Will, put your weapon down!

The camera turns to see what he was looking at. It is a little girl with a stuffed animal. He struggles to catch his break and we cut to a commercial. We come back in Roebucks office.

There is a little bit about a department srink. But I missed it. Sorry guys.

Roebuck: You've had a lot dumped on you lately, will. Being taken hostage, your kid's accident--

Will: no. Don't go there. Don't bring my family into this.

Roebuck: It all goes into how you act in the street, and I can't have you jeopardizing people's lives because of issues you're not dealing with.

Will: (To Toni) Jump in any time, partner.

Toni: I think it would be a good idea, too.

Will: Nice. Let's all pile on Girardi.

Toni: You've been stressed lately. That's a fact. You pulled your weapon on a 4-year-old holding a doll. That is a fact.

Will: I apologized to the family. There was a loud noise. It was a natural reaction.

Roebuck: We're trying to help you here, Will. Post-traumatic stress syndrome--

Will: I've been a cop for 28 years. I never used my gun unless it was called for, never hurt anybody unless it was called for. I would never have hurt that little girl!

Roebuck: Can't take that risk. You're going into counselling, Will, and that's an order.

Will: I gave you this job, if you remember.

Roebuck: And I'm doing it.

Will: I'm not gonna have my record screwed up because you wanna brand me some mental case.

Toni: That's not what we're saying, Will.

Will: You can suspend me with pay pending an investigation. That way at least I can keep a shred of dignity.

Later, in the halls at school. Iris comes over to Joan.

Iris: Joan!

Joan: Hey.

Iris: Uh, Adam invited me to the white stripes concert tomorrow.

Joan: Really? Great. So... really.

Iris: Yeah. I just wanted to make sure it's cool with you if we go.

Joan: Yeah. Why would I care?

Iris: I sort of sensed this weird "item" vibe between you two.

Joan: Yeah? No. No, no. We're--we're just friends.

Iris: Cool.

Joan: Yeah, totally. So, are you-- do you, like, like him, or...

Iris: enough to go see some band I'm not into.

Joan: Wow. Well, have fun at the concert with Adam. I have to go, uh, study for stuff.

Really short scene, but It makes us like Iris a little more. At least she had enough of a heart to ask Joan how she would feel.

Later that evening, in the Girardi Kitchen, Helen is talking to herself (she thinks Luke is listening)

Helen: I was thinking about having the class copy a painting by uccello so they could learn about perspective and the Italian renaissance, but then I was thinking... maybe they should just free themselves of form, and just open their paints and throw them against the canvas like pollock.

Luke: You mean like kindergarten.

Kevin: (rolling in) I might be back late, so don't worry about me. You look nice, honey. Doesn't he look nice, Luke?

Luke: Am I really required to participate in this discussion?

Kevin: I think the whole dating ritual is beyond him. There's not enough science behind it.

Luke: Actually, there's a lot of science behind it, uh, most of it-- no, all of it-- I mean, beyond your grasp, of course.

Helen: Luke, was that necessary?

Luke: Sorry if I offended Mr. Hefner.

Kevin: If you ever want any practical advice about the opposite--

Luke: no, I don't need your advice, ok? I have an extremely satisfying relationship with someone, both intellectually as well as physically--

Helen: what?

Kevin: Is this with somebody you don't have to inflate?

Luke: Forget it. (He leaves)

Helen: Who are you physically involved with and how physical?

Luke: I'm late. I have to be at Friedman's to study.

Kevin: Mom, chill. It's Luke.

Helen: (Kevin leaves and Joan walks in) Does Luke have a girlfriend?

Joan: Yeah. Glynis. Everyone's hooked up except for me.

Helen: Are they... have they...

Joan: ugh! Where's deaf and invisible when you need it? I'm not talking, mom, about anything. Ok?

Helen: Ok.

Joan: It's just that... I like Adam.

Helen: I know, honey.

Joan: Mom, please! I know you think I'm dating him, but I'm not. I mean, we kissed once, and please dont ever repeat that to me or anyone else because I'm already grossed out I told you, but it was just a kiss, you know? Just A... one-time kiss.

Helen: Ok.

Joan: That doesn't mean we're dating, does it?

Helen: Well...

Adam: right. I know. Of course not. It's just I think Adam kind of thought that it did, and he was kind of, you know, about it, and--and I--I was sort of... you know, too,

Helen: oh.

Joan: And now he likes someone else! This Iris. [Laughs] And I don't know what he sees in her. I mean, she's all, you know. I want him to be happy. I'm not one of those people who gets all perky when someone else is miserable, or maybe I am, but-- but I do think Adam should be happy, just not before I'm happy. I mean, he can be happy with someone else after I'm happy with someone else. Does that make me a total maggot? (she doesnt give Helen a chance to answer) Whatever. The real question is, should I try to get him back? I mean, what if he falls in love with her and then I realize that I really do like him, and it's too late? But if I break them up and get him back and then realize that I really don't wanna be with him, then he's gonna hate me again, which I could not stand because I really like him. Ohh. There's just no good answer here.

Honey, you are dealing with a lot of emotions--

Joan: mom, I can't have this conversation now, ok?

Later that evening, Rebecca and Kevin are going back to her place.

Rebecca - I like a man who can parallel park.

Kevin: Well, I like a woman who appreciates a good parallel parking job.

Rebecca: (Laughs) Thanks again for dinner.

Kevin: You're very welcome again. Man, is this conversation lame. [Laughs. They come to the elevator. There is a sign that says out of service)

Rebecca: Oh, my god. I'm on the second floor. Ohh! I can't believe this!

Kevin: It's ok.

The next thing we know they are taking the stairs. Rebecca has Kevins feet and he is walking on his hands. Kind of like the game you play when you are little. They get to the top and both fall onto the floor.

Kevin: You're in good shape.

Rebecca: You can't make fun of my Pilates classes anymore. [Both laugh]

Rebecca rolls over and tries to kiss Kevin. He moves away and you think its because he doesnt want to kiss her. But then he rolls HER over and kisses her.

Over to the Girardi Kitchen. Helen is reading when Will comes home.

Helen: Its so late. I was worried. I called your cell.

Will: Sorry. I was, uh, walking, lost track of time.

Helen: Mmm. (she kisses him) Have you been smoking?

Will: Yeah, I, uh, had a couple of cigarettes. I'm an adult, Helen. I can have a couple of cigarettes if I want.

Helen: What is it, Will?

Will: I hate being a cop, that's what it is. I've wasted my whole damn life at a job where I'm despised and shot at, just so I can sit at the kitchen table with a pile of bills that we don't know how the hell we're gonna pay.

Helen: I don't know what happened today, but you know that isn't true.

Will: So now you know how I feel? Now you know what's inside of me?

Helen: Hey, I'm not the enemy here. But if you don't wanna tell me what's going on...

Will: I turned in my badge and gun.

Helen: What?

Will: They wanted me to go into counselling for pulling my gun at some little kid, get labelled a nut job. Helen - What?!

Will: What I did... it was a reasonable reaction in the circumstances. I wouldn't have fired. I didn't fire!

Helen: Wait. When did this happen? Why didn't you mention it?

Will: A couple of days ago. Why should I have mentioned it?

Helen: Because this is something you would tell me, and if you didn't--

Will: what? You sound like them now. You think there's something wrong with me, too, Helen?

Helen: Well, you sure aren't acting very reasonably right now. And if--if this is what they see at work--

Will: Why the hell did I even bother to come back here tonight? It's obviously too much to expect a little support from my wife.

Helen: What a hateful thing to say.

Will: You've got your little art class now, you don't have time for a husband.

Helen: Hey, I don't know what you think my job as a wife is, but it's sure as hell not to agree with you just to make your life a little easier. Not if you have a problem we have to deal with.

Will: My only problem now is you, and this damn family that's suffocating me!

He storms out and Helen is left alone. We go out to a commercial and come back to the high school. Joan is at her locker and Adam comes over.

Adam: Hey, Jane.

Joan: Hey. How's it going?

Adam: Mm.

Joan: (slams her locker shut) How could you ask iris to the concert without even telling me?

Adam: The only 2 people I know in this stupid school are you and Grace. You don't want to go with me--

Joan: I can't go.

Adam: And Grace has political issues with white stripes. What, you want me to go alone?

Joan: No! It's just-- why don't you ask Friedman? Or Luke?

Adam: So you don't want me to go on a date... unless it's with you, but if I ask you out on a date-- a real date-- you wouldn't go.

Joan: That is absolutely untrue.

Adam: Which part?

Joan: Of course I want you to go on dates. I mean, why-- why wouldn't I?

Adam: I don't know.

Joan: It's just, this Iris, we don't know anything about her.

Adam: She lives alone with her mom, she's an amazing painter, and she likes these, uh, weird French movies that were made, like, 50 years ago.

Joan: Yeah, yeah, but she could be a total psycho. I mean, she wears mangled hangers as Jewellery.

Adam: Why are you doing this? I like her, Jane, a lot.

To the news paper office now. Rebecca gives Kevin a project.

Rebecca: I need these by 3:00.

Kevin: Yes, ma'am.

Rebecca: Kevin... come on, let's keep work...work.

Kevin: Ok, work is work.

Rebecca: Thank you. But last night was...

Kevin: awkward... weird, great... and, uh... no one sprained anything. And it was the first time I... ever trusted anyone outside my family to see me without my chair.

Rebecca smiles and leaves. We go over to the High School art room again. Adam and Iris are working on their art projects and Helen comes over. They are the only ones in the class.

Helen: How's it going?

Adam: Uh, fine, Mrs. G.

Helen: That is nice work, Adam.

Adam: I just got started.

Helen: (To Iris) You like working in this medium.

Iris: Yeah, a lot.

Helen: What is that medium?

Iris: Just, you know, mixed media.

Helen: Well, usually, mixed media entails some kind of texture. You've got, um, what is it, magazine photos?

Adam: Cha. It's cool.

Helen: Yeah, I know. I'm just saying... there's usually texture.

Iris: Um... the wood is textured.

Helen: And...that's the shade of green you're gonna go with?

Iris: Is there a problem, Mrs. Girardi?

Helen: No. No. No. No problem. Just carry on.

Outside of school. Joan is walking and she gets tangled up. A dog walker is walking what must be 5 or 6 dogs.

Joan: Whoa! Do you mind? I'm late. Can I--

God Walker (Played by Russ Tamblyn, Ambers father): not much I can do. It's their nature, Joan.

Joan: Why does Adam have to go to the concert with iris?

God: He doesn't have to. He wants to.

Joan: Only because you made me cancel.

God: I work in mysterious ways, Joan. (this is the meaning behind my websites name) It's, uh-- it's my thing.

Joan: So, maybe you do something mysterious from stopping her from going. Like, I don't know, a twisted ankle or appendicitis... or a big zit on her lip, huh? Think of it as payback for all the-- the work that I've done for you.

God: Don't you think there might be some things that are more important than this date?

Joan: Like?

God: Like I suggest that you keep working with those kids.

Joan: You suggest. You suggest. Ok. Like I'm not gonna do what god suggests. And why am I working with them?

God: Sorry. They gotta go. See ya.

Joan: I hope they pee on you!

Inside the class room. Joan is mopping up a puddle on the floor and a little boy is standing over her.

Joan: What happened?

George: I had an emergency.

Joan: Oh, um, do you have any other clothes with you?

George: No.

Joan: No. Ok. It's ok. It's ok. Whoa...you are so small, and this is so...much. You know, I was supposed to go to a white stripes concert... but I couldn't go 'cause I had to be here.

George: You know, iris doesn't talk so much.

Joan: Hey, news flash: I am not iris.

George: You're mean.

Joan: I'm not mean. (Sighs)

Emily: I'm bored.

Boy: Me. Too.

Joan: Why don't you guys throw blocks at each other or write on the walls?

Emily: Let's make a piÑata.

boy: Yeah.

George: Yeah, let's make a piÑata. Can we make one?

Joan: A piÑata? How do you guys even know what a piÑata is? (Everyone starts talking at once)

Emily: It's, you know, a big thing you hit.

George: You hit it with a stick and there's paper all over and lots and lots of candy.

Joan: Ok, ok, ok. I got you. I got you. All right, but we are not making a piÑata. You guys just want candy.

Emily: Iris always said no, too.

Joan: (this clicks Joan, she gets this weird smile) Iris won't let you make a piÑata?

Later that evening, Kevin is parked outside the high school

Kevin: Hey, Luke! Get in.

Luke: What--what are you doing here?

Kevin: Mom asked me to pick you up Joan 'cause she gets out late from her thing with the kids.

Luke: I'm--I'm just gonna walk.

Kevin: Don't be a jerk. Get in.

Luke: (Sighs)

Kevin: So... you been "studying" with your girlfriend?

Luke: I don't want to talk about it.

Kevin: Maybe if you learn how to shoot some hoops we can turn you into a real man (he hits Luke in the arm) and put a smile on her face.

Luke: God, why don't you just cut out the cocky athletic crap, Kevin. You're not that guy anymore and you never will be again. I'm sorry. I'm... I'm sorry.

Kevin: What's your problem? The more things go my way, the more pissed off you get. What's that about?

Luke: I said I'm sorry, ok? It won't happen again.

Kevin: Yes, it will. What do you and your science friends call that? The law of inertia? What is it?! What's the problem, Luke? (He shoves Luke again)

Luke: That! Right there! Do you have any idea how much I hated you for shoving me and hitting me and making fun of me all the time? And no one would say anything about it because you were the big star and I was just a geek. You know, after your accident, when I heard you'd never walk again, I was happy. (sighs)

Joan: (Getting In) Hey. Let's stop and get slurpies. What's going on? Guys?

The guys just sit in the front seat. The scenes dont add up right. Here, Joan is finished the class. It doesnt make sense that they would take two days to make the Pinata, because if they did, Iris would have seen it before it was finished. BUT, if they did only take one class, how come she is leaving now, when later they bust open the pinata. Also the Little girl God walks Joan home the night they finish the Pinata, but here Kevin is driving.

Anyways: maybe there is an explanation. I dont know.

We have gone to a commercial break here.

We come back to the show at the station again.

Will: You might not believe me... but I never would have pulled that trigger, Roy.

Roebuck: Will, we've been through this.

Will: I know. It's just important to me that you know that.

Roebuck: It doesn't change anything.

Will: I'm not done yet. The other night... I said things to my wife. I was... it wasn't me. And I think maybe... I think you made the right call. I think I'd like to talk to someone about what's been going on.

Back at the class (wait, didnt Joan just leave?)

Joan: You guys, this rocks. You did a great job.

George: Let me hit it first!

Joan: Ok, let me just finish hanging it first.

George: But I want to hit it first!

Joan: Yeah, I heard you the tenth time. Ok... all right. Ok, now everybody get in a line so you can all smash your artwork. (A little funny, seeing as she and Adam fought for months because she smashed his artwork) Ok, George, you go first. Go ahead.

Students: Go, George! Go, George! Go, George!

Joan: Yeah! Whoo!

Students - Go, George!

Joan: Yeah! Ok, ok, all right. Ok, that's good. All right, your turn. Go on, hit it. Good! Again! Oh, good job! Whoo! Hit it! Nice! Hit it! Whoo! Again! Hit it!

Iris comes in and sees them hitting the Pinata.

Iris: Stop! Stop it!

Joan: Don't be such a drag. We're just having a little fun.

Iris: Fun?! (Iris Grabs the stick) Swinging around a stick and beating things? My father thought it was fun, too, just a little fun, beating us with a stick just like this. First my mother and then... why would you do this?

Iris walks out crying. She drops the stick.

Joan: (to Little Girl God) You're in charge until I get back. (In the hall) Iris... I didn't know. I never would have let them do that if I'd known.

Iris: You knew why they were all here, what kind of lives they've had.

Joan: Yeah, but they wanted to do it.

Iris: But I told them no. They didn't tell you that?

Joan: I--I didn't-- didn't realize. Oh, I'm such an idiot. I thought it would be fun. They were having fun. Iris - (Sniffles) It's ok. What I did in there, it was worse.

Joan: No. (Sighs) I should have asked you first.

Iris: I just get scared when I see... [Sniffles] I'm sorry. It's not your fault.

Joan: How was the concert?

Iris: Really good.

Joan: They aren't brother and sister, you know.

Iris and Joan chuckle. Then we cut over to the Girardi House. Luke is studding at the table and Kevin comes in

Kevin: I've been thinking... about what you said.

Luke: I have to study.

Kevin: (Kevin closes his book) It's not your fault. All right, I was an ass, and not having legs doesn't make me any less of one now.

Luke: That doesn't excuse me from thinking what I did.

Kevin: Yeah, it does. Doesn't it?

Kevin gives Luke back his book and we go back to the high school. The class is over. Joan walks out into the Hall. She sees Adam.

Joan: Hey.

Adam: Hey.

Joan: What are you doing here?

Adam: Uh, meeting iris.

Joan: Oh, well, um, she's still inside.

Adam: If I'd have known you would have been out here I wouldn't have...

Joan: Adam... I was a real jerk to you.

Adam: Um, no, you don't have to... and I kind of rubbed this whole thing... with iris in your face.

Joan: Yeah, a little.

Adam: Jane? How is this gonna work?

Joan: I guess we'll have to see.

Adam: So you're--you're ok... with me and iris?

Joan: I have to be.

Iris: Hey.

Adam: Hi. (iris grabs his hand)

Iris: (to little girl god) Who are you?

Joan: Uh... she's new. (Laughs) I know her mother.. it's, uh-- it's ok. You guys can go.

Iris: Good night.

God: Good night.

Joan: (Sighs) The way I felt about iris... it was so ugly. Why would you put those feelings in me?

God: Everyone has a part of themselves they don't like, Joan. You carry it around like a weight. The Lucky ones realize that when it becomes too heavy you can choose to set it down. That's when you can see things the way they really are. Come on. I'll walk you home.

Joan: (Holds her hand) Great. I'm being escorted home by a 6-year-old.

They walk the hall and we go to the house. We see Helen sitting on the couch and then Will comes home. She is still angry, but gives him a hug. We fade out to black on A night without Stars.

The end.

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